1. In first week of September 2012 were reported earthquakes in Iran and China (Sezuan) with magnitudes around 7.0 Richter scale – and the strange addition “epicenter in 10 kilometers depth”.

2. We remember: the Japan-quake of March 2011 with tsunami in some analyses and reports was attributed a similar “10-kilometer-depth epicenter”.

3. Some anylyses speculated, that the significance of 10-kilometer-deep epicenter is an INDICATOR FOR A SPECIAL TYPE OF  QUAKE , which is TECHNICALLY provoked by a SPECIFIC technology KNOWN to specialists.

4. If so, the PROBABLE  meaning would be not that much difficult, to be unveiled.

5. The ONLY REMAIING question in estimation of Buike Science would be the question: ARE THOSE SIMULTAN-QUAKES in IRAN and CHINA under the management of HUMANS ( in the everyday-sense)  or NON-HUMANS, which perhaps may feel inclined to START with IRAN to HIT China and to DECIMATE ENTIRE MANKIND BY THIRD WORLDWAR to a PLANNED rate of 50 % ??!!

6. Result is clear from a HUMAN standpoint: THERE IS NO NEED AND NO RIGHT TO DECIMATE MANKIND under whatever pretend – because that would mean, to assume, that there are  TOO MANY STARS DISTURBING whatever … So, if they try to start to tell you, that IRANIANS and CHINESE- all the sudden – have become EVIL people: DON`T BELIEVE those storytellers. BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS, THAT IRANIANS AND CHINESE WERE CIVILISIZED REGIONS LONG BEFORE THE TODAY DOMINATING WHITE-CAUCASIANS came into existence …
At least it seems to Buike  Science, that Israel and Japan so far have REJECTED to take part in the scenarios  to KICK-START Third World War by a rather senseless NUCLEAR WAR with IRAN and CHINA.

7. The picture however might be much more greater, because in COSTA RICA occurred another noteworthy quake, which is reminding on very strange recent quakes in Mexico (with a simultaneously great desaster-relief-exercise …)  and rather a strange volcano eruption in Chile … As John Lear put it somewhere: “IT SEEMS AS IF SOMEONE IS WORKING THE PACIFIC FIRERING” – to which I may add: someone not necessarely human, someone not neccesarely with good intentions for humans …

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