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It has been raised the question of TROIA or TROY, to which I may contribute from my readings the following:
1. The Troy excavated by  Heinrich Schliemann in Asia Minor at the Northern Ionian shores is under really HEAVY ACADEMIC DESCUSSION, that at moment seems near to REAL CRISIS, which means that it seems that all commonplace CERTAINTY has dissapeared and gone. Printed source for this may be for the start: Eberhard Zanger: Ein neuer Kampf um Troia. Archäologie in der Krise, [A new battle for Troy. Archeology in Crisis] München/Munich: Knaur puibls. pbk 1996. This source may or may not be compared with the following: Brandau, Birgit: Troia. Eine Stadt und ihr Mythos. Die neuesten Entdeckungen [Troy. Town and Myth. Latest discoveries.] , Bergisch Gladbach: Lübbe hardcover 1997
2. From MEMORY I will now recall BASIC features from the town, Schlieman thought, was Troy. — Well, it seems, that there has been some sort of  COALITION OF TOWNS AT THE COAST throughout the Eastern Meditarranean, something that in concept may be compared to later HANSE in the BALTIC Sea, just to have some sort of imagination at all. However there are points where the picturure gets blurry as follows: It seems rather unclear, what might be possible connection of such “coalition of harbour-towns”” to the MINOAN Crete. — Secondly this HYPOTHETICAL coalition might have something to do with the HYKSOS-Invasion(s) into PHARONIC EGYPT, that eventually resulted in the HYKSOS becoming Pharaos themselves for a certain period of time. — Thirdly I may hint to the rather DISTURBING experience, that we find at the ROOTS of ROMAN-LATIN foundation sagas some sort of GEOGRAPHICAL TOPOS or PATTERN, in which the NAME Troy seems to be connected to other concepts like “axis mundi” or “omphalos” or “center of the world”, which would be STRANGE IN ITSELF and indeed may be caused by INTERFERENCE and CONTAMINATION  OF TRADITIONS FROM DIFFERENT source, as for instance in special DELPHI and SUMER as in Babylonian rests. Things get not easier here, if we would take into account the troubles coming from links to history of ETRUSCIANS. —   A fourth point of less importance is, that we have TOWN names in SPAIN and PORTUGAL for instance referring to TROY – simply because in former medieval centuries people knew their Roman and Greek sagas much more better than I myself!
This may be enough for the moment bbeing, indicating howeverthat there are difficulties coming from different fields of study, that easily may each prolonged to lifetime studies.
3. Now I will present other sources, that INDEED EXPRESSIS VERBIS correlate TROY with OTHER GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS OF THIS PLANET EARTH, other than the Mediterranean!
3.1 The first printed source here would be: Steuerwald, Hans: Weit war sein Weg nach Ithaka. Neue Forschungsergebnisse beweisen Odysseus kam bis Schottland,[Long was his travel to Ithaka. New reasearch gives proof, that Odysseus reached SCOTLAND (!!)] Franfurt/Main: Fischer pbk 1981 I may summarize from that here: Author Steuerwald is suggesting that the Odyssee should be tried as SAILING HANDBOOK, GODD ENOUGH FOR TO SOLVE THE NAUTICAL PROBLEMS OF NEAR-COAST-SAILING, as has been in use and – may be – “developed” already in the entire Mediterranean. With which is identified the CRUCIAL problem  of the Steuerwald trial and of other trials: WHAT CAN OR SHOULD BE OUR CONCEPTION on NAUTICAL SCIENCES in ANTIQUE GREEK TIMES AND BEFORE?? I seems VERY clear, that we normally may tend to think TOO SMALL in this problem, because we INDEED have the ANTIKYTHERA-“computer” or artefact, dating from around 500-300 BC (?? please check that) , that in meantime HAS been deciffered, We INDEED have the socalled “Ptolemaic map oth the North”, which was a map of Claudios Ptolemaios from LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA dating to approx. 100 AC, which was copied interpolated etc. as it seems until around 1600 AC, SHOWING SCHONEN in SOUTHERN SWEDEN under ICE, as has been the KNOWN TIME at around 10.000 BC at the END OF THE “last great icing”. — Another observation may be even more disturbing here, which is connected to the keyword SCOTLAND. They in SCOTLAND have it, that the  NAME came from the PRINCESS SCOTIA, which in some sources seems to be originated from EGYPT. (It is my PERSONAL GUESS, that we should SEARCH for LINKS BETWEEN SCOTLAND and PHARAONIC EGYPT in the times of 5th dinaysty in OLD Kingdom, wherewe have in the Egyptian record TWO FAMOUS WOMEN, a) Hotep Neith and b) MERIT NEITH!) THIS AGAIN MAY BE AN INVITATION, NOT TO THINK OURSELVES TOO MUCH RESTRICTED, especially under the old 19th century theorem of socalled ISOLATED OLD CULTURES, which we TODAY ON THE CONTRARY see by HARDFACT EVIDENCE of several type CONNECTED and interacting as we TODAY WOULD DO IN “GLOBAL VILLAGE”! This is not joking in terms: We have Meier/Zschweigert: Die Hochkultur der Megalithzeit, Tübingen: Grabert 1997, which may correct any too narrow view on Ancient History of Megalith Times.
3.2 Now back to the Greeks for a moment: WHERE MAY THE GREEK IMMIGRATION INTO WHAT IS TODAY CALLED GREECE MAY HAVE STARTED? At this point I may introduce “Omero nel Baltico” by Felice Vinci, which has even an entry of its own in Italian Wikipedia here http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omero_nel_Baltico – Here is suggested: CORRELATE – please, if not shocked too much – “home of the Greek of OLD” with parts of today DENMARK as for instance island “langeland” and take as “Troy of the TROIAN WAR”  T-O-I-A in SOUTHERN FINLAND, general direction TURKU/Abo, 1/3 to SALO of a direct line between the REGIONAL CENTERS of SALO to LOHJA!
3.3 I may now hint to a NEW thesis, that seems at moment to spring off in quite a lot of fields of ancient history, which is called the thesis of PALEOPHYSICS, meaning that we should try to understand LOTS of enigmatical features in old history UNDER THE ASSUMPTION, that in OLD and VERY OLD TIMES there was a HIGH KNOWLEDGE, that can be compared with our TODAY science and in parts may SURPASS TODAY KNWLEDGE AND ENGENERIAL ABILITIES!!! It is self evident, that in connection with NATUICAL PROBLEMS of FAR REACHING SEAFARING we would be very eager to learn something about MAPPING THE EARTH and MAPPING THE SKY. We would for instance try to reasearch EVERYTHING connected with the ZODIAC and the PRECESSION OF EQUINOXES in the CIRCLE OF THE PLATONIC YEAR of approx. 25.000-26.000 years duration – and would try MULTIPLES of such CYCLES. We would be for instance interested, whether it can be shown, that in ANCIENT MAPS we may see an EFFORT TO KEEP UP WITH ASTRONOMICAL NECESSARY CORRECTIONS, as for instance LOCKYER in 19th century started with in measuring CHANGING IN DIRECTIONAL ORIENTATION OF EGYPTIAN TEMPLES (for instance). To make it short here: IT IS MY PERSONAL GUESS, THAT IT SEEMS AS IF SOMEONE WAS REALLY EAGER TO HAVE A CORRECT MAPPING OF THE ENTIRE PLANET STARTING AT LEAST APPROX. 10.000 BC or so! (And it would need little bit more than just Charles Hapgod: Maps of the Ancient Seakings, to fully comprehend the IMPLICATIONS of this ASSUMPTION!). A rather important question would be in connection with old mapping surveys, what we can know about geometry and setup of GRID-systems, OF WHICH I IN MEANTIME COULD IDENTIFY SEVERAL among which:
— megalithic, author KAMINSKI, Heinz
— antique Greek (to perhaps 10.000 BC), MANIAS, Theophano
— NORDIC “TANUM-system”, KAULINS, Andis
— latitude.system of the MEDITERRANEAN (related to MUSICAL OCTAVES!!!!). TEMPLE, Robert K.
It perhaps would be helpful, to introduce here PIONTZIK, Klaus, which is not only telling, HOW TO USE the method of “squaring the circle” for MODELLING LARGE AEREAS and even entire “national regions”, but who explains what is the PHYSICAL connection between GRID-systems and PHENOMENS OF LAYERS in NATURE, such as for instance in ATMOSPHERE or in the INTERIOR of Earth or in LATITUDES of Grid-Systems.
We such may introduce from Piontzik some sort of THEOREM, that there is a mathematical FOURIER-analysis, that can show LOGICAL SUFFICIENT, how it can be, that in ROTATING “spherical bodies of the sky” may be produced LAYER-phenomens AT ALL!
3.4 To come to an end here, it SEEMS to me, that somewhere on this globe, there is research under way to REENGENEER certain parts of what MAY have been known in millennias before us. We perhaps may correct our perception, that the LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA was in operation at least partly UNTIL AROUND 620 AC and that before that LOT OF KNWOLEDGE was passed to EMPERIAL BYZANTINE LIBRARIES partly in MONASTERIES of the Emperial Capital Byzantion – and that there INDEED has been ENVY between ALEXANDRIA first, followed by BYZANTION second to THIRD PLACE ONLY ROME striving to hold the TOP as CENTERS OF THE LEARNED WORLD. Such trials for REVIVAL especially of APPLICATION of OLD knowledge from the skies and regarding the planet as a whole, may be perhaps searched for in the surroundings of authors like ROBERT BAUVAL – and, well, among RUSSIAN “pyramidologists”. At least they REALLY in Russia TODAY are building PYRAMIDS for GEOMANTICAL use very similar perhaps to IRISH ROUND TOWERS … Well, please, there are such a lot of questions – ind so few anwsers –  and I need a BREAK, that is: NOW!

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