Alpha Centauri: ARE WE RELATIVES? Our future in space?

  1. Andreas Retyi from Kopp-Newsletter is reporting, that they have found a PLANET AROUND BETA CENTAURI, from which they are theoretisizing, that other planets MAY be POSSIBLE and if so, perhaps an EARTH-SIMILAR planet in the socalled HABITABLE ZONE, which is surrounding EVERY star suitable for to have a planetarean system of its own.


  1. Checking the evidence in German Wikipedia

” Beobachteter Planet

Die Europäische Südsternwarte teilte am 16. Oktober 2012 die Beobachtung eines Alpha Centauri B begleitenden Planeten mit[21]. Dem Fachartikel zufolge liegt er mit einer Entfernung von ca. 6 Mio. km (0,04 AE) zehnmal näher als der Merkur an seinem Gestirn, das er in jeweils 3,236 Tagen umrundet, und damit klar außerhalb der habitablen Zone.[22] Mit ca. 1,13 Erdmassen ist er der kleinste bislang an einem sonnenähnlichen Stern gefundene Planet und zugleich auch der der Erde nächstgelegene außerhalb des Sonnensystems. Der Nachweis erfolgte mit dem HARPS-Spektograph, welches Alpha Centauri B in einen Zeitraum von vier Jahren beobachtet hat.[23]

German Wikipedia is in the positive: YES, ESO has annoucend on 16th of Oct. 2012, that they found an EXOPLANET approximately  in the size of planet Earth  circling Alpha Centauri B …

CHECKING EVIDENCE IN ESO – European Southern Observatory – link-list on Alpha Centauri in English –! — if not functioning, type into ESO SEARCH-BOX “Alpha Centauri” …

Well, we need clarification of TERMINOLOGY as follows:

CONSTELLATION CENTAURI is NEXT NEIGHBORING STARSYSTEM to our own and is a DOUBLE STAR SYSTEM with ALPHA CENTAURI and BETA CENTAURI, which latter however for historical reasons in terminology normally is called ALPHA CENTAURI B.

VERY INTERESTINGLY German Wikipedia is stating, that there is a THIRD SUN, which is CALLED PROXIMA CENTAURI, somehow “nearby” and perhaps RELATED in a more direct manner with the mentioned double-star system, which they however have not figured aut yet precisely.

  1. Result so far: They really have found in ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD of our own solar system a PLANET – and if a planet, then perhaps a member of a planetarian system and if a planetarian system, then probably with a socalled habitable zone. AND THE GREAT QUESTION FROM THIS IS: ARE THERE HUMANOIDS IN OUR DIRECT ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD, which – who knows – MIGHT BE RELATIVES OF US????
  • To make it short: I have a book, in which is EXACTLY STATED this, that OUR EARTHLY HUMAN MANKIND has RELATIVES in ALPHA CENTAURI SYSTEM – but not in a planetarian system around Alpha Centauri B, but around PROXIMA CENTAURI, which is the  THIRD STAR probably INTERCONNECTED with the other much greater double-system.

  • Well, CAN`T believe this INCREDIBLE sounding claim?

    Okay, let`s go down to the written evidence!

    Here we have at first my German source:

    Elisabeth Klarer: Jenseits der Lichtmauer. Vorgeschichte und Bericht einer Weltraumreise, Gütersloh: Ventla 1994, 5. Aufl  – buy the German 1987-edition in here

    And here we have the ENGLISH edition in

    Elisabeth Klarer: Beyond the Light Barrier, 2009

    • Paperback: 200 pages
    • Publisher: Light Technology Publishing; Third Edition edition (June 1, 2009)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1891824775
    • ISBN-13: 978-1891824777

    BUY it in here

    There is an ENGLISH edition from 1980 in here

    Elisabeth Klarer: Beyond the Light barrier, 1980

    • Unknown Binding: 191 pages
    • Publisher: H. Timmins (1980)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0869781782
    • ISBN-13: 978-0869781784

    Access it in here

    1. Some of Elisabeth-Klarer-Statements about humanoid neighbours in Proxima Centauri:

    5.1 the Proxima-Centauri people perhaps in PLEISTOZEN EVACUATED from our EARTH (after they had evacuated from Venus)

    5.2 The Proxima Centauri people claim to have seen the VENUS and the MARS becoming INHABITABLE.

    5.3 The Proxima Centauri people claim, that there is in the “region of the WARM lakes” – might this be region of Lake VOSTOK? or the former NAZI-Neuschwabenland? –  in ANTARCTICA a LOST SUBTERRANEAN TOWN and BASIS of them, which they are USING until today.

    5.4 Proxima Centauri people claim, that the CAUSE of – nearly ALL – cataclysms of human history on Earth and in our planetarian system is the SUN, which is IRRGULAR  not only irregular radiating dangerous radiance, but IRREGULARLY EXPANDING and contracting.

    5.5 In estimation of Proxima Centauri people the VANISHING of Earth`s OZON Protection Shield has as MAIN CAUSE the SUN – and indeed should be considered a phenomenon ENDAGERING ALL LIFE ON OUR PLANET.

    5.6 Proxima Centaury people AT MOMENT are ENGAGED in certain STABILISIZING ACTIVITIES IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM – but do NOT EXCLUDE the possibility so far, that it MIGHT become necessary – TO EVACUATE PLANET EARTH  … for which there might be necessary to search for ASSISTANCE FROM SPACE PEOPLE, which are said to have REALLY BIG “motherships” in size of COMPLETE TOWNS … Well, re-read MAHABHARATA from India for more details … or if you are in search for space-born vehicles between 25.000 – 50.000 km length look up printed source “The Ringmakers of Saturn” …  Well, Alpha-Proximi Centauri people are engaged in large regions of our “galactical quadrant” – but it is NOT excluded the possibility, that they will COME BACK and make MARS one of their stations – BEFORE OUR MANKIND can do it – because our mankind colonizing planet Mars in THEIR estimation will do only HARM to the Mars …


    5.8 “THEY” are WATCHING US RIGHT FROM CHILDHOOD – and nobody human can interfere with Proxima-Centaury-poeple`s activities …

    5.9 Elisabeth Klarer is SCIENTIFICALLY TRAINED PILOT OF ROYAL SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE – and was subject to an EXTRATERRESTRIAL LOVE-AFFAIR …. NOTHING SHOCKING about that, because we have HARDFACT EVIDENCE from HUMAN BONES, that INDEED there must have been from time to time CASUAL INTERCOURSE with socalled “extraterrestrials”, which however in more than one possible direction might be OUR RELATIVES … Well, the Diabolos or Sheitan perhaps has some relatives as well …

    1. Final

    Well, folks, it`s a BIG feeling, to have had some insight BEFORE quite a lot of other folks, not by scientific hypocrisis but by grace of the heavens – and by STUDIES!

    Of course WE and OUR ENTIRE PLANET are  IN TROUBLE – perhaps much more trouble than the public is told.

    BUT  behind that  turmoil  everything is EASY as was in our childhood:

    THE GOOD GO  TO GOOD DESTINATION and the evil go elsewhere, where it is NOT so preferable.

    Isn`t it a VERY EASY choise to be made?

    And well, a last thing: YES, there is out there EVIDENCE ENOUGH, that OUR PLANETARIAN SYSTEM NEEDS A MAINTENANCE GROUP much more higher than human mankind of present day – and much more nearer to the REALMS OF LIGHT EMANATING from the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND BEYOND, which in our human languages nearly everywhere is indicated by the term “GOD””!


    FOLLOW UP 22.Oktober 2012

    I would expect them, to find approx. 7 planets around Beta Centauri and approx  7 planets around Proxima Centauri  or, as it should be called quite more correctly,  Gamma Centauri  or C Centauri, which is expected to show  GOLDEN GLOW from light whereas A Centauri is in  BLUE und Beta Centauri in REDDISH  colours …

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