Reenforcement of European Defense-Politics, topic: Anti-Terror measures 2016



  • We had severe problems with unmotivated bombings in Madrid, London, Paris, Oslo, and Germany targeting actions in Istanbul and all over Turkey,  plus  in March 2016 in Brussels.
  • We have to expect MORE such events, with Germany NOT EXCLUDED.
  • European DEFENSE obviously DOES NOT DELIVER proper results and especially FAILED to STOP such actions.



  • First: Reenforcement of the Hague Regulations of 1905  for Land-Warfare, with special respect to handling of irregular warfare outside the international law for combattants  and civilians.
  • Second: Minimizing events and casualties.
  • Thirdly: Minimizing the TREMENDOUS ECONOMICAL IMPACT of such events in COSTS and RESOURCES.



  • RESTRICTING  the number of personnel of   embassies of TURKEY, SAUDI-ARABIA, IRAN, MAROC, PAKISTAN   and evidenced others (Yemen?) by 30%.
  • RESTRICTING the span of activity GEOGRAPHICALLY  of such – evidenced – embassies according to the HAAG-REGULATIONS dealing with irregular warfare.
  • TAFF SECURITY on ALL post-communist networks, as for instance in Tchechia, Serbia, KOSOVOA/Albania, Germany (former DDR) – and TSHETSHNIA (German: Tschetschenien).
  • TAFF SECURITY on ALL AGENCIES dealing with research in fundamental physics, such as for instance CERN in Geneva – and similar.  (Special argument: The PAKISTAN NUKES were built with participation of CERN-personnel and from related Netherland laboratories.)
  • RESTRICTING activities of PERSONAL FOUNDATIONS of GEORGE SOROS AND BILL GATES, which under the PRETEND of “philanthropy” finance and organize DESTABILIZATION OF STATES in ENTIRE GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS, which is a STRANGE understanding of “philanthropy”!
  • REDUCING all European PAYMENTS FOR THE UNITED NATIONS in DIRECT dependency from COSTS caused by mentioned above events of irregular warfare.
  • RETREAT of  NATO FROM TURKEY (special argument: the Russians have shown us just the moment in Syria, that today warfare does not need neccessarely an overseized number of permanent military bases.)
  • NATO BRINGING WAR TO TURKEY according to NATO-treaty chapters dealing with INTEGRITY OF TERRITORY of members, especially STOP of TURKISH violation of the GREEK air-traffic in the AEGAEIS, secondly FORCEFUL EXPULSION OF TURKISH AGRESSION TROUPS FROM CYPRUS. (Special argument: KUWEIT being a VERY SMALL country was a JUSTIFIED and SUFFICIENT reason to start the US-war against the Saddam-Hussein IRAK – and we of course cannot engage in DOUBLE STANDARDS, don`t we?!))
  • Set up JOINT EUROPEAN ACTION to answer EVERY evidenced deployment of biological and chemical weapons with tactical nukes, if not aerosol-bombs.



These measures should have a DRAMATICAL effect in BRINGING DOWN the NUMBER of events and casualties from irregular warfare.

It may be however, that the production of paper-handkerchief all over Europe may show a decrease afterwards  – which however is considered an ACCEPTABLE SIDE-EFFECT of our proposals.

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