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Coursera-Priceton – new ideas on development of urban life

(I apologize for alle the spelling errors the computation system is implementing automatically without asking permission first!) We may agree that there is somehow a link between development of fortifcations and development of urban life, but may object,  that we … Continue reading

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Fußballwitz von Rainer Calmund – Juni 2014

Irgendwo habe ich aufgeschnappt: Rainer Calmund, ehemaliger Manager von Bayer Leverkusen wurde gefragt, welche Chancen die deutsche Mannschaft auf den Weltmeistertitel in Juni 2014 in Brasilien  nach seiner Schätzung hat. Die (angeblich) Antwort soll gewesen sein: “Die Chance ist 50 … Continue reading

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Coursera-Princeton American Sociology and its Philosophical WEAKNESSES

Coursera-Princeton: Paradoxes of war. June 2014 subject: American Sociology and its Philosophical WEAKNESSES Coming from more classical studies I am VERY SURPRISED to find in this thread mentioned ROUSSEAU and HOBBES. WHAT IS SO MUCH EXTRAVAGANT WITH THIS OBSERVATION? Well, … Continue reading

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Coursera-LMU Munich: 4 quesions regarding philosophy of maths and science

In an elder book of BOCHENSKI (from the 1950ties) I once stumbled on the CLAIM, that ARISTOTELES has given a PROOF, that METHOD OF INDUCTION IN LAST CONSEQUENCE DOES NOT work, because the socalled “complete induction” does not work. Or … Continue reading

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Coursera-Princeton-Is-War-Inherited-in MAN

on the topic, whether “war is inherited in man” Princeton University: Paradoxes of war, June 2014 If we apply GENETICS, we perhaps would take CAUTION, that NORMALLY there is NO SUCH THING, LIKE ONE GENE or GENECLUSTER RULING ONE … Continue reading

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Coursera-Princeton question on Ukrainia

B.II Coursera – Princeton: Question on Ukrainia Posted on 06/06/2014 by bbuike (now reedited as chapter of a new upcoming book) In June 2014 I took part in the course “Paradoxes of war” presented by Princeton University – the head … Continue reading

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