Without NSA-shield: Germans withdraw from Kurdish aerea, pronto!

All papers in Germany – welt, rp, bild, t-online etc. pp. –  today, o3rd of June 2015, are reporting: U.S. are holding back a security hardware, without which the German detachment of app. 100 military instructors in the Kurdish aerea in Northern Irak is “blindfolded” in certain vital aspects of surveillance against IS or ISIS.

Papers give as REASON for this – say:  irritating –  event: the U.S. are “not amused”, that in German politics they have TAFF questions on the cooperation between BND and NSA, which in meantime led to diplomatical problems with Belgium and the Netherlands asking, which of their World-Companies have been spyed on by NSA with ACTIVE help of German BND.

ASSESSMENT: With such strange friends – we – obviously – do not need enemies!

Military conclusion: Withdrawel in type of blitz-evacuation of 100 German military instructors, but not via US-headquarters, but via the new German Command for International Operations in Potsdam, German: Führungsstab BW or so.

Political conclusion: HEAVY  ANALYSIS, how it could be possible at all, that in the U.S.-dominated and U.S. controlled in 2 wars defeated to stoneage IRAK it was possible, that ALL OUT OF THE SUDDEN and totally unforseen IS and ISIS in well-equipped and well-organized form could arise at all!!?? Or more frontal asked: There MUST be LINKS to TOPLEVEL military and government in th U.S. without which NEVER EVER something like  ISIS or IS would have been possible! IF SO, this would be according to German MILITARY LAW HIGH TREASON, which normally among soldiers is followed by death penalty!

Governmental conclusion:Analysis of Intersection between German BND, U.S. military and seurity  and NAZI – underground – empire – see: Jim Marrs, Joseph P. Farrell etc. – and determiantion of PERCENTAGE of NAZI-INFILTRATION. To remember: The U.S. for some irrational reasons after World War II under personal leadership of Allan Dulles took over a COMPLETE DEPARTMENT of GERMAN MILITARY ESPIONAGE, which was department “Fremde Heere Ost” under General Gehlen WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS OF “Entnazifizierung”  and such delicate concerns!

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