NATO-Germans leaving NATO-base Incirlik in NATO Turkey?

The NATO Germans recently had bad experiences with Turkish behavior during the air-defense mission in Karamanmarasch. The Nato-Germans today have prolonged  difficulties with Turkish behavior on Incirlik air-base, which is a NATO-Base with US-American detachment.

We read for instance in German source coming from N24-TV URL

And even worse, we have, what has not been broadcasted in German papers a Turkish claim against the presence of US-Forces in Incirlik as well, see “Military times” URL

Now my GREEK neighbors are asking: WHAT IS NATO, WHAT IS EUROPE going TO DO about this CONSTANT frictions with NATO-member Turkey?

The GREEK are REALLY CONCERNED about PENDING WAR WITH TURKEY – and indeed did everything, so that they are READY FOR WAR, which means that we really should expect shooting in any case, the Turkish military will try to go beyond the Greek line of defense.

But we do not know, whether ever ANYBODY ELSE  will REACT to BELLIGERENT BEHAVIOR of Turkish OFFICIALS.

Well, we normal folks must not understand every hidden agenda or diplomatic subtlety, coming in case of Turkey perhaps from this STRANGE former “alliance” between Turkey and ISRAEL, which partly may be in PLACE as some sort of military cooperation of unknown STRATEGICAL GOALS.

Well, we had since second World War LOTS of NEAR-TO-WAR situations PROVOKED by Turkey between Greece and Turkey, we had the case of TURKISH INVASION into CYPRUS with NOT ANY APPROPRIATE REACTION from the US, from NATO and from EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES.

Now it seems, that the Germans become more and more FED UP and indeed are PREPARING to LEAVE INCIRLIK and to move to some base in Jordania, where there are the FRENCH already. It is additionally discussed, that Germany may leave the NATO-AWACS-mission in Konya, where the German hold 30% of the personnel.

And if I may add: IF NATO will continue to show INCAPABILITY to REACT to Turkish provocations, we perhaps some not so far day will experience a RUSSIAN action, say some sort of “clean-up of the Turkish military theater”.

Incirlik Air-Base in English Wikipedia URL

Incirlik Air-Base in German Wikipedia URL

Incirlik Air-Base Homepage URL

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