Israel just has saved the globe: BIG thanks! NEVER forget that!

1. In several occasions this blog has commented on danger of war with Iran, which is pending since 10 years or so.

2. Recently we even went as far as to have a look into POSSIBLE scenarios – as seen in connection with SOCALLED “Anglo-Saxonian-mission” – which has nothing to do with Anglo-Saxons, but is a VERY SMALL ELITE GROUP planning for GREAT WAR for WORLD DOMINATION and POPULATION CONTROL (meaning in effect a PLAN for CUT world population by GENOCIDAL 50% at minimum, may be in the INTEREST OF A NOT PLANET-EARTH based “humanoid group” from OUTSIDE our solar system. ) More DETAILS and EVIDENCE is in PROJECT CAMELOT … keyword “anglo-saxonian-mission” …

3. Such we may say, that there since 10 years SOMEONE MAY have pondered the IDEA, to START a THIRD WORLD WAR against IRAN on the assumption, that this will deliver a PRETEND to fight CHINA with means of THERMO-NUCLEAR-WAR plus some very special BIOLOGICAL WEAPON derived from “ASIAN INFLUENCA” (which is genetically behind “bird-flu” and “swine-flu”, which MAY be indication, that these latter MAY BE ARTIFICIAL and PROVOKED …

4. Well, this mad-man-stuff seemingly just recently came to a SUDDEN HALT and STOP – because ALL THE MILITARY PROFESSIONALS IN ISRAEL DENIED, to follow their Prime-Minister NETANJAHU into WAR.
This as reported  2010-event –  has been TODAY in the German newspapers – and I add here at first a GERMAN link   – It is self-evident that readers may want to collect other evidence from other source independently, among which should be paid attention to a possible  DAYAN-family involvement in this story … especially from author and journalist Ilana Dayan (so that there should be traces of this incredible story in the great Israelian papers as well ..) Other evidence from wordpress information pools is attached below.

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5. Main thing here is the following: WITH THE DENIAL OF ISRAEL MILITARY PROFESSIONALS AGAINST HAZARD in global politics THE WORLD AND ITS MANKIND HAS BEEN JUST GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE! Thus Israel – once again – has proven, what is written in its Holy Texts from very old antiquity, namely that “Israel, the elected by God people, has been set as BLESSING FOR THE NATIONS!”


(Provided this story is TRUE – which however very well might be the case, because war with Iran has been suspended by ALL and EVERYWHERE – at least SO FAR!)

6. I have to do a last thing as would be according to rules in any military, that is, to call the names with honor, who DID it and DID IT REALLY and SAVED THIS WORLD:

General Ashkenazi, Chief of Staff – Israel Defence Forces

General Meir Dagan, Chief of Mossad – Israel Defence Forces

Their professional judgement could not be bribed by the outlook on sudden stop of their careers, which indeed occured as anticipated!

MAY THEY BE REMEMBERED BY EVERY CHILD TO BE BORN ON THIS PLANET – because without them, there very possibly WOULD BE NO CHILDREN, to be born to this planet any longer!

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