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Quite a lot of people in Germany and in the aereas of “Francophonie” have family connections to France. I therefor am happy to introduce the recently founded ACADEMIE MUSICALE LIESSE.

Probably not everybody ever heard of “Liesse” – and indeed we will have to search for Liesse Notre Dame/Aisne, near Laon, NorthEast of Paris, not that far from the border to Belgium.

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The geolocation fixed, we now learn, what this rather small place with approx. 1.200 inhabitants at present has remarkable things to offer to the world,  which is a Catholix pilgrimage to a statue of “Our Lady of Liesse” being the patron saint of the Diocese of Soissons, in which lot of remarkable churches including the gothic Cathedral of Laon.

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Our Lady of Liesse, page by Diocese of Soissons, Aisne/Picardie — see version francais







It is here in this place “Liesse (Notre Dame)” that they set up in 2014 – the really must be audacious! –  a new boarding school with majors in music, the “Academie musicale de Liesse”. which has remarkable back up and is “protegeé” par Sa Altesse Royale, le Princesse de Hannovre, Stefanie de Monaco! Full stop!

Nearly as impressive is the general record in CV of the actual founding Maitre de Music et Conducteur de Choer , Mr. Vianney Chatillon, who served as Officer de distinction  in the Armee de Terre and did part of his  studies in ROME. (Other personal record Vianney Chatillon in LinkedIn)

The special thing with this foundation however is, that they set up a NATIONWIDE Foundation aimed to SPREAD this type of “Academie musicale” embedded in secondary school-education all over the territories of France – and indeed at moment are  busy with the start-up of a SECOND school in type of “Academie msuicale de Liesse”, which such is figuring as some sort of “pivot element” in their plans and schemes.

Of course they from  Liesse “Academie musicale” are  on radio broadcasts, on stage in concert even in Paris, recently had even vising lecture from a famous Oxford choir-conductor  and  have built a socalled webpresence so to have a web-visibility:

We may such get the impression, that they really have SOME aspirations – and which in my personal view is most important – DO MUSIC EDUCATION ON INTERNATIONAL LEVEL being FIT for festivals and competitions. We may even say that they are spreading some sort of “Catholic optimism and esprit d’pioner”, that was special to St. Benedict as he startet to set into effect a GENERAL PLAN for CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT of the entire of EUROPE – but under the sign of the Christian Cross. So this new enterprise of “Academie musicale Liesse” certainly is not for those, that can be freightened by small words like “Catholic” and/or “Rome”!

And now – last but not least – comes the one important thing on this planet,which is the problem of FUNDING and ASSISTANCE with OTHER types of help, such for instance giveaway of books, donation of buildings (by means of testamentary last will?) and organizing concerts and other forms of participating in SUPPORT activities.  Please visit URL – where your have DIRECT links to ACADEMIE MUSICALE DE LIESSE.

The backing FONDATION DES ACADEMIES MUSICALES  has an own page with direct links to DONATIONS under navbar “Aidez nous” URL

Chant à Notre Dame de Liesse

Paroles : Abbé Sylvain Servais
Harmonisation: Isabelle Fontaine.


Page 47 Diocese Soissons – Perlerinage a Liesse

Chant à Notre Dame de Liesse (Abbé Sylvain Servais)

  • R/ Sainte Marie, joie de nos cœurs,

Vierge de Liesse, nous te chantons.

Sainte Marie, notre bonheur,

Vierge de Liesse, nous te prions.

  • 1. Réjouis-toi Marie, comblée de grâces,

tu es bénie entre toutes les femmes

et Jésus ton enfant est béni.

  • 2. Sainte Marie, sainte Mère de Dieu,

prie pour nous pauvres pécheurs,

maintenant et à l’heure de la mort.

  • 3. Vierge fidèle, attentive à la Parole,

temple de l’Esprit, demeure de Dieu,

tabernacle de l’alliance nouvelle


And what has  all this to do with me personally beyond just familiy history connecting me to French arigins from mother’s side? To make it short: We met the geographical name SOISSONS. And once there was a certain OLYMPIA MANZINI, relative of Cardinal Mazarin, which by marriage somehow became Comtess de (county of) SOISSONS, which was a minor filiation of the Royal House of Savoy – and the most famous descendant of this Olimpia Manzini family-branch  was PRINCE EUGENE OF SAVOY, who later became the MOST IMPORTANT  GENERALISSIMUS during the AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN TURKISH WARS of the Habsburgs Emperors, which certainly would not have been worth mentionioning, if not I myself happened to write 2 books on the Belgrad-campaigne of 1717  of said Prince Eugene.

Die Schlacht bei Belgrad 1717 unter Prinz Eugen – free google books

Das Lied über die Schlacht von Belgrad “Prinz Eugen der edle Ritter” – free google books

And such we learn: The world is small –  and GLOBAL VILLAGE we had in former centuries since long!

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