US strike on Shayrat Airbase: Which strategy 06-04-2017

All out of a sudden the world awakes to the news, that there has been an US strike with cruise missiles (Tomahawks) on Al Shayrat-Airbase in Syria.

We read in Wikipedia, “Shayrat Air Base” : “On 6 April 2017, on the orders from U.S. President Donald Trump, USS Ross and USS Porter fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Shayrat airfield in response to a suspected chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province. The attack on Khan Sheikhoun is believed to have been launched from Shayrat.[6][7][8] The United States had reportedly notified Russia, Syria’s biggest ally, prior to the strike.”  (source URL

This US action has in meantime an own wiki under keyword “2017 Shayrat missile attack” URL

It seems, that there have been fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles of which only 23 hit target, which is effective hits of appr. 39 %. If we take the costs for each Tomahawk-missile as 1,3 million Dollars, we would have in total costs in ammunition of 76,7 Million Dollars. If you are an US-General backed by one of the greatest economies of the world, these costs may be seen as fair price to AVOID  any US service-man or military personnel to become exposed to the deadly dangers of war in person.

We now may ask: WHAT WAS THE STRATEGY BEHIND THIS SINGLE ACTION out of the sudden? Well, my best guess would be: THERE IS NONE! This was just the United States saying: “Hello world, we are back again!” You know, big elephants sometimes do strange things, especially, if testosterone is involved, especially if spring-time is approaching!

This UNMOTIVATED by NORMAL MILITARY REASONING action had some specifics, to lock at now.

At first, the action was ANNOUNCED BEFORE to the Russians and to NATO and some others. This should have had the effect, that MOST OF AIRCRAFTS DEPLOYED ON SHAYRAT AIRBASE NORMALLY WERE WITHDRAWN TEMPORARELY.

Second thing is, that the RUSSIANS were NOT PLEASED and DISMISSED THE AIRTRAFFIC-MANAGEMENT-SCHEME INSTALLED OVER SYRIA, called in Russian diplomatic terms “Memorandum”. This will cause a lot of PRACTICAL problems for all those nations using Syria as “adventure playground” for their Air Forces, the British, the French, the Germans, the Turkish, the Russians, the Americans, the Iranians. Well, QUITE a lot of “interested parties” and “vested interests” there in Syria, BUT FOR WHAT PURPOSE EXACTLY?

In third place I would draw from the Pearl Harbour incident 1941 the lesson, that it is NOT SUFFICIENT, to hit target and produce damage to PARTS of actual and possible targets, but to really DESTROY as much targets as possible  to fundaments – because OTHERWISE you will have the bad taste, that the enemy in INCREDIBLE SHORT TIME will set into effect MAINTENANCE and REPAIR.  In other words: It is expected, that repair of Shayrat airbase will not took longer than a few months, provided the general staff is convinced of the strategical importance of such efforts, which however we in case of Shayrat airbase really should assume.

There is a fourth point, I do not quite understand: Why do the Americans try to tell the world ALL the time, their versions of MORAL JUSTIFICATION, which however nobody else normally will and can believe? Why should I for instance  believe, that Islamic State  is NO INVENTION of U.S. and Israel Secret Services?  Why should I believe, that the FAMILY of the present Turkish President did NOT profit from enterprise in OIL with Islamic State? Americans SAY, that the Shayrat airbase attack was a MORAL REACTION to morally BANNED use of POISON-GAS for CHEMICAL WARFARE.  But American sources of course do NOT tell, that especially chemical facilities in Syria, Irak and former Lybia have been REALLY GOOD BUSINESS of WESTEUROPEAN COMPANIES from GERMANY, FRANCE and BRITAIN???  We, however, the ordinary news consumers do NOT HAVE ANY REASONABLE method at hand, to VERIFY or FALSIFY such FACTUAL CLAIMS. What we KNOW HOWEVER FOR CERTAIN is, that the UNITED STATES FORCES THEMSELVES HAVE USED LARGE SCALE AGENT ORANGE in Vietnam, in which is DIOXIN, which TODAY, after DECENNIA after the end of the war, is producing DISABLED and CRIPPLED  BABIES to be born, because dioxin does DAMAGE TO THE HUMAN GENOME, which is much more dangerous than to have a modified swine-flu-virus to try to extinct the Chinese, which idea VERY PROBABLY is discussed in WHO, which TODAY is SPONSORED by Mr. Bill Gates, who personally seems to stick to the opinion, that there “are TOO MUCH HUMANS” on this planet, AS IF BILL GATES IS GOD.  So I myself would like to stick to the following SCEPTICAL view, if any American general is telling the world MORALS: a) We KNOW for CERTAIN, that SOMETIMES American generals are LYING or telling only THOSE PARTS of the TRUTH, that will support their OWN POSITIONS. b) We know for certain, that American generals HAVE NOT ANY REAL MORAL PROBLEMS with chemical weapons PROVIDED, the US Supreme Command considers introduction of CHEMICAL WARFARE TACTICS APPROPRIATE for whatever strategical schemes to foster the principle: “AMERICA FIRST!”



Superfluent to say, that in NORMAL times ANY Westeuropean general entertaining in such sudden shots as were seen in the Shayrat-Airbase-Attack NORMALLY WOULD BE FIRED … IF NOT there was a backup by the TOP-Leaders of the country!

If we follow the NEW STYLE since 2017  in  US-American rhetorics,  we may even hint to the SOURCE for such IRRATIONALISM, because if a little boy is feeling, that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS “UNFAIR”, that this same boy growing up eventually is experiencing the “Chinese  RAPING THE COUNTRY”, which would be  a NON-STANDARD SEXUAL BEHAVIOR,  we easily may understand, that such boy eventually may turn to some sort or other of PSYCHOPATHIA – including UNPREDICTABLE BEHAVIOR.

Of course nobody must agree to my little trial to understand a little anxious boy, so that I may recall from RATIONALISM two points:

The RUSSIAN position to INSIST on a REGULAR STATE AUTHORITY in Syria  is covered by EVERY TYPE of LEARNING from history and therefor RATIONAL! The VALUE of his principle becomes even more striking, if we take into the calculations the DESTABILIZATION in the entire Near East and North of Africa CAUSED WILLINGLY by US-led “revolutionary movements” to overthrow ANY and EVERY “structure” and “organization”  – to PLEASE whatever INVESTORS from abroad, to MAXIMIZE their businesses!

To have INTEGRITY and SOUVREIGNITY of STATE implies, that NOBODY WITHOUT DECLARED WAR is allowed to ATTACK a country, ESPECIALLY not, if the attacker is entertaining in SINGLE ACTIONS without STRATEGICAL COHERENCE – and such not only IRRATIONAL, but ILLEGAL as well. (Such not only the SINGLE US action is questionable, but the SINGLE ACTIONS OF ISRAEL AGAINST SPECIAL PARTS OF DAMASCUS AIRPORT deployed every few month and in the papers with short notice only AS WELL. No joking here: The generals in Israel ARE USED to PLAY with szenarios, in which ISRAEL AIRCRAFTS by PREVENTIVE STRIKES would ATTACK EVERYBODY, estimated for whatever reasons as danger for the country, they even in times PLAYED with  the idea to attack airfields in UKRAINIA – as if strategy has become a mad-man-game in meantime!)

I may repeat from previous analyses: We AGAIN in SYRIA see the EVIL consequences of the SINS OF OUR FATHERS FROM TIMES OF FIRST WORLD WAR, where TWO SINGLE MEN OF POWER, French Picot and English Pikes, were allowed, to install an ARTIFICIAL COUNTRY and STATE  in Syria, the GEOGRAPHY of which even was UNINTERESTING and IRRELEVANT to them, leading to TODAY VERY PROBLEMATICAL BORDERS NOBODY can NATURALLY agree to – and causing conflict AS PLANNED and as FORESEEN!

As last remarkable observation we perhaps should add, that the US strike on Shayrat Airbase took place DURING THE FIRST VISIT of the CHINESE PRESIDENT to the NEW US-President, who met at the President`s privat club in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, which in official statements is called the “Southern White House” already. the DIPLOMATIC MESSAGE of this COINCIDENCE IN TIME SCHEDULE is clear beyond doubt and may be paraphrased here in type of a proverb: YOU BEAT THE DOG AND THINK OF THE LORD, which dates back to LATIN,  from where LUTHER had it until SCHILLER  modified it for his theater.

Dont`t believe me and control yourself:

– Catulus percutitur, ut timeat canis.
‘Man schlägt den Welpen, damit sich der Hund fürchtet.’
Luther zu Rm 14,2

– Percutitur catulus, ut sentiat leo.
‘Man schlägt den Welpen, damit es der Löwe spürt.’ – Luther Sprichwort 144

Titus Petronius. Das Gastmahl des Trimalchio: Qui asinum non potest, stratum caedit. „Wer den Esel nicht [schlagen] kann, schlägt den Packsattel.“ Schiller, Kabale und Liebe, 1. Akt.: Man schlagt den Esel und meint den Herren.

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