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We may agree that there is somehow a link between development of fortifcations and development of urban life, but may object,  that we would find in history of the millenias a great variety of what is URBAN.  We secondly may be on the watch, that “fortifications” as well is seen in history in LOTS of QUITE DIFFERENT examples and such cannot be linked with just ONE status or type or level  of society, so that fortification is NOT SOLEYLY linked to “feudalism”.

The MOST strange use of “fortification” I myself stumbled upon  may be for instance the socalled “fortifications” around ROUMANIAN SARMIZEGETUSA, with perhaps an ASTRONOMICAL meaning in first place, see Vartic, A. from University of Cisinau/Moldowa.

This said I perhaps now may doubt, whether a restriction to categories mentioned above  may be a PROPPER or a SUFFICIENT approach for explanation for development of URBAN life.

Instead I may hint as STARTING point for urban life to RELIGIOUS CENTRES of some sort, to which settlements of some diversification and sophistication in society were ATTACHED. We may take as EXAMPLE for this ARGUMENT the GREEK type urban settlement with AKROPOLIS and the Mesopotamian type of ZIKKURAT , the PHARAONIC Egyptian  temple-town and even the TEMPLE-PLATFORM in Jerusalem, which by the way is rather UNPRACTICAL for ANY settlement type, especially with regard to sufficient water supply, both for civilian use and use in temple.
I may now try to go further down this line of argumentation in probing the argument, that the foundation of an URBAN settlement – once ins some primordial times – was a RELIGIOUS and even MAGICAL ACT, which we find rests of in Marcel Granet on Chinese old history and civilization and in OLD EGYPT in the STRANGE OVAL-shaped  wall from brick circling lots of “holy places”, the meaning of which was linked to the idea of the “primordial EGG” or “first isle” and the FUNCTION of which was, to SEPERATE the ZONE OF CHAOS and COSMOS (in the sense of “order” or “structure” or even (human) “civilization”).
Last but not least I in the end may hint to Laleh  Bakhtiar “Sufi. Expressions of the Mystic Quest”,  London 1976, in which we find a chjapter on “bazar” (with examples discussed from elder Iran), the interpretatation of the basic plan of  which strange enough for European readers is linked to MUSICAL principles. I may add here: The book itself is delivering in addition a COMPLETE GRAPHICAL SYMBOLISM, which may – or may not – be understood in the sense OF ANOTHER PHYSICS than Einsteinian physics applied, which is some sort of ETHER-PHYSICS as is in TODAY Hyperphysics, which are detailed in 12 books by Farrell, Joseph P.. and Richard Hoagland ((„tetrahedal (astro-) physics“)) ond few others.
These very short remarks from non-mainstream studies in history may be evaluated in such direction, that we may produce a QUITE DIFFERENT UNDERSTANDING as in contemporary “West-European” thinking of OPERATING BY MEANS FROM ARCHITECTURE  a PHYSICS and METAPHYSICS, that would be able to HANDLE LIFE in quite other ways as we find today

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