greeting Santa Caecilia November 2012: remake of Francesco Geminiani

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Rather on lots of occasions my CRITICS  – and other evilminded people – try to bring me down in simply OBJECTING to everything, I am producing:


Meaning: Dont make such a fuss about it, shut up and dont disturb the public with your MEANINGLESS approaches …


And here we go:

If you are EVERYBODY, just take one line SOPRANO and one line BASSO (just one line basso and NO hints to ANYTHING like figured bass or ciffered bass) – and produce  from that something, that might be not totally offensive to the public ear!

Well, if we listen to my Buike-solution for a RECONSTRUCTION of a SONATA by Francesco Geminiani  – 1687 Lucca – 1762 Dublin, teachers: Arcangelo Corelli, Alessandro Scarlatti -,  we very certainly would have to keep in mind, that this HARMONIZATION IS NOT GEMINIANI-style – but something rather  SPECIAL, derived from SPECIAL LISTENING EXPERIENCE from 3 decennia  of a certain individual Bruno Antonio Buike, somewhere in Western Central Europe – and 250 years later than Geminiani, who on the occasion of this anniversary has been presented a new OPERA OMNIA edition under the guidiance of Christopher Hogwood from Cambridge/UK..

Francesco Geminiani.

And even more surprising: There are “strange sound effects from progressions” – but NOTHING REALLY REMINDING on Johann Sebastian Bach, in spite of the fact, that nearly EVERYBODY in Germany – especially if with Protestant background – may think such reminiscences  nearly inevitable … [Well, you see, in former years I even could not FEEL, what was all this Protestantism about … in spite of all the books,  with which they tried to educate me … And until today I tend to the assumption, that Protestantism is something like a question of TEMPERAMENT and may be indeed FAR away from any ITALIENITA … so to say something purely restricted to the NORTHERN COLD and nearly inhabitable regions of this planet …]

[So we are not in scientific musicology here, we may only hint to MAIN differences between  Geminiani (1680-1762) and J.S.Bach (1685-1750) – which latter  recently in Nov 2012 was shown to me in a dream-meeting -which may be seen in BACH making use of a brandnew calculus for tempered scales by a certain Mister  Kirnberger, which is EXPLANATION for his sometimes WILD modulations in strangest  and until today unusual combinations and differences,  secondly may be described against the background of Geminiani peculiarities, which are mainly his ITALIENITA and his ITALIAN HANDLING AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE VIOLIN (which in Geminiani-times so to say “recently” had been invented by Stradivarius with master-instruments  dating from 1690-1715!) – an Italian violin-handling, which is something quite, quite other than the Bach approach to the violin, as seen for instance in Bachs IMMORTAL solo-sonates for the violin, which add to the music  HEAVY INTELLECTUAL problems of UNDERSTANDING STRUCTURES and sensebearing constructions ... Strange, isnt it, to see here suddenly a lot of people, that were contemporary to each other? So, don`t be surprised, if we find in CONTEMPORARY people some COMMON GROUND as well … not only specific differences …]

Well, my critics are in POWER and THEY COMMAND MY ECONOMICAL MISFORTUNES – at least until I am such FED UP, that I REALLY go and LEAVE GERMANY and her  CULTURAL – indirect and not so indirect –  DICTATORSHIP AND INDIRECT CENSORSHIP.

[Just recently saw a figure from statistics telling, that 70-80 % of all folks working in the cultural industries – as in particular  journalists and TV-folks – are LEFT or “somehow Socialist” – and if they are NOT left and NOT Socialist, they tend to ATHEIST – and if they are not Atheist, they are Crypto-Nazi and Freemasons! So REALLY BAD CHANCE for people like me, especially if we nowadays read, that the CIA since the 1950ties was behind the propagation of socalled “modern arts” … not to speak of all the artists, who were not all and everybody forced to cooperate with former STASI … ]

In other words: THERE IS NO REASON ON MY SIDE, TO PRODUCE MUSIC  for my CRITICS or the socalled “governed and adminstered public” in Germany.

So if  THIS WORLD is NOT INTERESTED, perhaps THE OTHER WORLD may listen, especially SANTA CAECILIA, which is PATRON SAINT  OF MUSIC SINCE RATHER OLD and  buried in Santa Cecilia of Roma-Trastevere from 9th century a.D., — German Wikipedia “Santa Cecilia in Trastevere”  — English Wikipedia ” Saint Cecilia”

Stefano Maderno, 1599, Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

As in the days of old was custom I now may place  my humble gift for 22nd  of November 2012  to this Saint from the beginnings of Christianity, who preceeded us in martyrdom, such giving LIFE to the body of the Church, not only the VISIBLE church, EVERYBODY can see, but the INVISIBLE CHURCH, which is the BODY OF CHRIST – and a GREAT mystery!

Francesco Geminiani – Sonata, e-minor –  adagio, allegro, largo, vivace  – reconstruction for chamber orchestra by Bruno Antonio Buike

Admitted: THIS IS JUST STUFF, EVERYBODY CAN DO – and even I, the composer!

Santa Cecilia, ora pro nobis!

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