Meteorit strikes over Cheljabinsk-Southern Ural

English: Map showing the approximate location ...

English: Map showing the approximate location of the Tunguska event of 1908. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday, 15. February 2013, 11:05 CET, the internet is suddenly full of breaking news from RUSSIA, Tscheljabinsk/Cheljabinsk , Southern Ural, where a METEORIT in 10.000 km (???) height bursted into several pieces causing quite strong FLASH-LIGHTS shortly afterwards during entry in earth-atmosphere, which were  followed by characteristic SOUND-BLASTS.

IT WAS IN THE NEWS WITHOUT CONFIRMATION, that this event over Cheljabinsk was a SIDE-EFFECT from NEAR-FLY-BY of a REAL ASTEROID in some 30.000 km distance from earth. It secondly was in the news, that those pieces that caused the Cheljabinsk-event today may have been intercepted by Russian Air-Defense-Systems.



Looking harmless


How will anybody recognize?




Bright lightning ENOUGH?


characteristic clouds 1


characteristic clouds 2

Of course there WAS  PANIC and IS RUMOR  there in Tscheljabinsk/Cheljabinsk  aerea – but AS WOULD BE EXPECTED up to 1200  SLIGHTLY injured from side-effects ONLY, such as from splintering glass etc.

Okay side-effects occured like follows: FIRST there was a  BRIGHT FLASH LIGHT in range of 3 or so SECONDS. This was followed by a PAUSE of ca. 3 MINUTES, in which nothing happened at all. And after 3 minutes came  a PRESSURE-FRONT causing glass splintering, window shattering etc. pp. by heavy effect from atmospheric high pressure. And this pressure front in this case caused the SLIGHTLY injured in such “greater numbers”… THE PHYSICAL CAUSE of such a GREAT pressure-front may be derived from NASA, which told, that the vaporization of the meteorit was equivalent in energy to 150 kilotons (TNT, which is the international scale here), which compares to Hiroshima bomb of 15 kilotons TNT “only”! Such we may be felt drawn to the conclusion, that the event was NO WORST-CASE-SCENARIO – but some 4000 buildings slightly damaged from pressure-shockwave.

I may add from German  Kopp-Publishers Newsletter: The ompact object is estimated now 15 meters in diameter and 40 tons in weight.

I may add now from reading VALERY UVAROV, “pyramids” (which was once and perhaps is FREE pdf somewhere in the internet), that the REAL PROBLEM MIGHT BE PROBABLY SOMETHING ELSE.

Well, Valery Uvarov team is telling something about a socalled “Siberian installation”, which might be something from TWILIGHT reality, that is half “from this world” and half “from OTHER DIMENSIONS”, which might have been responsible for the CATASTROPHE OF around 11.000 BC, which secondly might have been behind the socalled “Tunguska event of 1908”, and which is TOLD to be REACTING in some “half-automatical manner” ….

The problem of this said “half-automatical reaction” MIGHT be, that in SEVERE events the installations seems to protect rather the PLANET, NOT BEING CONCERNDED ABOUT LIFE-forms on it.

ESPECIALLY one reaction seems to be POSSIBLE, which is, that from HEAVY ENERGETISIZED REACTION for impact-defence, THIS KIND OF TWILIGHT TECHNOLOGY seems to have the side-effect, that SUDDENLY EXTREMLY COLD ATMOSPHERE may touch ground an SURFACE of the globe, such comming every sort of life to SUDDEN HALT by  SHOCK-FROSTING …

In other words: PERHAPS “someone” was “testing”, how to TRIGGER the  “Siberian installation” into POSSIBLE “devastating action” – which would mean to assume some sort of INTELLIGENCE BEHIND the Friday 15th of February 2013 “near-flyby-asteroid of 20:30 CET” and the small scale meteorit impact in Russia in the morning of this day?! The “intelligence behind” MIGHT  be hypothetisized as “someone”,  to SET UP PHYSICAL CONDITIONS for this sort of coupled events …

Well, find out Valery Uvarov for yourself … and have a visit to youtube of course …

And if you happen to be a follower of Christian faith – OUR LORD is out there and is even HERE, and HE will WIN, even EVERYTHING …

Ah, well there is something else: IF THEY TRY TO CONVINCE YOU, THAT NOW SOME SORT OF ALIEN INVASION TO EARTH HAS STARTED – DON T even listen – because it might be, that they will start with some sort of highly advanced “holographic projection” – WHICH MIGHT HAVE BEEN TESTED ALREADY on the occasion of 09/11/2001 World-Trade-Center events. SO DON`T BELIEVE ANYTHING – and have EVERYTHING MULTIPLE tested and checked!

Even don`t believe this blog-post!

Follow up Sunday 17th of February 2013

3 further events with meteors or meteor-similar effects were reported from California, from  Japna and especially from Cuba, town of Rodas, West-Cuba.

German link:

California-incident –

Cuba-incident 02/15/2013  confirmed:

Japan incident so far NOT CONFIRMED by other sources than German TV. There is however news about a “Quadranttids-meteorite-swarm” showering down since January with events peaking over JAPAN skies PERHAPS – read here

Link  is from German Newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” with report of Cuba-incident and a hint to a California-incident. Remarkable is the text, in which someone from a “meteor-watching society” told, that such “strange fire-balls” are NORMAL EVERYDAY-EVENTS (which perhaps go unnoticed, because they strike more often in regions where there are no human observers and/or because events show too small physical effects …)


A rather balanced view on topics at hand  is given by German Kopp-Publishers newsletter here –

Kopp-Nesletter is stressing the point, that it is etimated, that yearly there occur t0 100 “greater events” of which only appr. 20 are detected at all. And detection was a problem in the Cheljabinsk-event as well …

Follow up 01st of March 2013

German Kopp-Publisher  Newsletter is telling, that teams in Columbia and Tshechia have reconstructed – by trigonometrical analysis of youtube-vids, which is quite something in mathematical terms! –  the trajectory or course of the meteor of Cheljabinsk, which, which in general has been conformed by Russian sources already, which will come up with their calculations in March, as has been announced. The meteor has been of the socalled “Apollo-class”, normally cruising between Venus and Juppiter – with however a few “orbit-crossing” objects in the crowd … Read original German report  here


Follow up 23. Mai 2014

Es ist doch erstaunlich was moderne Wissenschaft alles herausfindet. Russische und japanische Wissenschaftler haben die bis zu 20 Stücke des Meteoriten, von denen einige Hunderte Kilogramm schwer waren, untersucht und ein Mineral JADEIT entdeckt, daß darauf hindeutet, daß der niedergegangene Meteorit VORHER mit einem ANDEREN Himmelskörper, vorzugsweise einem Asteroiden, zusammengeprallt sein muß. Das war aber nicht gestern oder vorgestern, sondern villeicht vor 200 Millionen Jahren.

Und nachdem das geklärt ist, können wird wieder umschalten auf die aktuelle Wetterberichterstattung, die gestern in Frankreich und vielen Teilen Deutschlands örtliche Unwetter verursacht hat – und die uns schon in der letzten Woche etwas beschwert hat, was denn doch nicht jeden Tag vorkommt, nämlich ECHTEN SANDSTAUB AUS DER SAHARA, schön “wüstengelb”, obwohl sich natürlich die Autobesitzer ärgern über die zusätzlichen Reinigungskosten.

web-link zum Originalbeitrag –

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