bagpipes in Neuss forests: REALLY!

  1. August 2012, Friday, I just made my round through the fields and came to a a very small “wood”. Well, we here in the region have nearly no woods at all and so we must be very glad if we manage to experience 5 ha woods at all.

This wood is from appearence very poor and shows every sign of neglection from decennias of desinterest.

And I began to really wonder about this RARE wood in SUCH bad condition – until some day I met someone from the trained hunters, who to may astonishment told me, that this special wood was in World War II a camouflage to detached antiaircraft-artillery to protect the few kilometres away Duesseldorf airport from Allied air raids.

Well, today I approached as usual this strange “wood” – and hardly could believe: Was that sound from BAGPIPES? GENUIN STYLE? HERE in NEUSS, where everything is possible with exception of TRUE CULTURE – as I anticipated by prejudice?

Well, you see, I am no coward – at least not really – because in my youth I have been hours and days in the GREAT forests of Northern Germany – and I decided, to CHECK THAT!

But it did not vanish – and it sounded all the time genuin!

And I am very certain, that it was genuin bagpipe genuin SCOTTISH STYLE – because I myself once wrote for official duties within German Armed Forces an Amazing Grace” with BAGPIPE-IMITATIONS – which so far nobody showed interest in, so to convince me, that culture is in Germany superfluent or that I am superfluent in Germany!

And so I approached that strange sound, that in meantime had attracted other folks as well, as for instance a mother with her little daughter, which stopped gracefully to depart shortly after with a smile from pleasure.

With a casual introduction it appeared, that the bagpipes were REAL and belonging to a certain Mr. Montgomery, who added without being asked, that his family is from Walsh-Irish-Scottish origins with a lineage of 4 Marshals within it – to which I politly added, that indeed my family has relatives in Scotland as well, under name of BUIK or BEVERIGHK (or similar).

This said Mr. Montgomery immedeatly guessed, that the clan under consideration might have been from INVERNESS – to which I replied that the Buickes under discussion ought to be from lineage of Robert Buick, who became the wellknown car-manufacturer in the United States, where in the Michigan and Detroit aerea today there are quite a lot of Buickes  (partly related to me).

(Indeed Mr. Adolf Hitler and Josef Visarionovitch Stalin really had TROUBLE, as they TRIED to EXTERMINATE my family, because my Buike-tree is spead worldwide,  as if from some sort of rabbits: There even is a village in neighbourhood of Ft.St.John in British Columbia named BUICK – near Blueberry-River – which MIGHT be INDEED relatives of mine from some circumstantial hints.)

To make it short here: Mr. Montomery had his vacancy in Neuss from a teachers job in Bamberg and did not have other occasion to practise on his remarkable good instrument.

And to honor my Scottish relatives he REALLY played in GENUIN TUNE and STYLE “Amazing Grace” …

with which I gratefully departed not to disturbe too much a collegue from music …

And as I made my way out of this small wood I suddenly was surprised by the melody  of  “Muss i denn, muss i denn zum Städele hinaus”, which is – or rather was – a very famous German popular tune especially in the Southern Parts of the country …

Well, folks: THIS HAPPENED  REALLY – and here in Neuss in this rather uninteresting town of mediocre cultural interests.

And I learn: THE GREATEST FUN-MAKER OF THEM ALL is GOD ALMIGHTY – who cannot be stopped to produce LAUGHTER and SMILES even here in this God-forelorne city of Neuss, somewhere Central Europe …

FOLLOW UP 19th of August 2012

Believe it or not: Today, on  Sunday, I came on way back from Greek Orthodox church in a little arboretum in South of Neuss, in which is an enclosoure with roes, and sat down, to just relax little bit. Suddly there was some rather strange sound, which you hardly will finde opportunities to listen to, a sound a bit metallic and a bit aetheric at the same time. Well, such sound in my very remote memory was connected with STEELDRUM – however not from Neuss or so, but from JAMAIKA.  Well,  we had some small talk – during which I was told, that indeed the association with steeldrum was quite correct, from which someone in Bern in Switzerland experienced well in steeldrum-construction – which is a science in itself – developed a NEW INSTRUMENT, called “Hang”. Okay before you turn away accusing me of telling fairy tales, I have a website But what I do not quite understand well in this COINCIDENCE from the LAW OF SERIES is, what really was shown to me, for to LEARN and EXPAND my horizon … I seems however certain, that there is someone out there in Neuss, to ARRANGE FUN to counterstrike BOREDOM …

Buike Science And Music

PS: NOT ALL BUIKES / BUICKS / BEVERIGHKS or similar are related to each other because BUICK / Beverigkh is from DUTCH, approx. 800 AC or so, and simply means BEE-MASTER …

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