New Thesis: Constantinian Labarum mystery solved after 1700 years

GERMAN-ENGLISH full version, pdf – selfprint (as registered to National Library Germany)

This essay and research has been funded by the FREE Federal Republic of Germany, Neuss local departments for social benefits – and I feel enthusiasm with this free country earning lots of money and under multiple surveillance near to “overkill”  by friend and enemy.

Tell you what: I would leave, if I could.

ADDENDUM February 2014

It is not in this essay, that we have in Stan Tenen a new possibility to “inscribe” or “correlate” a basic “apple-3,10-torus within a standing man within the tree of Sephirot”.

Secondly it is not in this essay, that we have in DRAGON-GATE-SCHOOL of DAOISM from China a THEORIE and PRACTISE, to see man as a “system with equator, and a complete cartographical grid system of longitude and latitude” – which would perhaps correlate to Stan Tenen`s Hebrew traditions of an “apple-torus”.


  • Stan Tenen –
  • Dragon-Gate- school of Daoism under line-holder Wang Liping from Laoshan-mountains_

Kaiguo, Chen / Shunchao, Zhong / (Cleary, Thomas, ed. and transl.): Der Meister vom Drachentor (betrifft: Wang Liping), München, Econ, Ullstein, List 2000, Breitengradsystem des Menschen: vgl. S. 128 – amerik. u.d.T.: Opening the Dragon Gate, Hongkong: Tuttle Publications,Periplus Editions 1996


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