Coursera-Princeton: on Cyprus again

I fully agree with the GREEKS, that the example of TURKISH INVASION 1974 into CYPRUS is a SHAME for the entire of NATO and European Communities. The lesson to be drawn from this experience is as old as Greek antique historiography, which is, that the STRONGEST ALWAYS will SUBDUE the nations to his WILL and FORCE, and especially the SMALL nations.

Secondly I may hint to the fact, that Turkey and Grecce TODAY simply have the importance of UNDERDEVELOPED countries, if seen under ECONOMICAL TERMS. That is: they nearly are economically speaking UNINTERESTING, which is exactly the reason for the handling of European Communities with regard to Greek economy and Turkish economy, which both simply show the picture of PERMANENT CRISIS.

Permanent crisis however cannot STOP US-AMERICANS to try to EARN BIG, which we have seen with GEORGE SOROS “conquering” GREEK CURRENCY and SPECULATING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY into near to BOTTOMLESS unimportance and POVERTY. You see, there is a PATTERN, WHEREEVER MR. GEORGE SOROS entered the scene be it THAILAND, be it ARGENTINIA, be it GREECE: ALL the mentionend nations will with DEADLY CERTAINTY NOT RECOVER from US-american MONEY DRAIN the next 30 years – IF at all!

We may say targeted to GREEK part of Cyprus, that RECENT shaking up the money sector, had the nice side effect fromt he US-view, that it HIT RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS MONEY DEPOSITIS. The effect of RECENT MONEY DRAIN from CYPRUS was, that the entire ECONOMY MODEL of “savehaven for money” in type of “little ilands offshore capitalism” was brought to a SUDDEN STOP – under some rhethorics borrowed from MORALS, that this is business “not quite in order”. It IS HOWEVER in order, that the US-Government for its OWN ECONOMY has DEVELOPED NEW MODELS for “parking great money deposits without the danger of spoiling them  by heavy TAXLOAD” within the US-territory already.(which is FRESH information from the internet).

Now what we will expect from this line of PURE BRUTE operations against Cyprus in the next future?

Well, you see, we have some NEW SITUATION in that they EXPLORED a BRANDNEW OIL-/GASFIELD reaching from “near Cyprus to offshore ISRAEL”,  the ISRAELIANS however SO FAR THE ONLY, who got it DONE, to PRODUCE FROM THIS NEW OPPORTUNITY ENERGY.
Perhaps normal people now would think it a GREAT idea to focus CYPRUS economy on development of CYPRIOTIC parts of this new oil-/gas-field. However we have seen in meantime TURKISH brute force action against this option already.

Otherwise there is the following STRONG argument against the chance of NORMAL ECONOMICAL BEHAVIOR taking advantage of OWN natural ressources, which is:
WE HAVE WORLDWIDE NO SHORTAGE IN ENGERGIY SUPPLIES, but a situation of OVERCROWDING NEW FINDINGS of oil- and gas reserves nearly in all parts of the globe.
Now the US-Americans OIL-interests have the following BIG PROBLEM: HOW CAN IT BECOME POSSIBLE to MAKE BIG BUSINESS out of natural ressource that THEORETICALLY is NO LONGER in short supply but suddenly shows signs of abundancy?

In other words: THERE IS SUCH A VASTE LOT OF OIL AND GAS AVAIABLE in near future, that oil and gas may become THEORETICALLY AS CHEAP AS A GLAS OF WATER!

Well, we would need prophets to KNOW FOR CERTAIN, what the US-Americans will do on this problem. But from RECENT BEHAVIOR it may be EXTRAPOLATED that US-Americans will use bRUTE FORCE WHATEVER TO MAKE OIL THEIR OWN PROPERTY AND BUSINESS WORLDWIDE.

Otherwise I personally have some “impression as if” the U.S. will CONTINUE to USE the socalled “problem of ISLAMIC wolrd” NOT to speak ACADEMICALLY on a newly detected problem of “clash of civilzations”, but TO PRODUCE THIS CLASH OF COVILIZATIONS FOR THE ADVANTAGE OF THE U.S.A WORLDDOMINATION project.

I may repeat: there is NO THEORETICAL SUFFICIENT reason NOT TO TRY TO GET ALONG with ISLAMIC world. But IT MAY BE VERY PRACTICAL for those BRITISH-US FINANCIAL CLUBS governing everthing on this globe, to CREATE a “problem” BIG enough, to TRIGGER THIRD WORLD WAR, which however would NOT be targeted to KEEP ISLAM WORLD down, but to BREAK DOWN CHINA and its OVERWHELMING CROWDS of human population (and engeneerial civilizational ingenium).

However, I am NOT REALLY shure, what FUTURE will bring to the globe.
There is not EVERYTHING BAD, coming from the PEOPLE of the United STates of America, which possibly are BETRAYED by TREASON OF THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT.
And in the end I would put an ambivalernt option between MANMADE CATACLYSMOS and APOCALYPSE as in BIBLICAL texts of judeo-christian origins.

In the end I may hint to the fact, that BOTH the words “cataclysmos” and “apocalypse” are from GREEK LANGUAGE and may pertain to the OLD LONGTERM HISTORICAL MEMORY OF THE ANCIENT GREEK NATION, WHICH MAY BE ONE OF THE ELDEST NATIONS OF THIS GLOBE, that even is said to once have FOUGHT AGAINST THE ATLANTEAN SEAKINGS – and prevailed.
With every certainty: I myself CANNOT claim to be MORE in the know than this VERY OLD HISTORICAL MEMORY of the GREEK nation!

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