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T-O-maps and globus cruciger – MOOC Sagas and Space-Uni Zurich-coursera

This essay was triggered by a course of Uni Zurich, Switzerland in coursera.org. The main goal was, to find hints to a DEDUCTIVE CASCADE for mapping, which finally led to uncover an ANTIQUE PARADIGMA OF SCIENCE – parts of it, of course – especially within GREECE and the LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA. But the thing gets really SPICY, where we CORRELATE to TODAY SUPERSCIENCE and Hyperphysics. The main effect after reading is not, to remove some false Buike Assumptions or THEOREMS, but to get the GREEK-CHRISTIAN FEELING, if DEALING WITH THE COSMOS – and to explain,why Aristotle and Plato were really concerned about a MANMADE KATAKLYSMOS, our own era perhaps is headed to – if we fall victim to TODAY heavily NAZI-infiltrated SUPERSCIENCE with FREEMASON chapters, Neo-Gnostic and even Neo-Pagan infkuences, which is all RUBISH, that is HINDERING, todevelop an understanind of some ADMIRATION towards the COSMOS to the CREATOR, who DID it all – and who even PRESERVED it al smoothly running so far! Continue reading

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Chinese Space Programs – Docking 02.11.2011

Tuesday, 02nd of November 2011, CHINA reported success with its first ever docking manoever in space.  Involved in the operation were unmanned space-probe “Shenzhou 8“(“miracolous ship”) and”Tiangong 1” (“heavenly palace”). This DOCKING In SPACE was openly declared as part of … Continue reading

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On the Sumerian division of the circle into 360 degrees

In his brandnew book Farrell, Joseph P.: Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men. The surviving elites of the Cosmic War and their hidden agendas, Port Townsend, WA, USA: Feral House 2011 the author is dealing – among others –  with problems … Continue reading

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