MozArt Group, Poland – the extra dry musical joking

  1. In meantime nearly everybody in Europe should have heard something from MNOZIL brass in Vienna – which is quite special ARTISTIC level  in brass combined with a sort of joking, that may be felt similar unique – even if not necessarely the sort of jokes you would need everyday.
  2. MNOZIL brass might very well capture the imagination, so that I really was surprised, as I met with a member of our RUSSIAN-orthodox parish, quite an ordenary man, who told me of MOZART GROUP from POLAND, which in Germany is not that well known within the circles of  “earnest people” . Well, I checked it out mainly in Youtube and here we go. My presentation technique for reasons of webloading-speed this time is restricted to some sort of link-list, which will enable the visitor, to get an overview much more quicker, than if using embedded-video-technique.


  1. We start with general bibliographical informations:

official youtube-channel GRUPA MoCARTA

official homepage MozART Group  ENGLISH

official homepage GRUPA MoCARTA POLISH

official fan-page GRUPA MoCARTA in POLISH homepage

official youtube-channel of Ireneuz KROSNY solo


  1. link-list from works of MozART-Group or MoCart Group or Grupa Mocarta – POLAND

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas (playing strings with broken arms)

The DENTIST “Ave Maria”

The Gramophone: MozART GROUP and Irek KROSNY

How to impress a woman beeing a musician:

Viva Italia –

For Elise – Or: the anger of puberty deaktivated

Gipsy Kings – deaktivated

Anatomia Kwartetu – Grupa MoCarta – (Pachelbel Kanon and others)

Grupa Mocarta – Kolędnicy
– Polish Christmas  –

Neo-nówka / Nauka gry na skrzypcach + Grupa Mocarta – crash course in  playing the violin

Grupa Mocarta Dzieci (Polski Pesni – Polish folk tunes)

Grupa MoCarta Kabareton opolski 2011 deaktivated

Katarzyna Pakosińka i Goupa MoCarta  – Arie ze śmiechem

KROSNY solo: concerto d’applaudissements à Montreux

KROSNY solo: Najwiecej witaminy maja polskie dziewczyny – what they think in Poland on the importance and use of VITAMIN-doping  –

Waldemar Malicki z Grupą MoCarta    link not working


  1. In case someone needs some more laughter, I humbly offer to the audience from own works

Capriccio sopra una canzona tedesca delle bambini: Lo mio anatrelle sul lago – among German children better known under title “Alle meine Entchen schwimmen auf dem See” – violin solo – HEAVY difficult …

Icebear Knut from Berlin – piano (advanced), voice or ad.lib. instrument

Buike Science And Music

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