Iran – overdue war

Yesterday I accidentally met a retired British General – and as usually it became an interesting chatter on this and that – and a wonderful occasion for training English language (NO American accent allowed, of course!)

And I DIRECTLY was asked, what I think about PENDING war with Iran!

Oho, I thought within, this is something we normally should not debate light-heartedly over a casual cup of coffee.

But, as usual in life: This was not concern appropriate to the situation – and the question was there and waiting for answer!

So, I somewhat reluctantly answered with a question:

“Why NOW! Why not 10 years ago???”

(We remember a strange Israelian strike on a Syrian installation of concern some years ago, to which the French President in OPEN public commented, that everybody should be prepared for war with Iran within one week … which is quite an unusual behavior for any official … )

So the debate turned to Mr. Obama and whether he might be giving NO DECISIVE SIGNALS to start with ANYTHING of importance …

In the course of this turn, we came to the observation, that somehow Mr. Obama gives the impression, that the people around him – and on U.S. backstage – will not let him do, what he thinks right, such preparing for a result of this presidency near to PLANNED FAILURE – with probably NO second term  or if with second term a possibility for assasination added.

At this point, I interjected a warning from Peter Scholl-Latour saying something, that Western intelligence might have failed to serve the public perception with a SUFFICIENT REALISTIC AND TRUE assessment on the CONSIDERABLE STRENGTH of IRANIAN FORCES.

Sad to say, but now we had a very brief look at what is REALLY POSSIBLE in TECHNICAL terms with QUITE CONVENTIONAL WARFARE (meaning here: warfare without big nukes)  – and we agreed without debate on exactly two points:

a) War in recent decennia has changed nearly completely and especially with regard to applied FUTURISTIC weaponry and strategies – of which the public so far is held unaware of.


(Well, to give just an example: To destroy any city in size of German Duesseldorf you today would need ONE bomber operating in out-of-reach altitude, with propper special ammunition of course …and the method would be to start a FIRE-STORM similar to DRESDEN in World War II, but on today level of science! And, please,  this is only one method out of many as are stockpiled in European Armies ready for use …)

The retired general even insisted, that normal folks and average news-consumers may underrate the situation within any Westeuropean PROFESSIONAL army, which is PROFESSIONALLY DETERMINED to ACT – and to ACT EFFECTIVELY –  to get ANY demanded job DONE, including STEPS TO ANNIHILATION.

And the retired general was little bit upset about all this “BULLSHIT CHRISTIAN HUMDRUM” – because in his opinion IN ANY MILITARY JOB IN THIS WORLD THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ANYTHING OF CHRISTIAN-TYPE NICETIES.

So, the result is VERY clear:

SCIENTIFIC ADVANCED MILITARY can bring Iran down to STONE AGE. The only question is, which DEGREE of stone-age and in WHAT TIME (because of all this CHRISTIAN influenced concerns on barbarism and human rights and the lot …)

Another – rather old-fashioned – concern would be, whether it would be ALLOWED, to KILL people, who have the disadvantage, to live around natural riches, EUROPEANS  claim for their expediency … because NORMAL humans with NORMAL feeling and NORMAL standards would call this a mad-man-idea and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Well, let`s from this observation move foreward to the question, WHY NOBODY SO FAR WAS ABLE TO SEND UNITED STATES GENERALS AND BRITISH GENERALS TO THE DEN-HAAG-COURT to ACCUSE them of CRIMES against the law of the nations and against HUMANITY … Well, I understand very well, that in war and conflict  ugly things happen, but we should at least be as honest as to call them ugly and mad-man-ideas. In example: If we normally – at least if coming from more educated Westeuropean traditions – call NAZI- Hitler`s Ghettos “evil Ghettos” or the “Berlin wall” a “evil communist wall”, we cannot call the frontier-fence in the U.S. against Mexico a “nice Ghetto-wall” nor can we call the wall between Israelians and Palestinians a “nice wall”. Well, that`s it: We CANNOT HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS, which simply camouflage,  that the STRONGEST will DICTATE, what is “nice” and “evil” … (until – as is Christian belief – he will meet the HEAVENLY court, which cannot be bought by bribary!)

This training session closed with an outlook on the really GREAT STRATEGIC THEATER condensed to the question:

Will HUNGER for ENGERGY and OIL one day or another DEMAND to ANNIHILATE any barrier denying ACCESS, say with an overall  really bad prospect for ALL peoples sitting at moment around the oil-wells, especially in the socalled Near East and in the Islamic countries???!!!

Well, I normally even in times of war see no necessitiy to deviate from the ways of diplomatical politeness. And this was the reason, WHY I not even recurred on my BASIC BELIEFES, which are Eastchristian-Orthodox in the Greek and Russian style.

But otherwise I really would have no objection to the observation:

YES, THIS IS A WORLD OF EVIL – and NO NEED to invent any metaphysical hell, BECAUSE THIS PLANET IS HELL

– which however has nothing to do with orthodox religious “mysteries” whatever, but which is a quotation from a TIBETEAN TEXTBOOK, which somehow came across my way …

But very certainly: Whatever warlike action may take place, there would be NO TECHNICAL REASON FOR FAILURE OF WESTALLIED FORCES, because if it comes to REAL deployment of REAL strength there would be  not even the possibility for failure!

Well, folks out there, this is, what you are forced to debate, if you are unlucky enough, to meet accidentally a retired British general from high nobility. But to be honest: IT IS RIDICULOUS, that I, whose mother nearly has been killed by NAZIS is EXPECTED to clasp hands when listening to utterings similar to, that Hitler has not been that bad a guy after all and well, unlucky story  with all these dead Jews, but no real pity with them on the other hand … Well, why do  I stay  POLITE, why do I LISTEN AT ALL in all my superstitious European well mannered education – AND WHY DO I NOT STAND UP AND RALLY THE PEOPLE TO SILENCE SUCH VOICE UTTERING SUCH EVIL BEYOND ANY HUMANLIKE STANDARDS???

Really, why do we ACCEPT AT ALL arguments BELOW the level of NORMAL humans???

Why do I pay respect to an atheist – who in all his splendor is camouflaging only the psychology of a killer?


IF you are NOT protestant und NOT drunk from all that super-power, it MAY occur to you, that for EVERYBODY ELSE there might be SEVERE UNEASE with the PHILOSOPHY behind it all and especially behind the International Court of Den Haag … or the Nuremburg – trials (which were because of really extravagant handling of amnesty near to SHOW only … may be because of a hand in the background directing, what was in open public, to PLEASE former NAZIS, say because of dirty deals between Allan Dulles and Martin Bormann …)

(And well, I HAVE SOME PROBLEMS, to understand the SOCIALIST ZIONISTS as well  – because I CANNOT SEE THEIR RELATION TO THE TRUE HEBREW-STYLE as for instance was  in my beloved CHASSDIM from Eastern-Europe Poland and Ukraine of a time, when the world was quite more civilisized than in today welfare-materialism … And IT MIGHT BE therefor, that Mr. Netanyahu is LEADING HIS PEOPLE ASTRAY FROM THE WAYS OF GOD …)

Tell you what: CLOSE THE DEN-HAAG-COURT for socalled crimes against humanity and crimes in war – because the WORLD IS SICK to be brainwashed by the BRUTAL VICTORS ALL THE TIME … and take the money to reconstruct those countries, that have to SUFFER from Western-type “METHODS OF FREEDOM”!

Or in other words: IF THIS GLOBE AT SOME TIME MAY SEE SOMETHING NEAR TO HEAVENLY JUSTICE, THIS VERY WELL MIGHT BE THE END OF THIS WORLD – immedeately, at once  – because of all the EVIL of the VICTORS added to other evil mess from the centuries … Or in the Hebrew teaching of the Tree of Sephirot: The SPLENDOR of GOD  is held back by MERCY because of his WISDOM/INSIGHT, so not to overwhelm AT ONCE and GIVE PLACE for everything to develope in its own right … until the time of PROBING THE FRUITS …

Which would imply, that ANY PEOPLE has the RIGHT FOR SELF-DETERMINATION, from which may be derived a GENUINE INTERPRETATION of FREEDOM established from WITHIN the people and NOT IMPOSED BY FOREIGN POWER with questionable methods.  (So it is NOT SUFFICIENT, to just kick off EVIL  governments with military aid from abroad, for which may be proove the today situation after socalled “Arab-spring-revolutions”, which had by far not the benevolential effects for the PEOPLE, which were originally CLAIMED!

So,  this is EXACTLY my GENUINE  Easteuropean-ORTHODOX-Christian STANDPOINT and severe SCEPTIZISM , which however I did not invent!

So, in the end:

IF we condense it similar to “KILLING FOR OIL”, this would show quite normal HUMAN GREED, that, according to the teachings of the Mahabharata, is behind MOST og HUMAN WARS.

But IF we put the same statement in the surroundings of today state of art in military, it might occur, that “KILLING for oil” will change to “GENOCID for oil”.

Genocide, that is shocking most people, certainly is no real concern over a cup of coffee with a retired general, because these folks are trained like that. However in any context near to the SPIRIUAL HEIGHTS of Mahbaratha and Bhagavadgita anything near to genocide would provoke BAD KARMA, because it is SEVERE VIOLATION of DHARMA, THAT DHARMA, the KING and the KASHATRIYA once had to take oath, to follow even under danger of life!!

And by the way, THERE IS NO ENERGY CRISIS AT ALL – if mankind would TRY HARDER, to think it over and sum  up ressources and technologies! This it not joking: EVEN OIL AND COAL AND GAS just recently have been found in such VASTE and BIG and INCREDIBLE ENORMOUS amounts, so that THEORETICALLY EVERYBODY CAN VASTE IT AL GUSTO for several HUNDREDS OF YEARS without severe problems.  So again: THERE IS NO ENERGY-CRISIS with regard to CONVENTIONAL approach to the problem. And there is an OCEAN OF ENERGY avaiable FREE FOR EVERYBODY, if eventually engeneers will be ALLOWED by all those BLOCKING FROM EGOISTIC thinking, to apply all the wonderful research, that has been allocated elsewhere on this globe during 20th century – and is just WAITING, and WAITING, and WAITING – and such a lot of young engeneers becoming dissapointed everywhere on this globe …

So the real problem with the oil is, that it is DEMASQUING our OWN PRIMITIVE AND ATAVISTIC face, whenever it comes to POWER-behavior. What is “power”? Well, in a book by John Kenneth Galbraith on this subject is written in clear and unbiased words: POWER IS, TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE DO, WHAT THEY DON`T WANT! From which we easily derive, that every governement, insofar it is a body vested in POWER, would automatically mean, to restrict the free will of free people in some way or other – AND THIS SIMPLE FACT may be seen, as a PROPPER REASON, WHY MY FRIENDS AMONG THE CHINESE TAOISTS have it, that A TAOIST WOULD NOT  ACCEPT NOR NEED ANY GOVERNEMENT.

BECAUSE UNDER EVERY HIGHER PHILOSOPHICAL CONCERN THE SELF-GOVERNED HUMAN IN FULL COMMAND OF HIS TRUE CAPACITIES MAY BE  SOMETHING NEAR TO  – theoretisized – GOALS OF THE HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND – even if this sounding so much irreal IDEALISTIC, that every considerate man of course never ever would take such ideas into consideration, especially not in everyday life!

And this is, why the TRUE TAOISTS are FEW in all the centuries and the governments MANY …

We may add the AUSTRIAN ALTERNATIVE here to contrast the British-U.S.-approach to oil: If you happen to be AUSTRIAN WITHIN, you normally would INVITE the opponent to a cup of coffee to talk matters over in FRIENDLY atmosphere with NO pressure nor power  applied – and it may even happen, that there is not only agreed upon money changing sides – everybody educated enough would know, that nobody can EAT money! – but – may be – a MARRIAGE bargained …  The problem is, Austria has become a really   small country and FEW Austrians left … and LOTS of BRITISH and AMERICANS under way … dominating nearly EVERYTHING … I am NOT JOKING here: There are AMERICAN MISSONARIES walking Germany to bring us the AMERICAN-BRITISH-TYPE of GOSPEL and REVELATION – which I personally do not feel any urge for – and TODAY there are even AMERICAN MISSIONARIES FLOODING RUSSIA …

Well, nothing is more fantastic than reality!

FOLLOW UP 11.August 2012

Just stumbled upon “anglos-saxonian missin” in Project Camelot – giving a scenario of SHOCK: There INDEED is a GENERAL PLAN since more than 200 years  – according to this witness-report – to which all history at least since Freemason Events of FRENCH REVOLUTION in 1789 and DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE of the U.S. in 1776 has become simply a THEATER PLAY – even the NAZIS and STALINISTS. We may however add, that it seems, that NO BELIEF or RELIGION or CONFESSION is important to this GENERAL PLAN on the HUMAN level, because all the FABRICATIONS are from some “evil-boys-ALIENS”.

To make it short her, we have from Porject Camelot NOW and NEW:

1. Iran shall be TRICKED into NUCLEAR WAR, so that there  would be JUSTIFIED a WAR on CHINA, to STOP Chinas RISE TO WORLD POWER.

2. Both Iran and China ARE NOT REALLY the GOAL of the PLAN, which is a DECIMATION of MANKIND by WAR and SPECIFIC FLU LOCKING INTO CHINESE GENETICTS (!!!) up to 50 %.

3. But 50% RASSIST MASSMURDER on MANKIND is NOT the FINAL GOAL either, which is FINAL DECIMATION TO 500 Million HUMANS, which will SURVIVE only a socalled “geophysical event”, which we may imagine as something similar to TUNGUSKA 1908 or THE DESASTER of 11653 BC, which recently Valery Uvarov has reconstructed in his “pyramids”, 2007, free pdf …


5. Well, with scenarios is the GREAT problem, that we must assume, that they are NOT NEUTRAL and coming from VESTED INTERESTS. So I may hint here to the possibility, that the picture may not be complete and especially something MISSING, which is INDICATED by Crop-Circle-Analysis, which are ONE EVENT on the GALACTICAL level and ONE EVENT in our planetarian system, which both may be preparational to the socalled FIRST MASS-CONTACT with RATHER MORE HUMANFRIENDLY socalled “Alien” and “UFO`s” …

Well, folks – expect something more interesting than everyday life and TAKE POSITION for EVIL or GOOD – and prepare for HEAVY RIDE!!

(We may for instance say, that it is simply NOT JUSTIFIED BY WHATEVER to deliver TOTAL EXSTINCTION in a RASSIST MANNER … worse than Hitler and Stalin could imagine at all!)

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