Terror Attack on Manchester/UK 22th May 2017

In the year 2005 there was a terror attack in London, on which occasion I started to produce some military music.

From these productions I choose for the today mourning to lift the sorror and to steel the bravehearts to STRENGTHEN  DEFENCE – NOT GIVING IN

  • Bach Air for Military Funeral – BBWV 19 – J.S.Bach / Buike – Air D-Major – BWV 1068 – MILITARY FUNERAL for official use and to replace current version in use in German Army –  audio mp3 – free printready pdf performancepack
  • Amazig Grace – Bagpipe Imitations — BBWV 142 — Amazing grace – bagpipe imitations – military – experienced – sheetmusic / Musiknoten – audio mp3 – free printready pdf performancepack
  • Amazig Grace  concert version – free audio mp3

Let us mourn today – and start fighting back tomorrow!


Follow up 25.May 2017 – Thursday (“christ rising to heaven”)

From dropping in news I fetched the following pieces of information:

  • They assume a NETWORK behind the man, who acted and appeared as “single suicid-bomber”.
  • In the Manchester  lodging of the suicid-bomber was found equipement for to build explosives, and especially explosives of the very desastrous sort mixed with nails, screws and the like, which are causing HEAVY wounds, even leading to amputations and constant disability. Such weapons under law of war normally are BANNED and therefor normally see HEAVY and HARSH reactions.
  • The suicid-bomber (Salman Abedi)  recently visited GERMANY. 4 days before the attack in Manchester he went into Britain via Duesseldorf Airport, Northrhine-Westfalia. In 2015 Salman Abedi took a flight from Frankfort Airport to Britain, at that time supposed to come from a training-camp in Syria. Germans really are CONCERNED, which CONTACTS Salman Abedi made in Germany, especially in Northrhine-Westfalia and in Hessen. Germans placed an ALERT, that POSSIBLY Duesseldorf might have been selected as TARGET, and insofar they are sensibilisized with regard to SALAFISTS in Duesseldorf-Wersten and in Neuss-Weckhoven popping up in local news regularely and for years – and of course known to all major Secret Services.
  • This is not the right occasion to go into SPECULATIONS, what might be the actual situation in LIBYA, where it may be, that there are COMPLETE VILLAGES devoted somehow to “underground attacks in irregular warfare”. Situation in Libya itself, where they interrogated members of the Abedi-CLAN already, because of the NEAR-TO-DEFEAT-situation in Mossul and in Syria for the IS might tend to increased instability, Libya and SINAI perhaps chosen as RETREAT and SAVE HAVEN for IS after the expected defeat in Mossul and Rakka and other towns in Northern Syria.

I may close here with a PERSONAL comment.

They tell the suicid-bombers, that after their inevitable and somehow unintelligent  death, there are in PARADISE LOTS of VIRGIN-GIRLS waiting to please the self-claimed “martyr”  and “widow-maker”.  And such expectation of some sort of “heaven”, which seems very near to situation here on Earth – especially in male puberty -, is the REASON, WHY such suicid-bombers normally try to protect – somehow – their male genitals, which are so much needed in their PARADISE. ( NO JOKING here, they REALLY DO such things!)

But someone somewhere to this strange PARADISE interjected: >I do not want VIRGIN girls, I would like to get the fully trained and educated “Mistresses of Love”.<

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