T-O-maps and globus cruciger – MOOC Sagas and Space-Uni Zurich-coursera

Bruno Antonio Buike:

T-O-maps, Globus Cruciger, Iconography Of
St. Anthony Eremita And St. Bruno,
The Carthusian: Search For A Deductive Cascade Within Old Cartography And Geodesy Under Aspects Of Paleophysics As Related To Today Hyperphysics

PRESENTED NOT FINISHED because of demand for discussion

contribution to “Sagas and Space in Viking Age and medieval scandinavia” presented by University of Zurich, by Sandra Schneeberger and Prof Dr. Jürg Glauser as MOOC in http://www.coursera.org, – April/May 2015 –

main language: English – other languages – Neuss: Bruno Buike 2015/2016 – dedicated to the future Kings – to the crowds of Warszawa Technical University

important preliminary finding:

there are no planetary  Kepler-ellipses  in our solar system! pdf – E66 No Elliptical Kepler Orbits in our Planetary System

see related “Christus Pantocator, some cosmological proposals”E67Christus-Mandorla-total-2nd-ed

Heraldic_Globus_crucigerversion December 2015 – 239 p. Din A4 – color-pdf e64-tomaps-bbuike-dec2015 not finished

version February 2016 – final to page 130, chapter 2.6, plus total bibliography of 80 pages e64-t-o-maps-page01-130-biblio-feb-2016

this presentation of work in progress is offered, because it is felt the necessity to START DISCUSSION, which is: discussion worldwide, BECAUSE we ALL are in NEED and DEMAND to engage in CONCEPTUALIZING the  SCIENCE of the – hopefully BETTER – future!


There have been severe computer-problems, leading to heavy delay, to additional costs and even to cancellation of the source of troubles, which was my ebay, so that everybody including me myself has to wait a little bit longer for finishing this project of REAL scientific importance, that will CHANGE the approach to cartographical problems in history-writing in ways, that even NSA and GCHQ and Deuxieme Bureau and BND have escaped so far.

This essay is written in English, because I had in mind some folks from Warszawa Technical University, in meantime spread all over Europe, and because the feedback on my works  in Germany is not that encouraging , which may be no real surprise if meeting with a government officially  educating  people, to become HASHISH-CONSUMENTS just from youth on, where even considerable parts of the political class and other socalled  “supposed elites” are drug-addicts themsevles. Well, you see, we would not expect the drunkard, to preach abstinence – at least not before the final medical stage of self.-destruction!

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