2012 – probable astrophysical scenario

  1. On quite regularly everday basis planet Earth and the entire planetarian system are hit by HUGE energy-packages. We may say, that EVERY day there are SOMEWHERE in the universe happening SUPERNOVA-outbreaks or black-holes developing. And EVERY DAY planet Earth is RESPONDING with energy-signals, which partly only recently were discovered especially by sferics,elfs and other quantum-mechanical lightning-research.  From  this it is obvious,  that it normally would be really difficult to determine ANY CHANGINGS developing PATTERNS of SUFFICIENT RELATIVE STABILITY.
  2. The IMPRESSION however is, that there is spreading a VAGUE FEELING OF CHANGINGS – especially in weather phenomens –  or for instance love-birds since recently even surviving winter in free nature here in Germany and similar phenomens in lots of places. The SECOND impression is, that the public is held MAINLY UNAWARE what is REALLY happening especially in NEAR ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD of planet Earth.
    The THIRD thing is, that there have occured LOTS of SIGNIFICANT INFORMATIONS LEAKS – because in the compartmentarisized world of today science and research and economicsthere  is a CONFLICT WITHIN showing some signs of INDESCISION WHICH DIRECTION OF ACTION TO TAKE.

  3. This said as caveat and precaution, I now may present in VERY SHORT – and especially for folks, who celebrate birthday in DECEMBER 2012, that is, which are born under the socalled astrological sign of sagittarius – from MY personal research for the last chapter of my next new book, NEW FINDINGS, SHOCKING, INTERESTING leading to in general POSITIVE OUTLOOK FOR ALL MANKIND – an outlook, that I will specify in following subsequent chapters.

  4. A LOT of changings to come, has to do with CHANGINGS OF PERSPECTIVE or LIFTING BARRIERS of far too long held RATHER NARROW COMMON HEARSAY.

BEFORE we start, we have to LIFT THE BARRIER of RASSISM of whatever sort – and may INDEED REPEAT, what German Beethoven told us from a poem with  Schiller`s understanding of German philosopher KANT, which is:

ALL PEOPLE ARE FROM THE BASICS AND IN THEIR ROOTS BRETHREN  AND SISTERS. This THEOREME rejected, the CONSCIOUSNESS WILL RESTRICT ITSELF and BLIND ITSELF, so that it NEVER WILL BE ABLE to reach the HIGH SPIRITS, which however are needed, to understand and OPERATE or ENGENEER THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS, especially from 4th-  to 7th-dimensions.

With this DISABILITY for separatism in form of rassism goes along the disability to RESTRICT KNOWLEDGE to use and MISUSE by self-enthroned socalled “human elites”. Which means vice versa: Such knowledge as presented on this subject here  CANNOT BE property to ONE COMPANY or ONE NATION  and CANNOT be SUBDUED to primitive principles and regulations of normal BUSINESSES.

We need a THIRD presumption, which is the presumption of INTENT, of MEANINGFUL PURPOSE, because ACCIDENT would be a TOO WEAK principle to FILTER in  SUFFICIENT DEPTHS from the surrounding OCEAN OF ENERGY the FEW SPECIFICS that are NEEDED to INSTALL  THE  NEW SPECIFIC SCENARIO for planet Earth.
In other words: There are STRONG indications out there, that our entire planetarian system is TOO MUCH COMPLICATED, so that it NEVER CAN FUNCTION AUTOMATICALLY.  ON THE CONTRARY: With every good sense we may take the NEW and VERY OLD VIEW, that there is a SYSTEM-MANAGING-GROUP in place – and may be a NEW MANAGEMENT-GROUP BEING INSTALLED NOW and JUST ARRIVING in our ASTRONOMICAL NEIGHBOURHOOD.

  1. After these preparations I now may take from source “Alpenparlament TV” from some videos on “crop circle research” the following statements:

5.1 NASA HAS FOUND IN THE DIRECTION OF SAGITTARIUS – which is the direction of the HIGH ENERGY BLACK HOLE in the center of our galaxy – in distance of now approximately 25.000 Lightyears something BIG, big in shape and big in ENERGY.

5.2 A DEVELOPING ROW of crop circles depicting our solar system (!!!) has it, that this “BIG in shape and energy” will enter a WORMHOLE to ARRIVE JUST IN TIME IN THIS YEAR 2012 around 21st of December in OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.

5.3. The appearence of such “BIG a thing”

  • will affect the OORT-cloud around our solar system, causing a LOT of “collateral noise”,
  • will SLIGHTLY affect – say “3 degrees” of whatever – the ORBIT of MARS

  • will “little bit more” AFFECT THE ORBIT OF PLUTO.

  • 5.4 In this same year 2012 from other reaseach can be learned, that there will be a SPECIAL GEOMETRICAL ALIGNMENT of PLANETS in our solar system, forming a PYRAMIDE with planet Earth ON TOP, which by the GEOMETRICAL SHAPE ITSELF and perhaps an additional ENERGY-shot from our SUN will make the EARTH RECEIVE specific amount and sort of ENERGY and SENDING in SPIRAL-VORTEX a special energy as RESPONSE.

    5.5 All this energy-GAME has NO INTENT of PUNISHMENT or DESTRUCTION, but quite on the contrary will be a NECESSARY INPUT to INCREASE ENERGY LEVEL to such state, so that HIGHER DIMENSIONS OF SPACETIME can be ACTIVATED and be made ACCESSIBLE, say via special GEOMETRICAL patterns, such as for instance “dimension gates” or something similar to “star-gates” as in this famous TV-series (which had as scientific adviser a certain Mr. Jesko von Puttkammer, who is or was a German SS-NAZI, as Farrell reports somewhere ) …

    5.6 Crop circle analysis and research has it, that such general theater MAY become the stage for something quite extraordenary, which may be the BUILDING OF A BRIDGE connecting 3-D-everyday-reality with 4-7fold-reality of some HYPERGEOMETRY – by which MAY appear in this 3-D-reality a MULTITUDE of HUMANLIKE RELATIVES of this mankind, say from 10-20 different origins, groups and times.

    1. Result

    The VERY IMPORTANT thing in this scenario is, that there is the FREE WILL OF MANKIND AND SINGLE INDIVIDUAL HUMANS RESPECTED, that there is NO ACTION BY BRUTE FORCE WHATEVER: IF there MAY be the wish of single humans, of  communities and nations, to INVITE our humanlike relatives, that since last few decennia have given us lessons via crop circles, there might happen something, that may be become describable in 3-D-reality as a “landing of UFOS with LOTS of “starpeople descending”” – AND TOGETHER there might be possible to MANAGE and BALANCE ALL THE TERRIBLE LOT OF NEWLY ARRIVING ENERGY IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM! IF however, there is such WISH FOR REALIZATION AND MANIFESTATION in us HUMANS from EARTH MISSING – those newly arriving energies CANNOT BE HANDLED and will do a LOT of devastation and destruction and dammage ACCORDING TO QUITE NORMAL PHYSICAL LAWS OF 3-D-SPACETIME.

    Poeple now may have the question. What can we DO, how can we PREPARE?

    Well, VERY easy: TAKE THOSE CROP CIRCLES – summing up since 1992 or so  to more than 6000 !!! – and LOOK at them, treat them as pieces of fine arts, MEDITATE them – BECAUSE THEY ARE CODED in such a special way, that CAN INTERACT WITH HUMAN  BRAIN AND DNS-CODE DIRECTLY with NI TRANSLATION-INTERFACE NEEDED!!!  No joking here: there may be even sound  involved … And SEE HOW YOU YOURSELF ARE CHANGING … (No joke here: It is open to quite normal training, to develope for instance “reading of 4-D-visualizations” …)

    Ah, well: It would not be a bad idea, to have a NORMAL DESASTER PREPARATION READY – in any case that all this “higher-dimension-stuff” may FAIL TO FUNCTION TO HUMAN EXPECTATIONS! (Meaning: have something to eat for  1-2 weeks, store quite ordenary SOAP, have RAIN-protection ready, and CANDLES and something to make ordenary 3-d-reality fire …)

    And the really BEST PREPARATION would be:

    DON`t believe ME, DO NOT TRUST ME AS AUTHOR – AND TAKE THE BURDEN AND CHECK IT ALL FOR YOURSELF, and yes, TRY at least the related geometries and mathematics and other brain-gymn!

    Because IT`s WORTHWHILE!

    BECAUSE THE QUESTION OF SURVIVAL, and of DEATH and of IMMORTALITY are at stake here!

    And if you have problems with traditional concepts of “gods” – DON`t bother with them and GO and YOUR way –

    But please: DON`t STOP GOING!

    Last but not least: THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY-GIFT I could find this year for Jakuba in Poland – who is  much fitter in all the stuff from natural sciences than I  …

    And very certainly: I congratulate Jakuba, because I FIRMLY TRUST, that there will be a LOT MORE of YEARS coming and NO FINAL END TO THIS GLOBE WHATEVER in any near future whatever … (But may be from the “dark side” some folks, who would like to DEPRESS us and BLOCK OUR ENERGIES by just giving us RESTRICTED IMAGINATIONS forming a PRISON WITHOUT LOCKS by some tricky sort of indirect “mind-control” through BAD CONCEPTIONS …)


    Follow up March 2018

    The MAIN difficulty with INTERPRETATION and CORRELATION of 21.12.2012 with the May long-count-calender is … well. think … well, that NOBODY KNOWS the STARTINGPOINT or ZERO-point or SYSTEM-ZEROpoint from where to START the counting. With such METHOD we simply CANNOT  DETERMINE nor DECIDE, which correlations with our time and calender might be meaningful – OR NOT!

    Or to put it other: Isn’t it strange, that the world is spinning around as ever, inspite of the LOTS pf PROPHETS, that declaired the END OF EVERYTHING?

    So we perhaps might take into account a new idea of Richard Hoagland on 21.12.2012, that the May-Long-countn may be interpreted as some sort of MINDMAPPING-TOOL, mapping PROBABLE DEVELOPMENTS of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, but within a FRAME of HYPERDIMENSIONAL TORSIONFIELD PHYSICS with some TETRAHEDAL characteristics. IF so, fromwhere got the Maya the KNOWLEDGE?

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