Cantu a tenore Sardegna – incredible and very old sounds

By accident I today met in Austrian-German 3sat TV with CANTO A TENORE which is a local tradition of Sardinia, which is well known for its NURAGHE-Towers, that some folks compared with Irish round towers.

It is believed, that this singing tradition is as old a 3000 years – and if we try to correlate it to above mentioned types of old architecture, which should be extended by keywords like (Greek) “Tolos” or “beehive-tomb” and “giant`s grave”, we indeed may get our little grey cells busy, that there is something more in history, than our schoolbooks and academic coursebooks are telling us.

Music has the specifics, that we can learn by doing and by listening – so that I may cut short any further words here, and instead may present some sound examples from youtube.

Example 1

Example 2 (Ave Maria)

Example 3  (Regina coeli – Magnificat)

Example 4 CUNCORDU DE OROSEI – Gotzos de sa Chenàpura Santa

Example 5 Misere

Example 6  – Tenores di Bitti “Mialinu Pira” – Milia vattu sa Trota

Example 7 – Coro Femminile Urisè (Orosei) a Videolina

There ae LOTS of other examples, just try searchwords “canto a tenore di Sardegna”

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