Chinese fleet arrived in Baltic Sea for combat exercise with Russia

In the year 1905 the Imperial Russian Fleet met the the Imperial Japanese Fleet to engage in battle in the Strait of Tsushima, which is between at that time Japanese occupied Korea and the Japanese Islands of Kyushu and Honshu, starting in St.Petersburg and sailing through the Baltic Sea all around the Horn of Africa, which  never before had been done.  To have a remarkable good cover up of the naval operations, we may turn to ENGLISH wikipedia, article “Battle of Tsushima“.

Today, on 18th of July 2017 is reported, that 3 Chinese warships made the turn in the opposite direction from East to West, were spotted by the Dutch Navy in the North Sea and are expected to move through the Belt between Denmark and Norway into the Baltic Sea to meet the Russians for combat exercise near Kaliningrad, which is the former German Königsberg.

The new QUALITY is, that Chinese warships are taking part in ACTIVE military duties, whereas Chinese warships in 2015 and 2016 wre on visit only in the Baltic, even, if I understood well, using the German “Nordostsee-Kanal”, built by Emperor Wilhelm II. and modernized since then.

It seems however, that since 1950 or so the main COMMERCIAL interest of Chinese merchant ships is targeted to POLISH GDANSK, which since 2010 is prepared to manage the new and huge Chinese containerships with some 400 meter in length..

The main concerns in the Baltic at moment however are not the warships of whomever, but those cute top-gun-pilots engaging each other in near-to-fatal phantom-air-fights, just for training and just for the fun of adrenaline-shocks.

The reason for all this actual and very recent military uproar in the Baltic is however, that NATO-generals were as intelligent, as to allow, that the NERVOSITY of the small and weak and even VERY UNIMPORTANT  Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania may trigger a  GREAT war against Russia, because these 3 new NATO-members constantly do not stick to the HARD FACTS OF HARSH REALITY of DEPENDENCE of energy-supply from RUSSIA and even overlook the STRONG Russian MINORITIES within their borders.

Well, one hardly can believe the HEARSAY, that the Estonian or Latvian supreme commander has at his disposal at around 4000 military personnel – but only after 20:00 o`clock in the evening, when the folks are back from their daily work and routine!

We now may choose, what is more dangerous for NATO: 4000 Estonian military during night-hours only or 3 Chinese ships in the Baltic Sea?

Or does anybody remember an OUTCRY, as in shooting distance of SOTCHI there were patrolling US-warships in the Black Sea during the Winter-Olympiade?

If NOT, everything is fine, because we of course do not engage in the game of DOUBLE STANDARDS, don`t we?

We might tend however to ALARM, if informed, that Chinese and US warships were detected in the CASPIAN … or in the BAIKAL: This indeed may rise curiosity!

So in the end, we may  close here with the same joke, Mr. Juncker from the European Commission, something near to a “Central Commitee”,  is said to have tried with Mr. Putin and telling:

“Why do you think, Vladimir Vladimirovich, that LUXEMBOURG so far did not attack Russia?” – “Because we in Luxembourg afterwards would not have enough place for all the (Russian) POWs (prisoners)!”


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URL 2 – N24 tv, WELT (the Juncker joke)

URL 3 – Manager Magazin (with video)

URL 4 – Sptniknews (RU)


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