Benjamin Melniker – Hollywood-Mogul and BATMAN-creator – died aged 104 – remarks on unexpected European roots

On 28th of February lots of German-speaking European papers have the news, that Benjamin Melniker died with 104.

Well, I thought, 104 years of lifespan  that really IS at least SOMETHING. But Benjamin – WHAT? Never heard of, never stumbled upon.

The answer to this my curiosity is: Benjamin Melniker was one of the GREAT figures behind the Hollywood-BigBusiness-Hub, the average European newsreader does not know anything about and he started with Warner Brothers, changed to Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, negotiated around 1970  with the Supreme Court a tax-deal for film-producing in Canada and finaly started the BATMAN-SUPERHERO productions, with which he earned big money until our present days.

We perhaps should add: AFTER the Harvey-Weinstein-Affair – German Wikipedia “Weinstein-Skandal” – English Wikipedia “Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations” –  on rude and even ILLEGAL sexual advances towards women causing the worldwide “@meToo”-campaign – German Wiki “Me Too” – English Wiki “MeToo Movement” –  of self-outing of LOTS and LOTS of women, who were PRESSED SEXUALLY to “pay” for their carreers in whatever professional occupation, we nearly are SURPRISED, to find in HOLLYWOOD a “man behind the scene” without scandals whatever.

For further information about the  UNKNOWN CELEBRITY outside PUBLIC HYPE Benjamin Melniker I now may offer in very short two links to newspapers:

German: “Batman”-Produzent Hollywood-Mogul Benjamin Melniker ist tot – Eine weitsichtige Investition: 1979 kaufte Benjamin Melniker mit einem Kollegen die Filmrechte an der Comic-Figur Batman. Jetzt ist der Produzent im Alter von 104 Jahren gestorben.; in: Spiegel online vom 28.02.2018 URL

English: Beatrice Verhoeven: Benjamin Melniker, ‘Batman,’ ‘Justice League’ Producer and Former MGM Exec, Dies at 104 – Other credits include “Swamp Thing,” “Catwoman” and, most recently, “Justice League”; in: The WRAP, February 27, 2018 URL


With these informations we normally would be satisfied and turn to the next news!

HOWEVER, there IS something in the NAME, that caught my attention, because I since youth are inclined to the bygone Austrian-Hungarian Empire – in spite of the fact, that I was born in Northern and protestant parts of Germany, which protestants to really  appreciate from heart  I constantly fail, perhaps of missing genes!

With such curiosity awakened I simply typed into google “Melniker” – and got the following REALLY STRANGE return, which is the “Melnik POLKA”, which is a piece of music from a SPECIAL TOWN in Bohemia at a SPECIAL GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION , where the MOLDAVA / Moldau conjoins the ELBE.


Now go on: If you happen to have some experience with NAMES originated in SOTHERN POLAND and today UKRAINIA, we have a SPECIAL OBSERVATION, that SPECIAL people are NAMED after the PLACES, where they lived, and ESPECIALLY the GERMAN-JIDDISH-speaking CHASSIDIM, for which I may give proof in NAMES of FAMOUS Chassidic Rabbis like (Levi) BERDITSCHEWER (Berditshew near Kiev) or The “BRATZLAWER” (Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav) or the “Wilnaer Gaon”, or simply “the Lubliner”.

With this we now would tend to say: Benjamin Melniker is rooted in a family from the TOWN of MELNIK in today Tshechia and former Tshechoslovakia – Melnik/Bohemia German English , in the early times of Christianization the widow retreat of several queens!  If we do so, we exclude the possibility that he may be  – BECAUSE OF THE COMBINATION OF NAMES –  from BULGARIAN town of Melnik (bulgarisch/bulgarski Мелник; griechisch/Greek Μελένικο Meléniko) – Melnik/Bulgaria    German WikiEnglish Wiki.

We however are opposed by the 1940 US-Census-files on Benjamin Melniker telling beyond doubt, that he was born 1913 near New York. Which however is a WEAK argument,  insofar it might be, that we had JEWISH and CHASSIDIC ROOTED EMIGRATION out of former Austria-Hungara and out of the Russian Tsarist Empire BEFOR, simple out of the reason, that both countries are well known for LEGISLATION towards JEWSH FAITHFUL including some sort of RELGIOUS SUPPRESSION, sometimes even tending to PROGROMS, which means DANGER OF LIFE for EVERY JEWISH BORN people especiakky in the regions of Tshechia, Roumania, Galicia, Lodomeria (Southern Poland and Western Ukrainia), which historical well documented fact we might consider a good enough REASON to FLEE the country!


Now go on: There is something VERY special about this SMALL twon of MELNIK in BOHEMIA, which I stumbled upon, because I have an ICON of Saint Ludmilla of BOHEMIA, who is nearly completely UNKNOWN to Christians from Western Europe whatever.

Holy Martyr St. Ludmilla of Bohemia, murdered by her daughter in law Drahomira in Tetin 925, transferred to St. George-Basilica (with St.George Monastery of Benedictin Sisters, a socalled TERRITORIAL ABBEY, the Prince Abbatissa of which had the rigth of crowning the king) on the Hradshin-Castle at Prague by her grandson St. Wenceslav / St. Wenzel today is unbroken venerated as PATRON SAINT in all of Bohemia – and, surprising enough, among today Eastchristian-Orthodox people, especially those from Ukrainia and Southern Poland  and Slovakia, which once were connected by the socalled KARPATO-UKRAINIAN-RUTHENIAN heritage, which once connected people from today Ukrainia to the NORTH in Belarus and even Lithuania, which clearly is something QUITE different compared with TODAY STATE-BORDERS and TODAY SEPARATION and DIVISION of the Human Family into NATIONALIST NATIONS.

В Старом королевском дворце есть капелла святой Людмилы, попасть куда можно через расположенное справа святилище. Если, конечно, во время вашего визита она будет доступна для посетителей. – URL    – Chapel of St. Ludmilla (Premyslid Queen) of Bohemia with Sacophagus in St. George-Basilica on the Hradshin/Prague

St. George-Basilica, Hradshin/Prague  – romanesque interior, source: Romanische Schätze, anonymus,  URL

St. George-Monastery, Hradshin/Prague, before the LAST renovation – this former MOST IMPORTANT to ALL BOHEMIAN LANDS monastery was vandalized first time during the TRAGEDY of HUSSITE WARS at around the Protestant Reformation of Luther in Germany and in 19th century became a military barack for troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of Vienna.  Source: Romanische Schätze, anonymus,  URL


And WHAT EXACTLY is the RESULT of this blog-entry?

Well, perhaps this:

We THANK Mr. Benjamin Melniker, probably immigrant to the U.S. at around 1900 from Melnik in Tchechia / Bohemia, that he lived his 104 years long enough, so that I MYSELF  could LEARN something, that has FALLEN APART the MEMORY of ENTIRY INTELLIGENTSIAS in ENTIRE WESTEUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

The MOST ODD THING to LEARN here may be considered the fact, that we once, in times long ago had HOLY QUEENS and KINGS, sometimes even MIRACLEWORKING, which QUITE OTHER THAN today considered BRINGING CHRISTIAN FAITH to their peoples an ATTRACTIVE PROGRESS in KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and CULTURE.

And if we may connect Mr. Benjamin Melniker correctly to CHASSIDIC surroundings, we with some astonishment learn, that the TODAY ZIONIST “Judaism” nearly has NOTHING to do with that, which observation nearly is as strange as the other observation, that we today see a REAWAKENING of Christian Faith in RUSSIA, in UKRAINIA, in POLAND and partly in Tchechia, whereas the WHOLE OF WESTERN EUROPE choosed the PATH AWAY from its hereditary Christian Faith, especiall following the ways of FREEMASON FRENCH REVOLUTION, the TYP OF PRGRESS of which especially propagated by the belligerent  Mr. Napoleon, the GREAT, who was small by stature!

some linmks for further study:

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