Changing our Solar System

1. If we have a changing of the seasons, this at SOME POINT or degree of intensity NEEDS a SHIFT – at least a slightly shift – of the polar-axis, say something between o.2 – 0.5 degrees. This however CANNOT explain – in my view – heating at 50 degree Celsius as happened recently in Australia unprecedented.

2. If we have a changing of the polar axis, even a SLIGHT one would need a SUFFICIENT CAUSE to explain. This cause normally should be expected to be an EXOGENE cause from SPACE-PHYSICS rather more than from ENDOGENE EARTH-Physics (in spite of the fact, that earth-physics just recently have shown peculiarities surprising everybody, such as for instance “radiowave-emission” and “gammaray-production” and “lightnings going the “wrong” direction from surface to atmosphere” and the like ..)

3. This leads to the question:WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM and in our socalled ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD?

4. The public is NOT informed well, but with some luck everybody in the end may come up with the following:

4.1 The rings of SATURN are ARTIFICIALLY MADE by “electromagnetical vehicles” with the near to INCREDIBLE size of 25.000 – 50.000 km LENGTH combined with a cylindrical form. (Norman Bergrun)

4.2 It seems that they are SPECULATING, whether URANUS AT MOMENT is – from “somewhere unknown” – getting NEW RINGS … And please try to imagine, what it would MEAN, if someone would try to “make rings for planet earth”??!!

4.3 They are at moment SEARCHING  for a DOUBLE SUN of some sort (“browne dwarf” or something like that, not to speak of the NAZI “black sun”) or some unknown GREAT planet, somewhere in the OORT – cloud. We might take from this the HINT, that there indeed it seems, as if SOMETHING IS DISTURBING THE OORT-Cloud and the KUIPER-Belt at the OUTER RIM OF OUR PLANETARIAN SYSTEM.

4.4 I may suggest now, that we should not be on the outlook for something unknown WITHIN our solar system, but OUTSIDE our solar system, ABLE TO DISTURB THE OORT-Cloud, which would be at best some GREAT CELESTIAL BODY. SUCH A GREAT CELESTIAL BODY APPROACHING PERHAPS HAS BEEN DISCLOSED by crop-circle-research of Jay Gardner and team in web “Alpenparlament”, because they claim to have DECODED A MESSAGE (from double-way communications as set up by Joachim Koch and Hans-Jürgen Kyborg). Or more correctly MESSAGES, and one of the subsequent messages seems to read similar to, that THE APROACHUNG CELESTIAL BODY IS MOVING FASTER THAN HAS BEEN CALCULATED BY STANDARD-PHYSICS-FORMULA – and should be EXPECTED ARRIVING IN ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD in proximity OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM WITHIN RATHER MORE DECENNIA or even YEARS instead of centuries.

4.5 Nexus-Magazin  some time ago made an assessment from recent 30 years oberservations within our solar system, saying something, THAT THERE HAVE OCCURRED QUITE A LOT OF HEAVY CHANGINGS CONCERNING ALL MAJOR PLANETS, but without sufficient “endogene” phyiscal explanations.

4.6 Nassim Haramein in youtube has a lot to say about ACTIVITIES AROUND THE SUN – as seen in SOHO-films from NASA, which latter of course cannot be trusted in all instances as is in Richard Hoagland, Dark Mission – , heavy activities, incredible activities, including “flying vehicles DIVING INTO THE SUN”, including the sun showing INTELLIGENT ACTION-REACTION patters as for instance such changing the COURSE OF AN INTRUDER INTO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM in size of double Juppiter-mass just recently.

4.7 There is something going on on Moon and may be PHOBOS-moon of mars is something ARTEFICIAL as may be IAPETUS-moon of Saturn – and other candidates. We may even suggest, that there is a STRONG possibility, that activities on Moon and Phobos HAVE OTHER “actors” behind it, than those of “ringmakers of Saturn”. (Phobos sometimes is discussed as a possible base of the socalled “little greys”, which perhaps have been sort of “left behinds”, which – as is said sometimes –  are facing severe degenerative disadvantages even in genetics and thus may feel forced to try “creation of a HYBRID race intermixed with HUMAN DNA …)

5. Normally physics would be very, very reluctant, to discuss POSSIBLE ACTORS BEHIND physical effects, that in standard-physics normally NEED NO ACTOR behind. We however may say generally, that recent research in astro-mechanics of our solar system has shown without any doubt, that the system CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT A MANAGING GROUP delivering very much needed MAINTENANCE. THIS IS MY PERSONAL CONCLUSION FROM THE TODAY REVEALED COMPLEXITY of movements and system symmetry-settings and eigenfrequency-settings etc. pp. IT IS TOO COMPLEX SO THAT IT CANNOT FUNCTION FULLY AUTOMATICALLY! And if we thus have introduced some sort of PERSONAL ACTORS FAR ABOVE EARTHLING HUMANS, we might introduce from our holy scriptures CONTROVERSIAL ACTORS as well.  We may even go as far as to make a GROUPING within those hypothetical actors separated by GOOD AND EVIL.


7. In the end it may turn out, that everybody will see his religious beliefs or non-beliefs coming under TEST! So I am myself “mystical bound” to CHRISTOS PANTOCRATOR in His COSMIC APPEARENCE I must NOT accept ANY form of slavery, because we are CHILDREN OF GOD and as such heirs to a great heredity, which has been prepared from the beginnings. I as a Christian secondly must not accept any ideas telling of  UNPAYABLE DEBTS – because Christ has PAID ONCE AND FOR EVER those old debts overshadowing the existence of our forefathers. I am thirdly not US-American and therefor must not necessarely listen to folks suggesting, that HUMAN-BLUEPRINT is some sort of PROPERTY to someone, who has DESIGNED THE CONSTRUCTION of HUMAN BODY – just because CHILDREN BELONG TO THEIR PARENTS BUT NOT IN THE WAY OF SOULLESS PROPERTY subdued to ECONOMICAL CONSIDERATIONS ONLY.

8. But what we may learn from this short look into the real concernes of our times may be perhaps this: THAT HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO LIVE ON PLANET EARTH, which has been prepared for this purpose, and that nobody Human on this Earth can claim IGNORANCE, that he was WITHOUT  HIGHER TEACHING within the traditions of his country and people how to conduct life in the “right” manner … This however would not mean, that IF our times will see KATACLYSMOS or APOCALYPSE of whatever sort or degree, that this would be sweet traveling …

9. Well, I of course have heard something about “cycles within cycles”, say a 26-million-years cycle which they claim can be derived from irregularities in the material distribution in the OORT-Cloud – such as for instance a 11000-years cycle, because of which some people of socalled “anglosaxonian mission” (see Project Camelot) are speculating the near-expectation of a socalled “geophysical event” FOR CERTAIN – which is rather optimistic at least if seen in the light of the Russian Valery-Uvarov-Team (see “pyramids” and the Russian reports on a “Siberian installation”, that is TWILIGHT-reality technology capable of astereoid-impact-defence – as they are speculating with some reason …). The mathematical problem with such great cycles is simply, that any “deviation by chance” of say plus/minus 200 years will not affect the theory – but very certainly the events of your and my life!

And well, if you are trying to search for arguments, just try good old YOUTUBE or Project Camelot or google and the like …

Recommended additional reading: EARTH CHANGINGS to 2100 by Buikes Science and Music


We are used  to see the universe as a CLOCK, that is RELIABLE going round and round … However I myself from studies in history felt somehow inclined to ideas of DISRUPTION and BREAK, say “breaks in time” out of the sudden, say by big enough astronomical events. (This would imply, to see time as relative to something and NOT as ABSOLUTE … Indeed some today are saying something like, that “time” is only a “quality of space”, especially higher-dimensional space, which human cannot other exerience than in terms of “time” …) ) But from TODAY theories in cosmogony, that are BEYOND just the “normal” Einsteinian theories and their successors, it seems even worse: The first TODAY problem is search for “dark matter”, leading perhaps to “dark periodical system of elements”, leading perhaps to “shadow-dark living  beings”.  Even more disturbing it seems as if there might be  MORE “dark matter” in the universe than “normal everyday-matter as in human perception”. And even more: THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT DARK MATTER IS IN HIGHER DIMENSIONS, WHICH HUMANS CANNOT REACH OUT TO, even not indirectly (as physicists are doing every day). There seems to be a second GREAT problem in TODAY cosmogony, which I just the moment caught from TV as “Planck-sphere” and “Planck-wave”, which latter is 10 exponent minus 35 (meter?), which is SO EXTREMLY SMALL, that in such STATE OF “matter” TIME AND SPACE simply CANNOT EXIST, which would be rather EXTRAVAGANT to imagine at all.  I just took from my everyday mass of information these two NEW problems of TODAY, the knowledge of which is NOT WIDELY  SPREAD yet, to hint to the POSSIBILITY, that the CHANCE for HUMANS to grasp for UNDERSTANDING SPACE really is rather RESTRICTED, may be even in such a sense, that we all do “know” only, what “space-people” FAR ABOVE mankind in FAR ABOVE dimensions, say dimensions greater than 6, ALLOW US TO KNOW. NEVERTHELESS I – at moment –  would stick to the GENERAL scenario, that was presented above.
Buike Science And Music January 2013

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