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Normally in academical coursebooks of the 20th century it was spread the word, that ISRAELS EXODUS FROM EGYPT plus the belligerent period of taking land for settlement in what is now known as ISRAEL are MYTH, NO Moses, NO temple etc,  with NO historical ROOTS nor historical PROOFS from ARCHEOLOGY.

This EXTREMELY SKEPTIC view  was a consequence of the development of the socalled “critical method” in history by Droysen and others  and the transfer of this historical method into socalled “biblical sciences” in 19th century, which rather too fast concluded, that NEARRLY EVERYTHING in OLD TESTAMENT and in the Bible in general is MYTH, somewhat NOT REAL and in worst cases CORRUPTED IMPORT from SUMER (in Babylonian and Akkadic redactions, as for instance the Genesis) and EGYPT – as for instance the “books of Wisdom (of Salomo) or KOHELET, which have been traced back to the literature-type of the socalled “Teachings of Ptah Hotep”  in versions of the socalled MIDDLE KINGDOM of Pharaonic Egypt , which would equal the times of Ramses II (and Sethos I.), in which normally they try to argue, that this was the TIME and DATE of the EXODUS of ISRAEL FROM EGYPT – IN SPITE of  CLAIMED “misssing evidence” from history!

The mainly UNSPOKEN consequence would be: IF the historical allusions in the BIBLE are STORYTELLING without proper links to REALITY, the CONCEPT OF the BIBLICAL GOD may be a “STORYTELLING” as well, and therefor easily dismissed, at least by people inclined to proper reasoning!

I therefor with GREAT DELIGHT now may introduce the nearly EXACT OPPOSITE VIEW to this EXTREME: In the following video, which indeed nearly is resembling  an academical lecture are quite some INTERESTING and IMPORTANT PLACES and ARCHEOLOGICAL FINDINGS of recent decennia, which make HISTORY OF ISRAEL TANGIBLE AGAIN, NO STORYTELLING THERE, but HARDCORE REALITY newly excavated. (Which by the way may be continued to the Christian era, where especially the Emperor`s Mother Helena around 300 AC collected VAST amounts of historical evidence, which however today nearly is forgotten or does not interest the public audience.)

How shall I put the words diplomatically: The chance, that we can improve LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING human existence on this planet will become really small and poor, IF WE NEGLECT WHAT is REALLY THERE AND FOUND AND EXHIBITED IN MUSEUMS.

At least  I myself with the following video try to KEEP up with LEARNING and EXPLORING – even if the mainstream may be shocked, even if we will reach afterwards a NEW LEVEL of PROBLEMS – but  for NEW – and hopefully better –  horizons!

source: Archaeology Discoveries that Prove the Bible is True [FULL VIDEO] – youtube channel Out of Place Discoveries TV


So far I know in religion everywhere there are kept certain knowledge and mysteries kept secret – and such used in some sort of struggle for preference.  We may especially say, that HISTORICAL FACTS and BIBLICAL TEXTS are part of some sort of MULTIPLE LAYERS, in which they thought it appropriate, to to give HUMAN born beings some sort of HIGHER knowledge concerning the TRUE COMPLEXITY of something, that we may call “multidimensional reality” of some sort. In this regard I found worthwhile Friedrich Weinreb, mainly in books, and Stan Tenen in http://www.meru.org. But remember: EVERYBODY just human would tell only those things, that he thinks to show his own traditions in the best possible light. We may for instance take it as selfevident, that the STOP of the PASCHAL offering of lambs, provoked by the circumstances of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are a SENSIBLE topic, native Jews would not like, to ponder about. We may say, that the DENIAL of research in the KAABA-Cube at Mekka is indicating an VERY sensible topic. We should be surprised, that nobody will give a clear picture, what was the CONSTRIBUTION and COLLABORATION  of the  MAINLY JEWISH population of MEDINA/YATHRIB in forming socalled ISLAM, because this is a sensible topic as well.


Just by accident I during research on present state of biblical archeology, it occurred, that I stumbled upon an FORGOTTEN author, Calmet, (Antoine) Augustine, Abbot of the Benedictinian Order (OSB) in the France of the 18th century, which is in Wikipedias, which are NOT identical and therefor NEEDE in several languages:

Well, in author Calmet, Augustine from 18th century we find a VASTE KNOWLEDGE of the OLD CHRISTIAN WRITERS and CHURCHFATHERS dealing with HARDCORE HISTORICAL STUFF underlying the entire Bible of Old and New Testament. What is especially valuable here,  is, that there are TRACEABLE QUOTATIONS of ORIGINAL SOURCES, such paving way to a sort of VALIDATED KNOWLEDGE otherwise today among most Christians and Jews FORGOTTEN!


Im may resume: It is a real riddle to me, WHY such a LOT of Jewish and Christian OLD SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE of OLD BOOKS and TIMES habe been nearly forgotten. But this of course does not mean in consequence, that the TODAY DENIAL of ANY value within religious traditions is a CLEVER STRATEGY for LEARNING!

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