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1. It is not exactly, what the  German socalled well-informed observer of the scene would  expect, what is told in the following weblinks :

– ENGLISH, 2008 (!!!) – William Klotke  – Russia to become an eco-village nation? – From the February 2008 Idaho Observer –   — ORIGINAL TEXT IN ATTACHEMENT BELOW ARTICLE

– GERMAN, 2012 – Jonathan Benson  – Ist Russlands Modell kleindimensionierter organischer Landwirtschaft der Schlüssel zur Ernährung der Welt? –

2. Well, there perhaps is nothing that surprising on this TURN in Russian economics  towards LAND-DEVELOPEMENT by PRIVATE PROPERTY, because we have the example of GANDHI from around 1945 INDIA encouraging all sorts of TRADITIONAL production in VILLAGES by peasents, because secondly the Raussians have the experience from Soviet-times, when even the rather small private property only allowed at that time of dictatorship was enough to produce up to 70 % of the nations output in eggs, vegetables and other products from SMALL production, which was enough to keep the entire show running in spite of all the deficits comming from communist principles of production.

3. So I am engaged in music, we may say, that it would not be totally out of reach to IMAGINE some sort of MUSICAL ACCORD from

– “eco-village”-type of NON INDUSTRIAL degenerated food production,

– manufacture type of production in everything not related to agriculture directly, which would be from outer appearance middle-size companies

– and – may be – some sort of MODIFIED money-system, say with implementation of elements from EXCHANGE-economies as especially BEFORE anything like industrialization.

This does not mean, that CERTAIN BIG INDUSTRY-COMPLEXES are excluded, because Russia is SUCH A GREAT country, that BOTH – small and big business – can exist in harmony. In practical example: there is a GERMAN, who had the idea to build up a MILK-PRODUCTION with 10.000 cows on some 100.000 or so hectars – which really does work well  beyond every expectation, but of course more near to principles of industrial production.

4. Critical point would be the IDEA of a MODIFIED MONEYSYSTEM, because it`s such far away from normal everyday-routines. With regard to this I may hint to EXPERIENCES  in CANADA, in BRITAIN as both in internet (German searchword: TAUSCHBÖRSE, English searchword: Community Exchange Networks, COMPLEMENTARY MONEY), to a historical example from 1929 or so in the small Austrian town of WOERGL, which is in scientific books and to a more recent printed source from specialists in international money-system, at moment perhaps with too much theory instead of practical hints:

Kennedy, Margit: Geld ohne Zinsen und Inflation. Ein Tauschmittel das jedem dient, München: Goldmann [Verlagsgruppe Random House]  2006, 8. Aufl. – überarbeitete Edition von Steyerberg: Permakultur Publikationen 1990

Otherwise in there are some books under keyword “Das Experiment von Wörgl” and “Das Freigeld-Experiment von Wörgl” – which is from AUSTRIA, appr. 1029 or so.

5. From my impressions from studies in history we may close here like follows:

5.1 The association of agriculture with “PRIMITIVE” is a NON-SCIENTIFIC PREJUDICE.

5.2 As the late Dr. Otto von Habsburg once put it: RUSSIA BEFORE FIRST WORLD WAR WAS A PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY WITH QUITE REMARKABLE SOUND ECONOMICS FROM MODIFIED AND MIXED TYPES OF PRODUCTION – ( I may add: with NO REAL NEED for a revolution or a cancellation of monarchy!!!!)

Perhaps we should CHANGE  OUR LESSONBOOKS FOR HISTORY little bit … so that they may be MORE NEAR TO HISTORICAL TRUTH and some little bit more afar from simple and uninteresting IDEOLOGY whatever!

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