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Grusinien – Georgien, Mount Kaf: sehen, hören und LERNEN

—xxx— Georgien: Mtskheta – Die Wunder der Nino, phoenix-TV DOKU URL https://www-DOT-youtube.com/watch?v=Un-vqPtfFSM —xxx— Georgia — The Hidden Heart of the Caucasus URL  https://www-DOT-youtube.com/watch?v=ku-LCu7aWiM —xxx— ADILA – documentary film about Georgian traditional music, dance and style of life culture URL https://www-DOT-youtube.com/watch?v=q_xAKReK05QContinue reading

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Kasia Pakosińska – Grusinkij charme in Polish dress

If you are from Germany: What do you know really about “Grusinkij Republik” in Kaf-Mountains? (In German: Grusinien / Georgien – Kaukasus) … Most certainly not that much. You even  normally will not know, that they  had a republic from  … Continue reading

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