India grants Dolphins status of nonhuman persons

A pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in t...

A pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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source: Kopp-Verlag newsletter – German

It seems, that the main reason for the Indian Government to grant juridical rights of “nonhuman person” to dolphins was based upon new studies on COMMUNICATION SKILLS among dolphins, including CHOOSING OF PERSONAL NAMES IN FIRST YEAR OF dolphin`s life, STRONG MEMORY of LONG AGO NAMES ONLY LISTENED TO ONCE, a “language” with some sort of GRAMMAR etc. pp.

The Indian Governement even placed a VERDICT, that FREAK dolphin shows to entertain stupid humans are not longer allowed, at least not in India.

Well, perhaps the next step would be, to ask the dolphins, whether they would be as kind as to elaborate a TRANSLATION-METHOD for DIRECT COMMUNICATION with Humans. One of the problems however would be, that dolphin communication is appr. 20 times FASTER than among Humans. Another problem would be,  to offer to dolphins some “incentives” as compensation for the DISGUSTING “wholesale slaughter” executed on dolphins worldwide on the assumption, that they are “collateral dammage” to the fishing industry only …

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