Continuous Learning

In Germany we had in 2016 a Member of Parliament, Mrs. Petra Hinze, with PHANTASIZED and INVENTED Curriculum Vitae – and we had in recent years LOTS of FALSE DOCTORS.

Therefor I felt inclined to present DOCUMENTS about aereas of my professional training and learning.


Feb. 2020, French basic, 2nd. semester, Volkshochschule Neuss


  • July 2016 Polish II finished.
  • Sept. 2015 – Januar 2016, Volkshochschule Duesseldorf / Polish Institute for Culture, Duesseldorf, certificate of course “Polish I”, 1st semester, 6 months  –  – this course has been prepared during 12 months  by self-teaching the basic vocabulary of approx. 3000 words in “book2” by Goethe-Verlag, online


University of Zurich, Switzerland; Department for Scandinavistic, (literatures and languages, whith German language and literature) – Sagas and Space – Thinking Space in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia  – Coursera MOOC – 85,5 % – certificate WITH DISTINCTION – April -June 2015, 8 weeks –  this course triggered several RESEARCH ESSAYS, with breathtaking new ideas, among which a very short paper, that in our Planetary System there are NO PLANETARY KEPLER-ELLIPSES regarding all the major 9 PLANETS!



University of Edinburgh/Scotland – Baisc Music Theory – Coursera MOOC – 95,5 % – certificate 4th of September 2014



28th of May 2014

MY SECOND COMPOSITION CONTEST ENDED  WITHOUT PLACEMENT and such failed, which however was expected and NO surprise. Submitted work was “Beriot/Buike, Etude for string-orchestra”, see BBWV 89

III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition‏
Klami Competition, Kotki/Fi


University of Singapur, Conservatory – Write like Mozart. Instroduction to Classical Composition – with distinction – 16th of March 2014 Coursera-classicalcomp-2014-Buike Certificate from Singapur National University, Conservatory  –  Course: “Introduction to Classical Composition” in COURSERA – Final statement: (passed) “with distinction”  – approx. 18.000-20.000 participants worldwide – additionally it was required to do peer-assessments of which I completed 13, of which did NOT ONE SINGLE MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR FINAL PROJECT, and of which  only 2 out of 13 were musically “promising” BBWV 136 – 2 Bagatelles classiques (with classical FORM) – violon, piano – final project for coursera, “Writing like Mozart” by Prof. Dr./Ph.D. Peter Edwards, NUS University of Singapur, Conservatory – see youtube-channel “Bruno Antonio Buike”, BBWV 134-135-136 “Bagatelles”


NEGATIVE RESULT of PARTICIPATION in ESPOO-CCOMPOSITION-CONTEST – Finland, category: choir – subject: GLORIA from BBWV44   – submission closed 06.01.2014, decision email 20.03.2014 – NO PLACEMENT and such a FAILURE, which however was expected and NO surprise – see youtube-channel “Bruno Antonio Buike”, BBWV 44, Gloria — RE: ESPOO-CONTEST pseudonym Francesco da Silva, Caballero Exposito y Compostella‏


University of Tokyo: Causes of War and Peace – Certificate – 9th of December 2013

uni-tokyo-Coursera-warandpeace -2013Would I suggest, to implement this course in any department for history learning of any mayor  military academy around the globe? My answer so far: NO recommendation ! [Because: Too much Immanuel KANT “Vom ewigen Frieden” (“on eternal peace”)


1993, certificate 8 month specialisized gardener



1980 – 1986 I tried VERY HARD, to study teacher, secondary education I, to 10th class, German Gymnasium, Music, German Language and Literature. This started at teacher`s training college in Neuss, which was shut down. It was continued at Duesseldorf University, which however shut down this branch of teacher`s studies. It was continued at University of Duisburg.

THESE WERE 6 VERY HARD YEARS with financing studies in  UNSKILLED JOBS as HEAVY WORKER (house-building, steel, ceramic-stones), which I NEVER AGAIN WOULD UNDERGO, because I REALLY HATE, what I have experienced in Germany`s TODAY and PROGRESSIVE WORLD OF LABOR!

However in Duisburg University – which is sponsored by German (Labor) Unions there happened something strange and unexplicable: the FINAL EXAMINATION in view, I wrote the FINAL ESSAYS, of which 3 – in words: THREE – were REJECTED by the University.

My REJECTED papers NOW are PUBLISHED and registered to German National Library: a) Essay on Lessings Ringparable in Nathan (counting 4 instead of 3 rings), b) Essay on statistics of least squares in COMPLETE MATHEMATICAL arithmetical-logical proofs as derived from Whitehead/Russels Notation of formal logics c) Battle and Song of Belgrade 1717 (which  AFTER rejection at Duisburg University was elaborated to TWO VOLUMES as in German National Library and elsewhere.)

Furtheron Duisburg University  escaped, that I in another essay (On Mussorgskijs Gnomus) had introduced a new MATHEMATICAL EXACT method for the GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION of MUSIC – which even has e FUNDAMENTAL PHILOSOPHICAL and a PRACTICAL MILITARY connotation – and indeed is leading into TODAY discussion on cosmology and fundamental physics.

After this strange experience, I simply STOPPED ABRUPT these studies at this university, which I BETTER NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD STARTED AT ALL. My REAL subject of interest should have had  been HISTORY on TOP ACADEMICAL LEVEL, which is the subject I EXCELLED in even without proper formal universitarian education.

Today I THANK GOD, that I am not in the German IDEOLOGICAL and SOCIALIST STATE SYSTEM for STATE SCHOOLS, where we have the strange progress of HASHISH and some other SOCIAL MANIPULATING TECHNIQUES like GENDER MAINSTREAMING.

BECAUSE OF THESE HARD SIX YEARS I NEVER EVER WILL subscribe to ANY “socialist revolutionary idea” for “better life” – and even would go as far as to CHANGE THE GERMAN STATE SYSTEM TO MONARCHY!

BECAUSE OF THESE HARD 6 YEARS UNTIL TODAY I DO EXCLUDE LIBRARIES WITHIN NORTHRHINE-WESTFALIA from receipt of  LEGAL DEPOSIT in copies from my research and publications, as are in German National Library.

Wegen der HARTEN SECHS JAHRE meines mißglückten Lehrerstudiums lehne ich JEDE “revolutionäre sozialistishe Idee”  für eine sogenanntes “besseres Leben” AB – und ich würde sogar so weit gehen, zu erwägen, in Deutschland einen Wechsel der Staatsform zur Monarchie zu befürworten.

Wegen der HARTEN SECHS JAHRE des Lehrerstudiums, dessen Abschluß mir an der gewerkschaftsgesponserten Uni Duisburg UNMÖGLICH GEMACHT WURDE, erhalten BIS HEUTE Bibliotheken in Nordrhein-Westfalen von mir KEINE PFLICHTEXEMPLARE meiner bei der Nationalbibliothek registrierten Forschungen und Publikationen! Ausserdem verwende ich in allen meinen KOMPOSITIONEN als REGELSPRACHE ENGLISCH – und Deutsch nur in seltenen Ausnahmefällen, und zwar wegen des Schicksals meiner direkten Verwandten in der NAZI-Zeit!


1981 – Certificate in Business English from Business College equivalent to German Fachhochschule



1979 – German Abitur (Baccalaureat, A-/O-levels, Matura), some little bit late in age of 27. However I did it until 11th class Gymnasium in 1970 – and on THE OLD QUALITY LEVEL OF THAT TIME, especially with regard to LATIN, GREEK, humanities and liberal arts.

download – abitur-buike  — (German Abitur, Matura, Baccalaureat, A-/O-levels)

BECAUSE OF THIS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I can confirm: From 1970-1979 we have seen in Germany a DRAMATICAL  DECLINE IN LEARNING and stategoverned school education.


1976, 8 months – my farmer`s apprenticeship without final exam



1970-1973 – Business apprenticeship, German “Industriekaufmann” – I at that time had scored within the company 2nd place out of 180 pupils from all Germany, which however is not given account of here.



1970  After successless repetition of 11th class in old humanistic German Gymnasium – I indeed managed to produce 4 1st ranks and 3 last ranks in ONE year`s report – I was given a final term`s record under the condition to LEAVE school for to prepare for PRACTICAL job.