Egyptian reaction to attack on Coptic Christians near Cairo

Some time ago I made contact to  the monastery in Deir Mar Antunyus near Ras Za`afarnaya, in which one of my patron saints, St. Anthony Abbas or St. Anthony the Great, lived some  1800 years ago, which is the reason, why I became somewhat aware of  “Coptic themes”, which at moment tend to become reduced to  horror-news from Egypt with 96 Coptic churches demolished recently (news from the Coptic metropolite in Germany), with lots of deadly casualties from attacks and with near to 300.000 Copts, that have fled their country.

Few days ago we had reports from a repeated  killing of 28 or so innocent Coptts on pilgrimage to the monastery of St. Samuel near Cairo. Normally nobody in Germany or Western Europe would do more, than to just register, what is piling up in bad news from Egypt.

But today I am really surprised, because German “Die Zeit online” URL  is reporting, that President al-Sissi, a learned General, has ordered a counterstrike on no less than 7 – in words: seven – training camps of the Al-Kaida type.

We may guess however, that this was not done just in favor of Coptic Christians, but because of deep Egyptian concerns, that the near-to-defeat-situation of IS in Mossul and in Northern Syria, may lead to the consequence, that all the irregular combattants of irregular warfare from there will seek save-haven in LYBIA and in SINAI and even, may be, in Afghanistan. (Which of course would trigger with the keen observer the question, WHO IS PAYING THE TICKETS for such “escape journeys”???)

On the occasion of this Egyptian  airstrike President al-Sissi voiced the wish, that the President of the United States of America should LEAD the Anti-Terror-Coalition, such perhaps implying, that we have at moment somehow a lack of leadership, at least on those sides, that the public normally assumes in the position of LEADERS.

It even may be worse than that, because Mr. Putin recently was on screen asking HEAVY question, whether it might be, that there is someone PROFITING from OIL drilled by the IS with the United States in the KNOW. Others even accused the Erdogan-clan to be involved in selling IS-oil …  but to WHOM?! Perhaps this UNKNOWN WHO might be the same, that has eqipped the IS with all these brandnew TOYOTA-SUVS, we get used to in the daily news?!

Now, if switching back in time some years ago to the socalled “COLOR REVOLUTIONS” in the entire of Northern Africa, we may become curious, that somehow the whole “philanthropic thing” of folks like Mr. George Soros, “open society foundations” and CIA somehow did not work out properly.

Or did Irak and Afghanistan AFTERMATH worked out properly?

Former President George W. Bush jr. at least was conscious about a tendency of VANISHING STRUCTURES OF STATE and therefor of BREAKING AWAY OF ORGANIZATION in entire regions of this globe.

So I have no answers to such questions either, we can restrict ourselves to just reporting, what has happened – and to help victims of sad events as possible.

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