432 hz in music in sacred geometry

1. There are two great philosophers known, who commented on music something similar to, that the “correct state of music” would – somehow – correlate with “correct state of human society”, which are CONFUZIUS and PLATO. This at first glance STRANGE point of view led  the NAZIS, the Communists  and even the CIA to TAKE A VERY ACTIVE ROLE in controlling and influencing MUSIC.

2. Now I am going to present from elsewhere in the internet some informations, that  music – PERHAPS or PROBABLY – should be tuned to a = 432 hz. And very sorry: EVERYBODY has to CHECK informations  for THEMSELVES – because we can be SHURE, that SOME FAKE AND FRAUDE will be INTERMIXED here, which I probably  not in all cases could eliminate so far – including intermixture of some insane proposals and ideas: SO SWITCH ON YOUR OWN BRAIN – and be on guard – and TEST WITH YOUR OWN EARS!

3. websites on 432 hz

http://www.iak-freiburg.de/eip/pages/kammerton-432-hz-symposium.php (GERMAN)

http://www.432hertz.com/ (ENGLISH)

http://www.432hertzlarivoluzionemusicale.com/home.html (ITALIAN)

http://www.audacity-forum.de/post/24389  (German) Absenken von 440 hz auf 432 hz in audacitxy mit MINUS 1,818 % – how to bring down music from 440 hz to 432 hz in audacity by applying MINUS 1,818 %

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kammerton (German, Kammertöne von a = 431 hz-445 hz

http://www.musiker-board.de/einsteiger-aufgabenunterstuetzung-muth/463676-frequenzen-tonleiter-bei-432-hz.html  (German – Frequenzliste für Tonleiter mit a = 432 hz)



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Follow up 23. April 2013

Is there something similar to a trial of explanation for rather strange sound-improvement of even wholesale violins by using  a = 432 hz?  Well, really DON`T KNOW. – BUT PERHAPS the following IDEA may be a viable direction for PHYSICAL and MATHEMATICAL research.

IF WE TAKE AS STARTING POINT FOR CONSIDERATION, that the Universe by its CREATOR has been gifted with the quality of INTERLOCKED SYSTEMS, this should be REFLECTED in the MATHEMATICALLY quality of SPECIFIC RELATIONS between NUMBERS, of which we in history find for instance the very specific number system with basis 60 and its RELATIVELY GREAT POSSIBLE DIVISORS or factors. A second SET of RELATIONS between NUMBERS is well known as the RELATION OF PHI, which is the GOLDEN PROPORTION or GOLDEN SCISSION or Golden Intersection, which however is only ONE relation out of the LARGE GROUP OF PROPORTIONS, but by especially antique traditions is related to the THEORY OF BEAUTY or to philosophy of aestetics.

We ADDITIONALLY today know from PHYSICS of the PLANET itself, that there is the socalled “Eigenfrequency” of the Planet in numbes of SCHUHMANN-RESONANCE, which is not a SINGLE number, but which has DERIVATIVE NUMBERS FORMING A SET OR A SERIES OF SCHUHMANN-FREQUENCIES. We MAY SPECULATE, that our Solar System, our home galaxy and literally EVERYTHING has EIGENFREQUENCY – FORMING SERIES OF SOMEHOW HARMONICAL  DERIVATIVE NUMBERS, which mainly means in mathematical terms, that there  should be some sort of CONSTRUCTIVE METHOD in derivation of number-sets.

We may add as precaution: Eigenfrequency is nothing to simply “play” or “experiment” with, because based on Eigenfrequency it is theoretically possible to construct WEAPONRY USING NaTURAL MUSICAL TONES – which is said to be ready for deployment in several types in several countries in meantime. The PRINCIPLE of such weaponry would be to TOUCH the STRUCTURBUILDING frequencies and to DISTURB them or even wipe them by INTERFERENCE, which would have – as is said – on subatomar level the effect of nuclear IMPLOSION and NOT of “nuclear explosion” as is today a favorite topic in newspapers.

We may add,  that there are out there a LOT of POSSIBLE DEVELOPEMENTS for ROWS OF NUMBERS in type of FIBONACCI-SERIES for instance … or even BINOMINAL SERIES as derived from PASCAL TRIANGLE etc.pp.

We may now continue to the assumption, that a TUNING with a = 432 hz is or may  INTERLOCKING MUSICAL NUMERICAL SERIES (as in frequencies) with numerical series as derived from OUTER SHAPE of the violin IF expressed as SET OF RELATIONS from MESUREMENTS of PHYSICAL constructive parts.

AND IF SO, we would EXPECT the following result – which we however speak out only AFTER testing listening experience -:


( I now with a = 432 hz have for instance “d” and “e” on A-string with REVERB – that is on a very CHEAP violin!)

And why should this be of  importance? Well, it are these TYPICAL RESONANCES from OUTER FORM and from MATERIALS, which lead to the experience, that the violin has socalled TYPICAL PREFERRED SCALES as for instance G-Major or D-Major, but C-Major in sound-experience somewhat “difficult” already – and CIS-Major for instance just forming a THEORETICAL OPTION WHICH MOST COMPOSERS FOR THE VIOLIN WOULD AVOID BY INSTINCT.

Well, HOW MANY RESONANCES has the violin?

This question recently has been answered by a LIVING MASTER in violin construction, which I found in:

Martin Schleske, Geigenbauer: Der Klang: Vom unerhörten Sinn des Lebens, München: Kösel, Random House (Bertelsmann) 2012, 6. Aufl. S.70 (there are approx. 80 resonances in a fairly GOOD violin)

And Martin Schleske found this PHYSICAL APPROXOMATION of 80 resonances, because he holds a degree in PHYSICS as well, and is doing quite a lot of  PHYSICAL and ACOUSTICAL RESEARCH on the violin, which enabled him, to build NEW instruments, which at least can be equalled with the old Italian Masters like Stradivari, Guaneri etc. pp.

A last consideration here:

MUSICAL PROPORTIONS – that is: RELATIONAL SETS OF NUMBERS – since very long are supposed, to REFLECT NUMERICAL STRUCTURES elsewhere in the universe – and indeed Kepler once tried even to DESCRIBE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM by USING THE NUMERICAL PROPORTIONS OF C-MAJOR, which to a certain extend he did SUCCESSFULLY (as for instance in “De harmonia mundi”). It should be added here: There seem to be indeed NaTURAL musical tones out there in SPACE, that is: as phenomenon from astrophysics.

For me in my TODAY state of development it is rather STRANGE, that such using RELATIVELY EASY numbers and operations it should be possible, to TREAT RATHER COMPLEX PHYSICAL PHENOMENONS such as for instance FREQUENCIES, which BY NO MEANS are anything “simple”, but which would lead – as Leonhard Euler has shown without any doubt – in HIGHER MATHEMATICS of EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS at least, to which FOURIER-analysis may be applicable.

We even may go as far as to assume, that the terrible difficulties in constructing SCALES BY METHODS OF DIVISION leading to the well known KOMMATA (which is the Greek word for “difference” or “rest” from operations of mathematical division) – there are quite more Kommata than just the “Komma of Dydimos” (with thirds) and the “Pythagorean Komma” (with fifths and octaves) – may be BETTER UNDERSTOOD as HINT TO HYPERGEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS and STRUCTURES.

But perhaps this is DEVIATION INTO FAR TOO COMPLEX thinking, and the universe has some quite more easy access, BECAUSE JUST NORMAL TONES FROM NORMAL SPECTRUM OF MUSICAL FREQUENCIES as in use in Human Music HAVE BEEN FOUND IN OUR UNIVERSE AS NATURAL PHENOMENON (from astrophysics).


Or slightly other tried: We may say, that “resonance” “means” to INTRODUCE into the universe “CALL” and “REPLY”, such making a “PRINCIPLE OF DIALOGUE” a WANTED and EXPECTED pattern throughout the entire universe!

And very sorry, I am NOT in the field of natural sciences and can be of NO help in this research – and even my violin playing is VERY mediocre  only!


Follow up 25th of January 2014

Someone from Switzerland sent mail, that they have launched a petition to an international organization for PHYSICAL NORMATION based in Switzerland, to introduce a NEW and perhaps old antique Greek “Kammerton a = 432 hz”. Read and check for yourself – and if appealing electronically vote.

in englisch

in french – – http://www.avaaz.org/de/petition/Sauvez_le_diapason_432_Hz/?copy 

in italian –  http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Salvate_la_frequenza_del_diapason/?copy 

in german – http://www.avaaz.org/de/petition/Rettet_den_Kammerton/?eOPVhcb 

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