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On the complex of „number 12“ in old history

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I may just from memory add to the question of NUMBER 12:

  1. 12 are the 12 houses of the ZODIAC, which at first is a SKY-MAP, which was later used in astrological applications. I am not shure, whether in old history they had a mapping of the MILKY WAY first, which is our home galaxy, PLUS addition of CERTAIN socalled “fixed-stars”, which are dealt with in Robson, Viviane , The Fixed Stars And Their Astrology, York Beach/Maine:  Samuel Weiser Inc 1979, German under title: Fixsterne. Bedeutung und Konstellationen im Horoskop, Nünchen: Hugendubel 1990
  2. Maurice Chatelain, Our Cosmic Ancestors,  has noticed, that our 12 astrological SUN-signs – like gemini, pisces, sagittarius etc. -, which from needs of circular construction are covering 30 degrees of the circle-segment equivalent to a segment of the sky, are from EMPIRICAL results regarding  the DISTRIBUTION OF STARS in our MILKY WAY a POOR approximation, and he proposed a division of the sky-circle into 13 segments, as seems to have been among the MAYAS in use REALLY!

  3. I may skip here specifis of the Zodiac and its intersection with other features from old history and astronomy, partly or even mainly, because what I would like to present from just MY reading, would be TOO MUCH outside mainstream or even may be too heavy stuff to handle, because of personal weaknesses in mathematics (as was the same with Einstein himself, who of course was INTEGER enough to KNOW his own shortcommings!)

  4. I just jump to the noted already relation of the number 12 to Jesus Christ and his 12 APOSTLES. THIS INDEED WAS CORRECTLY BY THE CONTRIBUTOR LINKED TO THE ZODIAC, BECAUSE EVERY APOSTLE has ATTACHED an iconographical ATTRIBUTE to him, which are symbols from the Zodiac in clear-text or hints to such zodiacal symbols.
    I may very shortly here:

– There was an apostle with cognomen “dydimos”, which translates to “GEMINI”.
– There are symbols like EAGLE, (snake?) and “MAN”, this MAY be hint to SCORPIO, because scorpio in old times has EEAGLE and SNAKE as signs so to indicate its metaphorical meaning, which was attributed to this zodiac-sing, which is the subject of (some sort of) metamorphosis, especially for MAN, who starts deep below on the ground LIKE a snake and SHOULD end flying like an eagle, that is  man should try tzo have some sort of cerebral development!
Now go on: EVEN MORE: We have the 12 tribes of the people of Israel, which were reigned each by a specific zodiacal sign – as were the SETTLEMENT AEREAS ASCRIBED TO EACH HEBREW TRIBE!
Perhaps information on this topic may be found in HUGO RAHNER or in Jean Richer  somewehre, but I am not shure at the moment.
So STRANGE it may seem, to CORRELATE SKY and surface of earth was not only a THEOREM of the TABULA SMARAGDINA reading “as above, so below”, but it was something near to a STANDARD PROCEDURE to MIRROR STAR-SECTORS from the skies to surface of planet earth, partly even for some sort of CARTOGRAPHICAL use, which however cannot be the SUFFICIENT explanation to this RATHER DIFFICULT to do “modelling of GREAT regions of surface of planet earth”, as for instance in the NEW trial of Andis Kaulins on the TANUM-system and on MEGALITHS in Germany for instance. There MIGHT be better understandings possible, if some features from Richard Hoagland TETRAHEDAL astrophysics tried or even some of Farrell ideas from today ether-physics.

  1. Just as I thought this would be enough, I revisited STAN TENEN in youtube videotitle “Mechanics of As Above So Below”  – and there it is explained, that 3+4+5 sums up to 12.
    Well, 3/4/5 is the SMALLEST POSSIBLE socalled PYTHAGOREAN TRIPLE, which has the specifiscs, that it can be translated into a very basic GEOMETRY, which is the SMALLEST rectangular (and “pythagorean”) triangle. We need this type of rectangular triangle of the x,y-plane-coordinates to proceed to 3D-coordinates x,y,z in constructing with this 3/4/5 reactangular triangle the smallest possibel TETRAHEDON, which is at the root of the GIZEH-PYRAMIDE-FORM and at the roots of the TETRAHEDAL ASTROPHYSICS of Richard Hoagland.
  2. Now go on to Stan Tenen, youtube vid “H1 – Dance of the Hebrew Letters Part 1” – and there you will find the following: IF constructing from the FIRST SENTENCE of HEBREW Thora  or Old Testament, Books Genesis or 1. Book of Moses a SPECIAL apple-shaped TORUS (3,10 Torus of trihelical stripped surfaces in spiral windings) you may in USING A HUMAN HAND – that is: the ratios of a human hand – form a dividing of that torus-surface into three parts (under the supposition of a very special SPIRAL, with the specifics of most possible assymetry), which strange enough may resemble the FORM (or geometry) of the HEBREW letter “MEM” or “M”. This letter has something like a”thorn”-graphics, that we may identify as the THUMB in a human hand, so that we may use the human thumb as CENTRAL AXIS of our special torus. Now if you make a three-partdivision of the torus-surface with your thumb as the axis of torus, you will have VISIBLE on the surface of that torus 3 x 4 = 12 fingers! (Plus wie will get a „central axial structure“ with 3 „string-similar“ features from the 3 thumbs, which in the end will form a trihelical torus!)

7. There is something else, which is the “cubeoctohedron”, which is based on 12 spheres, see Stan Tenen in youtube vid “Mechanics of As Above So Below”.


The tricky thing here is, that every “simple feature” seems to be correlated to some sort “hyper-structure” – which however SOMEONE MUST TELL YOU BEFORE, because otherwise you very probably never will find it out yourself in just reinventing the wheel and doing the developement from stoneage to today cars AGAIN!
The second thing to be learned here, seems to be, that DISCRETE NUMBERS told or camouflaged within old texts are NOT ARBITRARY, but are CORRELATED to SPECIFIC BASIC FEATURES OF THIS VISIBILE UNIVERSE, so playing the role of “SET OF KEYNUMBERS for SYSTEM-SETUP”, which would be near to the THESIS of an INTELLIGENT SYSTEM-SETUP, that otherwise may be hinted to by the near to INCREDIBLE SYMMETRIES of our solar system for isntance. The really impressive examble for camouflaged numbers in old texts from myths and sagas is Santillian / Dechend „Hamlets Mill“, who eventually put it all in such way together, so that thex got the KEY-numbers of the ZODIAC and certain astronomical features related to THIS PLANET Earth! In meantime I somewhere have seen a printed source, which did exactly the same with Homers Illias – and seemingly got RESULTS with that!
This said, we have reached the border of PERSONAL BELIEVES.
My impression is, that the overwhelming majority in westerntype science would NOT ACCEPT a PERSONAL CREATOR nor something like PERSONAL ACTORS like “angels” (which translates to “messenger” or “mala`ak” in Hebrew) nor DEMONS.
So we perhaps are supposed to accept a universe as some sort of “modified perpetuum mobile” – the ever-runnung maschine – which however in earthly engeneering simply is IMPOSSIBLE.
So what to do, if we cannot discuss metaphysics and philosophy all day long?
Well, they really TODAY say, that a brain set into an artificial situation of sensual deprivations, at some point simply will start to PRODUCE PATTERNS, say from a surrounding mother system which is filled like an ocean of patterns???!!!

But as seems quite obvious to me myself, especially today science normally is not cutious and aware ENOGH, that we Human beings are INFERIOR beings, if it comes to thinking, conceptualizing and handling the ENTIRE universe: We normally do not expect, that just INHABITANTS are the SAME, who BUILT town or settlement!
Well, so far perhaps?
Was this sufficient?

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