Greenland and Tibet – demasking GREED leading to WAR

Today the United-States-President Prof. Dr. Donald Trump is entertaining the world with the strange idea, to BUY Greenland.


evidence from Government of Greenland, news page (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), 17.Aug.2019, ca. 9:30 – (this page is changing content  now and then)


Now, we start THINKING: What may be the CAUSE, that SUDDENLY the United States take such ABNORMAL interest in GREENLAND, which by the way belongs to DENMARK and EUROPE?

Well, we may ASSUME, that those “highly developed WESTERN industrial states of the WHITE RACE” are EVER HUNGRY for minerals, ores and natural riches, not of their own, but of OTHERS. This PATHOLOGICAL GREED for MORE may be considered the COMMON REASON, WHY we see the GREATEST powers of this planet engaged against the most peaceful peoples of this planet, which are the 57.000 mainly Inuit-people of GREENLAND  and the people of TIBET.

To put it in other words: It is OUR DEMAND for MORE here in the rich countries of the “Western industrialized world”, that has become the REASON for SUFFERINGS of small people and their vast lands, where NORMALLY no other people are adapted enough to live and survive  longterm!

It is the GREED of the RICH WESTERN INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS that has led to the CHANGING of Mr. Trumps NATURAL PROTECTION POLITICS, which is: in LIFTING the protection and ALLOW the OVEREXPLOITATION of for instance the Amazon Rain Forests, which just the last few years has seen expansion by 15 % in Brazil under President Bolsonaro!

How shall we put politely the words? Perhaps like this: They would exterminate the BISON / Buffalo and the Northamerican Indians a SECOND TIME, IF THEY COULD!

Well, we must not repeat the CHANGED strategical situation in the Northern Arctic, where we will see in near future a BATTLING for raw materials between Russia, Canada, USA, China and Japan.

But perhaps we may be warned, that the BEARS may CONJOIN – as is depicted in the following cartoon!

What may be the next steps? Well, why not buy Denmark completely, with Queen and Royal Palaces and the entire Walt-Disney-Staffage of a Kingdom?

How EXPENSIVE it may become to buy Denmark? Certainly NOT MORE EXPENSIVE than IBM or Microsoft?

And IF we sell Denmark, why not selling Luxembourg to France or Alaska to Canada or Finland to Russia?

And IF we have started selling everything – why not TERMINATE THE INTERNATIONAL STATUS of the SOUTH-POLE-Continent, which is the ANTARCTIC?

Last but not least: IF we are in the SELLING business, why should we stop, to revisit the RATHER STRANGE PRICES for the territories, the United States of America are made of? The 7 Million for Alaska, the 5 Million for Florida, the 15 Million US-Dollars (which were at that time 80 Million Franc) for the “Louisiana territories” the robbery by war of Texas,  and so on? May we estimate, that the HUGE EXPANSION of the 13 East-Coast-States to the entire USA of today may not have costed more than 100 Million Dollars?

Why should Spain, Russia, Britain and France not demand 10times, even 100times  MORE, than those UNREAL LOW prices of historical times, where they had no imagination of BILLIONS, TRILLIONS and TERA-Quantities?

And what we may have learned here? Well, perhaps this: They until today are trying to make business giving glass beads in exchange for riches worth of gold – as they once did with the “primitive” native people in colonial times!

We may close with a JOKE, running like this:

Two accomplices in business meet. Inevitable at one point of the conversation comes the question: “How is your business running?” Answer: “Well, you see, we are operating as ever, buying for 3 dollars and selling for 6 dollars – and with  the difference of 3 percent, we are doing not bad!”

This joke is not quite realistic if compared with methods in history! In history we find differences in percentage-levels of 1000 and 10000 PERCENT – or MORE!

And we should be warned by the CHINESE exemple: The Chinese were the FIRST ever, to NAME INJUSTICE, what IS injustice, and have their “unequal treaty”  – German “ungleiche Verträgte” – covering the “century of humiliation” 1839 – 1949.

You see, we have on this planet at moment lots and lots of “unequal treaties” and DICTATED contracts – especially in ALL “economical blocks” of today, as for instance the EU “managing” their business conduct with Africa, with the Caribbean, with South America and  the United States managing their “economical zones” likewise!

The reality of this planet today is CAMOUFLAGED  NEO-COLONIALISM causing LOTS of CASUALTIES among “native people” and “old and original  land owners”, that today are kept in the status of “receivers of social benefits” – if not just dying!

They “call it” FREEDOM of the seas and FREEDOM of trade – but what “they from big business”  really are doing is “KILLING” slowly – AND NOT SO SLOWLY!

So my conclusion is clear: We must not get rid of AMERICANS – but we must get rid of oldage BUSINESS-METHODS of “unequal treaties”!

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