Subject: Time and Space in the EDDAS

homework contributed to: Sagas and Space – Thinking Space in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia by University of Zurich, MOOC in coursera.org, April 7, 2015, 8 weeks

completed 19.04.2015


It has been placed the question, what is IN the Eddas concerning space and time and THEIR CONNECTEDNESS.


I now will go and do two things:
a) I will try to introduce a framework of keywords, what might happen, if we put the question into the horizons of TODAY PHYSICS and COSMOLOGY. This may be in parts for unexperienced readers SHOCKING and ALIENATING.
b) We may say, that this short essay is a trial in BRAINSTORMING for preparation to READ THE ORIGINAL SOURCES AGAIN, which are the TEXTBOOKS OF THE EDDAS – but this time with QUITE other eyes and quite other FOCUS!

If we were back in school, we normally would now start to ask:
What is the “definition of space” and the “definition of “time” in the EDDAS, depending on SORT of source, whether an astronomical text or text of treatise on physics or not.
Our second question would be: WHAT IS THE DIFINITION OF SPACE AND TIME WE TODAY wpuld choose to be APPLIED to a) the question and b) the historical source at hand!

With this near to SIMPLE approach from sciences of LITERATURE (not of history, nor of physics nor astrophysics) we would come up with the  FIRST ANSWER, that we simply DO NOT EXPECT in a text from the CATEGORIES “POETRY” and  even “PROPHECY”. to LEARN something essential about space and  time, regardless what may or may not be our OWN LEVEL in astronomy and related TODAY sciences. We for instance would expect, that historians normally LACK a propper astrophysics training, that they even in TODAY very special situation may not have become to know the PRESENT STATE OF THE ART in astrophysics and astronomy, as would perhaps hold true to the REST of the socalled wellinformed reader from intelligentsia whatever!
So I may check first, whether we are – so to say – on “same page” in TODAY natural science, which to my best knowledge at moment is characterisized by the following keywords (each of which normally would be study of years in its own!)
– ETHER . physics  – remember the heavy struggle of 19th century to get RID of “ether” – and now he is back again! Ether has the really strange felt characteristics, that any study of ether at some point will again approach GREEK SORCERY PAPYRI of HERMES TRISMEGISTOS and such late antique very MESSED UP STUFF, that in medieval times produced interest from side of ALCHEMY, namely for ALCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATION, which INDEED is indicating, that TODAY PHYSICS has a MAGICK-touch, that people with ARISTOTELIAN background and CHRISTIAN EDUCATION VERY WELL MAY DOUBT TO THE VERY FUNDAMENTS!
– SKALAR-Physics  – just remember your lessons in VECTORS and equation-theoriy and perhaps MATRICES, IF SUCH TOPICS IN MEANTIME HAVE REACHED THE SCHOOLBOOKS AT ALL!
– VACUUM  – which is not TOTAL vacuum or TOTAL “nothingness” – which latter is normally a PHILOSOPHICAL TERM – but a “NEAR to VACUUM”-physics, in which is introducing in a really appealing fresh manner FOR INSTANCE NASSIM HARAMEIN in yourube)
– TETRAHEDAL  –  astro-)physics of former NASA-man Richard Hoagland (which is just ONE method, to GEOMETRICALLY SHAPE the VACCUM or “VOID SPACE”, which according to Hoagland would be, that GENERALLY we have in EVERY heavenly body a DOUBLE 3-d-TETRAEDER as a STANDING WAVE, which wil produce a SPEFIC SCISSION everybody may know, which is the HEXAGONAL STAR OF DAVID or “Seal of Salomo”.
– TORUS-models for the universe, which are just trials by the authors to approach something similar to  “theory for everything” as special case of socalled “unified theories”. Have especially an introdutory look at the double-torus of Nassim Haramein and at the 3,10 trihelical Torus of Stan Tenen (in www.meru.org), the latter Torus being the BASIC FUNDAMENT for GEOMETRY of TODAY Hebrew LETTERS (in socalled QUADRAT-shape)… We may say more generally speaking: TORUS is the UPPER LEVEL or “axiomatic” somehow level, from which to DERIVE special structures and geometries to “capture SOMETHING” of the the VACUUM and ZERO_POINT.
– a new astrophysical TIME-theory by Nikolay Kozyrev – which in meantime for certain reasons, which are NOT the fault of Kozyrev himself, “attracted chartlatans with some level of criminal energy”, as for instance “in Kozyrev mirrors”, which even ARE NOT conceptualisized by Kozyrev!!! One BASIC theorem of the Kozyrev-theory reads for instance similar to: In ASTROPHYSICS we should try a TIME – concept, that has a THINNED OUT time at the POINT of CAUSE and a somehow “DENSESITY” of time at the point of EFFECT … which leads to RATHER TRICKY problems in philosophical conceptualizing of contemporary physics and astrophysics, with special regard to GRAVITY for instance and for the BALANCE in ENERGY-EQUATIONS (which by the way are a GREAT UNSOLVED problem in NUCLEAR TESTS, where it seems, that up to 40 %  more energy is produced, than today conventional physics would predict!)
– the TERRIBLE problem of socalled “DARK MATTER”, in which it to my best knowledge at moment seems, as if they are ASSUMING, that the VISIBLE NORMAL UNIVERSE is 4,5 % only of the TOTAL universe, in which they give at moment the percentage of dark matter with something near to 63 % or so. THIS DARK-MATTER-PROBLEM  MAY AT SOME POINT OF DEVELOPEMENT SPOIL EVERY CONVENTIONAL THEORY ON SPACE AND TIME, we held so far. For us troubled historians we perhaps would welcome the following METAPHOR on the RELATION between our “conventional universe” to “dark matter” in that our conventional spacetime-Universe is swimming on a dark-matter-ocean AT THE TOP OF THE SURFACE OF WAVES ONLY as some sort of FOAM-CROWN (German: Seifenschaum)!
Well, to make it short here: It took me 10 years in reading authors like FARRELL, Joseph P., Hoagland, Richard, Kozyrev, Nikolay and FEW others – of which ESPECIALLY FARRELL in parts needs VERY CRITICAL READING, to become at least SOME LITTLE BIT updated in contemporary natural sciences, which really, really nearly have NOTHING TO DO WITH 20th century SCHOOLBOOKS!

At this point of evaluation the given question I feel a STRONG urge, to introduce the following source, to set a FUNDAMENTAL CAVEAT in front of TODAY physics of some esoterical “sympathetic-alchemical MAGICK”:
Hoagland, Richard / Bara, Mike: Dark Dark Mission, The Secret History of NASA, 2007 – German under title: Geheimakte Mond. Die schwarzen Projekte der NASA, Rottenburg: Kopp 2008
From this source we may or may not learn the following sentence, which may be near to a THEOREM:
EXPECT IN EVERY SPACE-related organization and in every research for advanced TODAY physics a STRONG PRESENCE of TWO FRACTIONS, which partly are BATTLING each other, but partly are proceeding in COOPERATION, which are namely
– a) a (hardcore-) FREEMASON-fraction (which I designate as “hardcore”, because it seems from my studies, that “freemason” in 19th century and in the U.S. until today is something near to a “chic and cool club activity among certain members of certain establishments, especially from money and science”)
– b) a SECOND FRACTION of a NAZI-UNDERGROUND-EMPIRE, which, as we  can learn, if only we would like to,  reading authors like Farrell, Marrs, Preparata, Sutton, Basti (both Spanish and German) is in EXISTENCE and secondly  MIGHTY, and even so much capable, that it has its own research and large TEST-SITES as for instance in Colonia Dignidad/Chile (which is said to be an estate in the size of German province  “Saarland”) and to a certain point in time in former Belgique Congo) – and may be elsewhere.
IT is VERY strange experience to me, that we in all this conundrum of today reasearch in space and time normally see NOTHING similar to a a CHRISTIAN POSITION, AS IF the Christians have been SILENCED or as if they may have become  LACKING the necessary ANALYTICAL HEADS. So, please, I may place here the CAVEAT: GET NOT DRUNKEN OF what NAZI- and FREEMASON-Fractions try to tell and convince you, BECAUSE if digging deep enough, there MIGHT be a POSSIBLE CHRISTIAN POSITION to all that, namely the POSITION OF REJECTING MAGICK – including REFUSING SACRIFICE OF HUMANS, which PERHAPS was behind the massmurder in the millions by  the NAZIS and by STALIN!!!! –  – OF WHATEVER SORT OF WHATEVER REASONING. For CHRISTIANS  might be POSSIBLE,  NOT to follow NEOGNOSTIZISM, which since Raymond Ruyer “Die Gnostiker von Princeton”, original in French)  is beyond doubt the MOST PROMINENT TENDENCY among TODAY PHYSICISTS, especially at MIT in Princeton/U.S.. (where Einstein lived and researched since 1935 or so).
Oh, I see, we better stop here – but NOT without a SECOND CAVEAT:
EXPECT IN ALL SPACE AND TIME RELATED RESEARCH the SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS OF ADVANCED MILITARY INVOLVED and WATCHING and CONTROLLING/DIRECTING. This is NO PARANOIA of whatever grade but HARDFACT-REALITY, which everybody can check for himself: Charles Hapgood, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings with rather strange discussion of MAPPING FROM THE SKIES and propper methodology, mathematics  and technology for that in ANCIENT times starting with analysis of strange informations of socalled PIRI-REIS-map related to SOUTHPOLE-regions has OPENLY DECLARED that his book and research was produced  in COOPERATION with the GEOPGRAPHICAL DEPARTMENTS of the U.S.-NAVY.
Another EXAMPLE may be named expressis verbis: The socalled “library on stones of ICA/Peru” of the late Dr. Cabrera (and may be Padre Crespi) to a certain point in time was managed and trasnscribed to “bluepaper” by Departments of the PERU AIRFORCE – and at moment may be partly stored away  in tresors of some half-official Peru BANK.
With this I may be excused, not to return to the commonplace reproach against any science in the 19th century, that ALL the IMPERIAL STATES of 19th century OF COURSE applied secrete-service-METHODS, which  in first time reading may cause a really STRANGE feeling to the “”pure soul of remote villagers, that by accident crossed  the doors of a university”!!!
So, for the moment being: ENOUGH of PARTIES whatever indulging in their own HIDDEN or OPEN AGENDAS ONLY. At least I have warned, that behind childish behavior appearing to intelligent observers  sometimes in fashion of madman,that  there might be  BEHIND that certain  PURPOSES of NOT SO MUCH PLEASÀNT type, which we must KNOW, but CERTAINLY NEVER will follow!
This may be for the start enough, to warn the audience, that the following more scholarly trial for treatment of the  proposed question of space and time in the EDDAS, may in cases not plain enough and not explaining enough, because I did NOT INTEND to produce here a SPECIAL BIBLIOGRAPHY of MY OWN HALF-EDUCATION and HALF-KNOWLEDGE only! Tell you what: I would have to look it up again, if someone would force me to EXPLAIN the NECESSITY for a TIME-parameter in any construction of LONGITUDINAL part of geodetical grid-systems for (planetoid) surfaces whatever. But hopefully MOST of “collegues and competition” from the quarters of HISTORY will experience VERY SIMILAR DIFFICULTIES – and this my generalization is based upon the latest dossier of the farmost advanced secret service of this planet, that it seems, that INDEED (nearly?) EVERYBODY on planet Earth trying to produce a CUP OF COFFEE, would start a SEARCH FOR JUST COMMON WATER, regardless of its grade of molecular-dipol-chains, that are discussed at moment for function as some sort of MOLECULAR MEMORY, so to say “beyond just DNA-memory techniques”, which latter at moment are under discussion, whether they can be INFLUENCED – changed and repaired!!! – by just COMMON “natural language” and COMMON “natural music” and indeed may INTERACT – sending and receiving – with (nearly?) the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, or at least CAPABLE to do so! (German readers may check these INCREDIBLE statements via Fosar, Gracyna / Bludorf, Franz in internet, which however NEED some additional CROSS-CHECKING. )
NOW we perhaps may cross the START-LINE for a more in-depth-treatment of the posed question!
To place the question of space and time and their possible connectedness at first is a question OF OUR ERA, provoking CONTEXTUAL MEANINGS as stored in WESTEUROPEAN languages sufficient related to ENGLISH language and TODAY METHODS OF USE OF LANGUAGE.
I note however from this course, that the two basic EDDAS are very strongly correlated to PROPHECY and to a HIGLY SPECIALISIZED POETRY.
In other words: If we tend to STRICT method whatever, we would have to admit, that today it would be VERY DIFFICULT, to find ANY HUMAN, that can DEMONSTRATE UNDER SOCALLED CONTROLLED CONDITIONS IN LABRATORY-surroundings a LIVING PERFORMANCE of SKALDIC poetry and use of language and/or of PROPHECY using language. Which I added here, to warn against TOO MUCH OPTIMISM with regard the POSSIBILITY, to understand TOO OLD and TOO STRANGE foreign phenomenons and expression of what we today would call “cultural categories”.
I had this disturbing experience with certain specifics from antique Greek history – here in coursera from Wesleyan University, U.S. –  and from Chinese history, as referred by Marcel Granet, that even after study something STAYED and REMAINED STRANGE to mee, that really could NOT grasp some specifics of old and very old history!
There is perhaps something else.
My question would be: What happens, if we TRANSFER  the “terms” of “space” and “time” in a POETICAL context for POETICAL use or in a PROPHETICAL context for PROPHETICAL use, would such TRANSFER mean, to “make EVERYTHING IRREAL TO A CERTAIN DEGREE”, at  least in a commonplace understanding of “irreal” in “everyday-language”??
Would this procedure mean to end up in a VERBAL DESCRIPTION of METAPHORS OF FUTURE, and if so, WHAT may or may not be the possible CONTRIBUTION to HUMAN DEVELOPEMENT of the OLD NORSK people, because at some point under some view life perhaps is NOT a collection of M’ETAPHORS but instead describing perhaps the METAMORPHOSES of the socalled “gods” of the eras of the Eddas, that even MAY as in the King-Gylfor-Dialogs of text-source “Gylfaginning” – sorry with regard to correct spelling –  turn out to be ILLUSIONS, may be of a “HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE pixelled in very miniaturisized PLANCK-SPHERES”  just to introduce an actual discussion from contemporary discussions in fundamental physics, that even may have some links to PLATOS “parable of the cave” (German: Höhlengleichnis).
Okay a sideway-remark: WHY SHOULD SOMEONE show  a “heavy interest” in FUTURE, which in lingustics to my best knowledge should be  a “verb-quality” and would be NOT THE AVERAGE OBSERVATION, that OLD literatures and languages are showing a DIFFENTIATION IN EXPRESSIONS FOR TIME-QUALITIES AT ALL – and are NOT RESTRICTED to the “EVER-PRESENCE” of the “NOUN-SPHERE”??!!
Now go on! If I remember correctly,  Graham Hancock is hinting to the strange finding, that in Old Testament one of the prophets (Jesaias?) is telling something, that “TO KNOW THE FUTURE, YOU WOULD HAVE TO KNOW THE PAST.” THIS MAY BE TRIED AS A HINT TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE ZODIAK and its method of MAPPING THE SKIES – but SEEN FROM PLANET EARTH!!! Because the ZODIAK has the phenomen of PRECESSION of the SPRING-EQUINOXES, WHICH MEANS, THAT for TO HAVE ON EARTH A TIME RUNNING INTO THE FUTURE, WE NEED AN ASTRONOMICAL CONTRUCTION, THAT IS RUNNING BACKWARDS INTO THE PAST!
It therefor for me myself is ABSOLUTELY stricking, that nearly ALL OLD AND VERY OLD TRADITIONS OF THIS PLANET INTRODUCE IN THEIR TELLINGS ON WHATEVER START OR COMMING INTO EXISTENCE PERSONAL ACTORS, like GODS or GIANTS – as IS EXACTLY THE CASE IN BOTH THE EDDAS OF THE NORDIC PEOPLE. in spite of the fact, that there might have ocurred some sort of Christian refurbishing the old texts.
I may hint in VERY short, that to have PERSONAL ACTORS in COSMOGONY has the following consequence: THOSE PERSONAL ACTORS WOULD BECOME MASTERS OF TIME AND SPACE, which is EXACTLY in some remote Christian traditions of “Patristic times”, from which I learned the sentence: “JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD OF TIME – and (therefor) HISTORY!”  – BUT, sad to say, THIS ARGUMENT of CORRELATING TIME WITH PERSONAL ACTORS, so that there would be NO TIME NOR SPACE, IF THERE WERE NO PERSONAL ACTORS, may have been the temptation for advanced researcher in NAZI-influenced research, to TRY BECOMING MASTERS OF SPACE AND TIME, which INDEED FARRELL in his “philosophers stone” IDENTIFIED as a POSSIBLE STRATEGICAL GOAL of WORLD WAR II, how somewhat impractical or even insane, this idea may sound to normal readers!
We may summarize so far, that suddenly we have come across a widly known problem in any textanalysis, that is: the necessity for a DISTINCTION between EXPLICIT and IMPLICIT. Nothing to get exaggerated about, but something, that may be noted, so that we can go forward with more ease!
Or in other words IF PROPOSED, that we deal here in worlds of some “quality of illusion”, how could such approach be related to our TODAY concepts of REALITY, at least in the commonplace understanding, that any construction of reality, that may or can have an IMPACT to HUMANS should show CERTAIN SIGNS of COMPACT REALITY of SOME degree whatever?!
And again: What should we do with statements from the FUTURE as in PROPHECIES?
To put it in other words: It is not really clear to me, whether the question put on space and time in the Eddas can match with our today CONTEXTS and especially our concept of everyday-reality.
OR ARE WE SUPPOSED to “handle” and “manage” SOMEHOW that, what has not a COMPACT-REALITY as in our today understanding, namely “certain degrees of illusional aspects” located somehow in a “future AHEAD”.
And please: IF we have in the EDDAS “signs of IRREAL”,  HOW REAL CAN BE THE CONCEPT OF HUMAN MAN in the EDDAS , think for instance on all these METMORPHOSES (for which a cross-reading in OVID PERHAPS may reveal something to be LEARNED. If it must be added: Ovid is excerpting OLD GREEK tellings, and it may be very interesting,WHY the ANTIQUE Greeks gave a SPECIAL FEATURE like “metamorphoses” IN COMMONG WITHT THE OLD EDDAS, which however MIGHT the reason for, that the GREEKS HAD CONTACT with the OLD NORTH or even MAY HAVE ORIGINATED there, see for instance Andis Kaulins, Felice Vinci (Omero in Baltico, placing Troy in FINLAND !!!)) or Hans Steuerwald (placing the ODYSSE to SCOTLAND and the Biritsh Islands!!!).
We may even go further AND I may introduce now a proverbial sentence,  that I, if I am not mistaken, have seen somewhere some time in ISLAMIC SUFI-sources, and which is reading similar to:
” NOT EVERYTHING nor EVERYBODY, that is LOOKING like a HUMAN MAN, IS A HUMAN (in the everyday-understanding of everyday-language)!
So if we find for instance in Pharaonic Egypt the strange name “scorpio” ascribed to a Pharao, this may be a hint, that there  might have been certain spefics in this pharo reminding on “scorpio-features”, but BEYOND just poetical metaphor!
Now go on:
Is there  perhaps some sort of PHILOSOPHY BEHIND the EDDAS, that,  what HUMANS are able to EXPERIENCE ON THIS PLANE OF EXISTENCE FOR AN EMBODIED SOUL is in a certain sense MISLEADING, if ASSUMING a TOO MUCH COMPACT and TOO MUCH FEASABLE TYPE OF REALITY, that especially is EXCLUDING all that, that from the HUMAN side of the “curtain of perception”  SEEMS TOO MUCH NEAR to IRREAL? And please note: THIS JUST ONE SENTENCE is making use of QUITE A LOT OF CONCEPTS,  that CERTAINLY are NOT EXPLICITELY WITHIN the EDDAS – nor in any conventional mainstream-approach of contempory history departments, because here is some sort of “reminiscences to neoplatonic” ideas, which  in EUROPEAN history are  transferred by the orthodox and the oriental Christian rites, today mainly unkown to “Westerners”??!!
Additionaly: IS HERE bEHIND THE SCENE something like a MODIFIED “LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT”, which may – or may not –  affect somehow the connectedness of space and time under question in the EDDAS?
Which would bring me immedeately to the NEW astrophysical TIME-THEORY of Nikolay Kozyrev – somehow discussed in books of Farrell, Joseph P., who however needs critical reading – In very short the main feature of the Kozyrev time-theory is, that there is a thinned out time at the “location of CAUSE” and a “densified time” at the “location of EFFECT”, so that TIME would “behave like” a FRONTWAVE of a ship moving! (This is NO JOKING, how STRANGE it may sound at first glance!)
Now go on: IF we in ANY horizon of OLD and VERY OLD history have the topic of “time”, we NORMALLY would expect a CERTAIN DEGREE AND ELABORATION OF ASTRONOMICAL KNOWLEDGE – which however seems missing in the Eddas at least in the TECHNICAL sense of mentioning “precession, zodiac, mapping the skys, constructing a practical YEAR, and hints to the “method of squaring the circle” (Papyrus Rhind ca. 1800 BC and perhaps little bit earlier in Sumerian kuneiform-tablets), and from “squaring the circle” a link to CARTOGRAPHY and even MODELLING surface-regions of planet Earth via “sacred geometry” as USED / OPERATED in GEOMANCY, such producing “bad and good PLACES”, which are – strange enough, IMPORTANT topics in the EDDAS, but NOT in other sources from OLD history, at least not in known to me myself sources from OLD history.
To put it more frontal: IF WE are supposed to deal with TIME in sense whatever, we really should recall the theorem, THAT THERE IN OLD HISTORY IS NO SUCH THING LIKE TIME, IF NOT DERIVED FROM THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE ZODIAK! Or in other words: YOU CANNOT HAVE TECHNICALLY a phenomenon TIME on planet EARTH, WITHOUT FIRST SETTING UP A PROPPER MAPPING OF THE SKIES, that is: without ASTRONOMICAL MOVEMENT OF HEAVENLY BODIES!
INSOFAR it is SIGNIFICANT, that ONE of the FOUR ARISTOTELIAN proofs for the existence of God has as starting point the PROBLEM OF COSMOLOGICAL MOVEMENTS. Even more: Aristotelian prrofs for the existence for God have been treated by Thomas of Aquinas and since then are ina quite STRICT LOGICAL form, that was even PERFECT ENOUGH to be TRANSFORMED in 20th century into RUSSEL-WHITEHEAD-NOTATIONS OF FORMAL LOGICS. The problem however is: WE TODAY NEED SUCH STUNNING PRECISION ONLY IN FAR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL CONNECTIONS, from which I may derive the question: Are the Aristotelian “proofs for the existence of God” RESTS of a FAR GREATER CORPUS of EXACT KNOWLEDGE and SCIENCE in Grecce, which may be indeed the case, because in meantime we have the very disturbing mathematical-geometrical analysis of SHAPING THE ENTIRE GREEK WORLD in the mediterranean executed by THEOPHANO MANIAS, and so far only accesible in short Spanish and English abridgements – and sometimes in German libraries even registered in the Departments for Byzantine language!
THEREFOR I may remember Graham Hancock, who somewhere is referring to “Hamlets Mill” by Santana/Dechand, who revisited a really HUGE database of ANCIENT sagas and traditions for DISCRETE NUMBERS, whatever they may SEEM to be SENSELESS in a mathematical sense. It is INDEED the IMMORTAL merit of Santana/Dechand, that they could DERIVE from seemingly ARBITRARY DISCRETE NUMBERS in old mythological texts those KEY-NUMBERS that are MATHEMATICALLY NECESSARY to SETUP the ZODIAC and some other specifics of planet Earth, but not just a Zodiac WHATEVER, but a DISCRETE ZODIAC the key-numbers of which FIT SUFFIENT NICELY into the PHYSICAL and ASTRONOMICAL SPECIFICS of PLANET EARTH as PART OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, with between 5 to 7 “planetarian bodies”.
Now go on: IT MUST BE THERE OUT THERE SOMEONE, WHO KNEW BEFORE – that is “in futiure!!! – that the ZODIAC AS IS, is the one and perhaps ONLY “nicely fitting construction” for the “unified system” of our astronomical “Sun-neighborhood” as part of our sector and place within our “home-galaxy”.
Or another example from “squaring the circle” in Papyrus Rhind: YOU MUST KNOW IN ADVANCE, that you may reach from a 9-square to a 8-circle, but that you will FAIL, if you try OTHER numbers. Indeed it seems, that to find a GENERALIZATION for “squaring the circle” on the BASIS of DISCRETE NUMBERS of 9 and 8 as STARTING point, you will expereience REALLY mathematical DIFFICULTIES of some sort, in which connection you may stumble upon 2 approximations for CONSTRUCTION of  PI with CIRCLE AND LINEAL ONLY  by RAMANUJA, which show a VERY RARE TRIAL FOR  EXACT ciffers!
Well, I may add in this chapter the following: NORMALLY today astronomers would reject the ZODIAK as NOT EXACT enough, but this might be MISSING THE POINT for the ideas and intentions behind the Zodiak and its “nicely fitting”, which enabled the old people to some sort of CONNECTEDNESS producing as result something near to a “DEFINITION OF THE PLACE OF HUMAN MAN IN COSMOS and some other nice things, as for instance PREDICTNG THE FUTURE, which we have seen as PROMINENT FEATURE in the EDDAS already!
And by the way, we enter now an argument, to which I in advance may place the CAVEAT, that the following is just THEORETISIZING in GENERAL TERMS, but CERTAINLY NOT a general suspicion against scientific institutions engaged in may be sideway felt  subjects of LITERATURE like for instance the EDDAS.
I may place here a second CAVEAT, that I and my European “bastardisized”  familiy CANNOT be NEUTRAL with regard to history of NAZISM and COMMUNISM, so that perhaps someone should check the BALANCE of my FOCUS, which however does NOT mean, that the focus itself and the arguments  are WRONG in itself or just mere phantasies.
This settled, we may start, like follows:
They in today research from natural sciences are getting near to madman in TRIALS FOR UNIFIED THEORIES FOR EVERYTHING, but they in REAL are doing perhaps nothing else, than to “create subjunctive spheres” that have LOST CONNECTEDNESS TO THE SURROUNDING MOTHER-SYSTEM, which is unified already to a certain degree and must not be unified by today researchers by TRIAL and ERROR, which trials however may make sense, IF INTENDING WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE AND TIME, which however is OUR TODAY approach, which secondly , as Farrell indicates,  MAY HAVE BEEN an approach for a VERY OLD INTERPLANETARIAN WAR waged once – say 10 million years ago or 3 million years or even last actions around 2000 BC –  in OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (by whomever).
Sad to say, but there is a THIRD possibility, that must be mentioned here:
It is  one thing to try to OPERATE Space and Time, but it is another thing, that FARRELL in his “the philosophers stone. Alchemy and the secret search for exotic matter”, Port Townsend 2009 EXPRESSIS VERBIS is discussing the proposal, that BEHIND SECOND WORLD WAR may have been as BASIC MOTIVATION, that the NAZIS TRIED to become someething like “MASTERS OF SPACE OF TIME”, that is: with “godlike” technology and knowledge to DETERMINE and CHANGE the VERY BASIC FUNDAMENTS of this visible universe, EVEN IF THIS IDEA SOUNDING NEAR TO MADMAN!
So VERY SORRY: AFTER THE NAZI-INFILTRATION of TODAY PROGRESSIVE SCIENCE worldwide, which in important parts was set into effect by the U.S. operation “paperclip” and simililar “braindrain-operations” by the French, English and Russians,  we have to KEEP FIRMLY IN MIND, that anybody asking for the “connectedness of space and time” even if in OLD EDDAS ONLY, may have the INTENTION TO DISCONNECT space and time for to WEAPONIZE space and  time, which is just an extension of lectures in Farrell books! VERY SORRY to all the brave  EDDA-folks,  thinking they are in an ideal world of pure science among the wise ones: IN THESE AFTER-NAZITIMES anybody aiming for ABSOLUTE POWER, who PERHAPS was “cool enough”, to take the calculated loss of  LOOSING THE SECOND WOLRD WAR in conventional terms of conventional military (!!!), may be VERY INTERESTED to search for TECHNOLOGIES to DISCONNECT SPACE AND TIME in REENGENEERING say for instance “some old hints” in some strange old EDDAS and elsewhere!
This is NO joking: It can be given HISTORICAL PROOF, that ESPECIALLY the NAZIS and some occulted groups of rather questionable morals INDEED RATHER SYSTEMATICALLY REVISITED – starting in 19th century!!?? – A LOT OF OLD MANUSCRIPTS, TEXTS, out-of-the-box-approaches and materials and traditions in search for a CLAIMED “anti-Einsteinian” physics, that, as we today know, is of course physics BEYOND Einstein, which I tend to call “TODAY HYPERPHYSICS”.
To put it slightly other: IF we have graphical trials to illustrate somehow the GEOMETRIES of the 9 Asgard-worlds, this would have been for NAZI-SS-THINKTANKS – as for instance “Kammler-Stab” – enough, to start a search for details “sounding real and concrete and even telling discrete numbers WHATEVER”, but NOT with the motivation  to InCREASE WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE, but to ENGENEER them,  to EXPERIMENT with them, EVEN IN a STATE of INSUFFICIENT START-INFORMATIONS, which is – so to say – just another face of “trial and error” among engeneers! (Indeed it may  for just mortals be comforting, that this sort of extreme “trial and error” produced a LOT OF FAILURES …)
Such – we may say –  “underground intelligence”, which not neccessarely may have the best at heart for just human Earthlings, may even be  in such a state of despair, that they ACTIVELY may ENGAGE in SEARCH FOR ALLIES FROM THE SKIES – just remember your mother, warning for to choose any friends wisely! – , which is the RUMOR in the NAZI-Aldebarn-connection and the RUMOR in this strange story of Eisenhower signing around 1953 or so a TREATY WITH ONE of possibly TWO “non-EARTHLING-parties”. Whether these RUMORS are true or not, we may become CURIOUS, that the SPEED of TECHNOLOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS in 20th century CANNOT have as SUFFICIENT CAUSE JUST NORMAL TRIALS OF JUST HUMANS, but may have got INFORMATION FORM SOME OTHER SOURCE NOT DECLARED OPENLY IN SOURCE-BOOKS!
It is for instance KNOWN, that the NAZIS and some other evilminded folks elsewhere especially in the British Empire, REALLY made use of some CLAIRVOYANT-techniques from PARAPSYCHOLOGY, which however may be seen as just ANOTHER USE of PROPHECY, which latter is a SPECIFIC in the VOLUSPA-EDDA!
Well, we are not dealing here with the historical problem  of different trials for RENAISSANCE of OLD GODS from OLD religions, as may have been a main concern of NAZIS or Saddam Hussein or “hardcore”-Freemasonry, which are focussed especially on reminiscences from Pharaonic Egypt (and perhaps partly misunderstanding them!), but because in today research Christians normally are laughed at only, I may remember the STRANGE PREFERENCE in the CHRISTIAN POSITION, in that they have NOT to SEARCH for an OLD – and possibly DEAD – GOD, but that they CLAIM to have a LIVING GOD in some sort of REAL PRESENCE, that – so to say – NEVER LEFT the planet – and who even promised to RETURN – so to say – IN TRIUMPH SITTING ON THE CLOUDS from the heavenly skies! We few Christians, that managed, NOT TO FORGET NEARLY EVERYTHING, thus may have GOOD chance, to be among those folks, of which  the proverb has it, that “who loughs last, loughs best”!
By the way, if we have VERY STRANGE observation, that there has been a connection from the Baltic sea to GREECE and even DELPHI througout the centuries, even extending to Pharaonic Egypt and the Arabic Peninsula (indicative special product: Bernstein / amber), why should be excluded a possible extension to SUMER and to TODAY “Irak”, ESPECIALLY if considering, that in FORMER MILLENIA of the GEOLOGICAL history Sumer should have been CONSIDERABLY “more to the NORTH”, say starting with 1000 kilometres more to the North!
We such – so to say – may summarize to this point, that  putting  a question on space and time may be transformed to another question, the question of TRACES OF HARDFACT-KNOWLEDGE on ASTRONOMY especially if applied to certain basic application for and on planet Earth! We may even have at hand an explanation, why such knowledge at least in more EXPLICIT form in the EDDAS might be missing: Explicit astronomical knowledge may be missing in the Eddas out of the same reason, that was brought forward regarding the secrecy around Phenicean nautical science and Egyptian “mysteries” (as in Herodotos): Such knowledge would have been a) classified by purpose and b) even in the wider intelligentsia NOT KNOWN beyond a general outset af basic features, as is the same  with TODAY historians.
Now, what should we search for, if trying to come to know something about the use of the term “time” in the EDDAS? Well, we should have a closer look to NAUTICAL PRACTISE, as for instance methods for determination of the NORTH-direction, even may be with MAGNETICAL means or with STAR-NAVIGATION. And we should search for NAUTICAL METHODS for determination of POSITIONS of shiups on open sea, BECAUSE there is ONE feature, that NEEDS a SUFFICIENT ELABORATED HANDLING of “time”, which is the “LONGITUDE”, which before GPS- and satellites in near-earth-space, NEEDED a TIME-PARAMETER, which even puzzled the British Admirality until 1780 or so, when there was a competition for BETTER CLOCKS ON SHIPS.
I am not joking here: BEFORE THEY INTRODUCED PRECISE CLOCKS into nautical use, nobody could be SHURE, that ships would not miss there destination and landing harbours by HUNDREDS of miles – and this little problem even was DESASTROUS to the Portugues and Spanish fleets  transporting the richtes of the new colonies in South America and causing CONSIDERABLE ECONOMICAL LOSSES!
Well …
With all this, I now will give a socalled “qualified estimation” for the question at hand, as follows:
EVEN IF I’m at the time being NOT fluent in the Edda-literary-complex, it seems obvious to me, that, whatever the Edda might have to contribute to the terms “space” and “time” this would be in a NON-TECHNICAL and therefor NON-PRACTICAL, because NOT SUFFICIENT PRECISE manner – as would not really be surprising in sources, that normally are understood as POETRY and PROFECY!
I even would not expect, that if I delve the next days into more intense reading and rereading the Eddas itself, this estimation could be changed dramatically.
I may however hint to some Zecharia Sitchin wisdom,. who has extracted from SUMERIAN sources, that in old history they had a concept of FATE and DESTINY evolving in a LIFETIME of humans. FATE would be, if during writing this comment, I accidently would break say a finger, DESTINY would be, if I nevertheless would COMPLETE the TASK at hand. Furtheron the Sumerians had it, that they thought it appropriate, to have for the understanding of a SHORT human life a CELESTIAL CONSTRUCTION IN THES SKYS of the ZODIAC, which is at first a MAP in CIRCLE-form, which circle is completed once in approximately 25.000-26.000 “earthly years”. The problem however is: WHAT IF BEHIND THIS  MIGHT HAVE BEEN some idea, that human life in a CERTAIN SENSE is at least as great as ONE PRECESSION CIRCLE or ONE PLATONICAL YEAR?
(We should perhaps search in the EDDAS, whether there is a statement similar to: “The soul of man was created or came into existence BEFORE the VISIBLE UNIVERSE coming into existence …”.)
And note, similar to “bad/evil” and “good” places, they in Sumer had s SPECIAL USE of the Zodiac in a somehow SYSTEMATICAL ASTROLOGY, which was entertained in such way, to CALCULATE “bad and good” times, not correlated to SPACE, but correlated to FATE AND DESTINY – and “therefor” located in FUTURE!
I may close here with the argument, that “space” and “time” are NO EVERYDAY concerns of normal people, so that the WORD THEMSELVES  ARE HINTING TO FIELDS OF POSSIBLE TECHNOLGICAL OR OTHER APPLICATION, where these two terms would MAKE SENSE beyond just pjilosophical speculation. Well, there INDEED is some very specific field of application, which you cannot even enter without  SOLID CONCEPTS on “space” and “time”, which I put into my last question here:  WAS THERE SPACEFARING IN THE OLD TIMES, that are condensed into EDDAS of  NORDIC PEOPLE,  and was that related “somehow” to TRELLEBURGEN at least if trying to find for “trelleburgen” a PYSICAL PURPOSE and a TECHNICAL meaning!


In meantime I have checked and revisited the VOLUSPA-Chapter of the Poetic-Edda with its PROPHECIES of 60 or so verses  – and well. there are a FEW IMPLICITE and VAGUE hints to forming of a planetarian system, to the Genesis-FIRST-Version of creation and even very indirect hints to ZODIAC, but over all THE ENTIRE FRAMEWORK OF KEYWORDS put together above is USELESS in this case and I cannot become fluent enough in just 8 weeks in the entire corpus of the EDDAS, to elaborate on every smal text with hints whatever.


However there is one observation in Voluspa perhapts worth mentioning, which is shor episode of someone dying and coming to life again three times. This oberservation may be tried in context with GILGUL as is in Gerschon Scholem from HEBREW traditions, leading perhaps to ASIAN concepts of REINCARNATION, which however is such a TRICKY field of discussion, that it seems to me, that the CHRISTIAN PASTRISTIC FATHERS decided, NOT TO DELVE TOO MUCH into this subject, that for AVERAGE everyday-people MIGHT turn out cofusing only.
–end of file —

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