4 saints / 4 Heilige: 2 x Bruno – 2 x Antonio

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4 Saints – 4 Heilige – 2 x Bruno – 2 x Antonio

1. San Bruno, the Carthusian (or S. Bruno of Cologne/Reims)  – day of commemoration: 6th of October – tomb: Abbazia di S. Stephano di Bosco (which is a saint of the Order of Cistercians) in Serra di San Bruno, Kalabria/Italy

Italian Wikipedia “Serra di San Bruno”  http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certosa_di_Serra_San_Bruno

English: Carthusian of Serra San Bruno, model ...

German Wikipedia: Kloster San Stefano di Bosco in Serra di San Bruno – http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kloster_Santo_Stefano_del_Bosco

informations from “Gli certosini” – Italian, including Serra di San Bruno – http://www.certosini.info/

English: Carthusian of Serra San Bruno, tower ...

English: Carthusian of Serra San Bruno, tower Italiano: Certosa di Serra San Bruno, torrione (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

videos –

Visit of Pope Benedict to Certosa di Serra di San Bruno

Italian report of visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Serra di San Bruno

Italian report of bisiti of Pope Benedict to Serra di San Bruno, part 2

English: Carthusian of Serra San Bruno, statue...French report on visit of Pope Bendict XVI to Serra di San Bruno

Italiano: il sepolcro di san bruno alla certos...Pilze / Fungi da Serra di San Bruno

Italian: Fungi di Serra di San Bruno

Serra San Bruno: Municipalidad

Serra di San Bruno – Municipalidad

Serra di San Bruno – Procession 2011

Serra di San Bruno – Processione del anno 2011

Serra San Bruno - Cella dei certosini.Serra San Bruno – countryside submerged by snow

Serra San Bruno – in neve Febraio 2012


2. S. Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne, brother of Emperor Otto II. – day of commemoration (restricted to Cologne Archepiscopy) 11th of October (which is in in the universal church the day of commemoration “in Maternitatis Beatae  Mariae Virginis” – tomb: St. Panthaleon, Cologne, Germany


3. S. Antonio di Padova – day of commemoration: 13th of June – tomb: Basilika SantAntonio in Padova, Italy</strong>
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<strong>4. S.Antonio Abbas, (Antonius Eremita)  from Egypt - day of commemoration: 17th of January (Roman-Catholic), 18th of January (orthodox) - tomb: Coptic-miaphysitic monastery Deir Mar Antunyus near Ras Za
afaranya, Lower Egypt, west-coast of Red Sea

English, original COPTIC page from EGYPT – http://www.stantonymonastery.net

short commentary:

I recently made direct contact to the monastery of St.Anthony from Egypt desert and had to face afterwards heavy discussions among my Russian-Orthodox folks here in Neuss, because you need PROFOUND EDUCATION to UNDERSTAND AT ALL, that the more common view in the public eye in Western Europe, that the Coptic church might be “HERETICAL MONOPHYSICIST”  is simply WRONG. INDEED the monastery of my patron saint was VERY EAGER to send an electronical book in pdf-format, in which is explained,  what THEY THEMSELVES THINK , namely that they should  be understood under the term of “miaphysicist”.

Well, the history shows many examples of rather useless quarrels among Christians themselves … But what made me really UPSET is the fact, that AT PRESENT the COPTIC CHURCH and the See of Apostle Marcos in Alexandria, which at the time of my patron saint, was the MOST IMPORTANT SCHOOL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION in the Mediterranean World, until it became second-ranking if compared with Constantinople and Rome (may be just because of quite human envy and struggle for preference!!!), both in Egypt and Ethiopia is under heavy pressure.

“Heavy pressure” might not be appropriate use of language here, because what shall be covered and expressed here is, that CHURCHES of COPTIC Christians AT MOMENT are ATTACKED and DAMAGED, that 300.000 Coptic Christian probably FLED EGYPT already due to the socalled “glorious Arabic-Spring-revolution”. To be even more precise: COPTIC CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT AND ETHIOPIA AT PRESENT ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH – which rather clearly is AGAINST ANY TYPE OF EDUCATED ISLAM and cannot and must not be  discussed among  scholars from both sides!

Well, we perhaps in this time of CONFUSED MINDS everywhere might stress the point, that it is the REGULAR GOVERNMENTAL POWER in place, that both in SYRIA and EGYPT is PROTECTING AS POSSIBLE THE CHRISTIAN MINORITY, regardless what at present in the public heat might be the impression from regular news media pushing some obscure “case for democracy”, but understanding but VERY LITTLE of REAL CONDITIONS in Syria and Egypt.  This clearly shows, that WITHIN ISLAM there are at least SOME, that are behaving even in times of conflict more HUMANLIKE, which may be followed by Christian minorities there as well.

However, Christians slaughtered for their faith in old times would have been considered Martyrs and therefor AUTOMATICALLY SAINTS , even WITHOUT official declaration, so that I really cannot understand, that ANY Christian should not pay RESPECT TO THE DEAD OF OWN floks and folks … Therefor it MUST be mentioned, that at present we see very remarkable DIPLOMATICAL INTERVENTIONS from the side of Roman-Catholic VATICAN – even if uneducated orthodox folks of some European denomination FAR AWAY from zones of REAL DANGER FOR LIVE OF CHRISTIANS may not appreciate that more fully ….


Wenn in Ägypten noch heute das Kloster meines Namenspatrons, des hl. Antonius Eremita, existiert, wenn ferner in Ägypten, Äthiopien und Syrien chistliche Minderheiten zerstörte Kirchen und MARTYRER zu beklagen haben, dann betrifft dies nach dem ALTEN VERSTÄNDNIS der ANFANGSZEIT des Christentums ALLE CHRISTEN – und zwar ZIEMLICH UNABHÄNGIG von den teils sehr kleingeistigen doktrinären STREITEREN unter den sogenannten “Christen” selbst! ZWEITENS ist für mich selbstverständlich, daß man UNTERSCHEIDEN MUSS und den GELEHRTEN DES ISLAM GLEICH WELCHER ISLAMISCHEN TRADITION SELBSTVERSTÄNDLICH DEN SCHULDIGEN RESPEKT ZU ERWEISEN HAT!

Es ist also KEINE “HIDDEN AGENDA”, also KEIN “VERSTECKTES”, vielleicht auch noch “raffiniert-sein-wollendes”,  “SPIEL”, wenn ich hier über Dinge schreibe, von denen manche vielleicht meinen, daß sie mich gar nichts angehen. Ich vertrete also GANZ IM GEGENTEIL: ES IST NORMAL und es MUSS AUCH NORMAL BLEIBEN, daß jemand, der aus welchen Gründen auch immer den “Antonius Eremita” als Namenspatron hat, GANZ SELBSTVERSTÄNDLICH und UNKOMPLIZIERT an das Kloster schreiben darf, wo BIS HEUTE das GEDÄCHTNIS an diesen HEILIGEN BEWAHRT WIRD und also LEBENDIG ist! DENN der   GOTT  des Christentums und sogar eventuell des Islam ist “eigentlich”  EIN GOTT DES LEBENS – und NICHT des Todes!

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