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Putin on state of affairs in Feb. 2012

searching for interesting stuff I eventually found in wepspace of Joseph P. Farrell : Vladimir Putin: Democracy and the quality of our state Well, this is educated and scientific analysis far from any hot exaggerations, not necessarely near to everyday … Continue reading

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Wrong thinking, wrong results: THERE IS NO GLOBALIZATION

1. Everybody came across the HEARSAY of GLOBALIZATION and GLOBAL VILLAGE. 2. MATHEMATICS however tell a COMPLETELY OTHER story. 3. I take as exemple rough figures from my former youtube: – 900 visitors Germany – 300 visitors USA – 70 … Continue reading

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FACEBOOK LOESCHEN – nicht bloss deaktivieren

Einer der grossen MYTHEN überr Facebook ist, daß man Facebook-Konten nur deaktivieren, aber NIE löschen kann. Nun, in 2012 hat dieser link von Chip online die benötigten Infos für ENDGÜLTIGE LÖSCHUNG geliefert: Nun, ja, die LÖSCHFUNKTION ist schon “ein … Continue reading

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Youtube PROTEST-TAGE 18.-19.02.2012

Gerade eben geht die Trommel durch den Urwald und sie trommelt: Am 18.-18- Februar 2012 ist weltweiter Protesttag gegen Youtube. Warum? Äh, sieht erstmal harmlos aus: ES GEHT GEGEN DIE FUNKTIONSBESCHRÄNKUNGEN beim NEUEN LAYOUT / KANALDESIGN. Aber die gibt es … Continue reading

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Munich Security Conference 2012: quo vadis Germany?

1. Bavarian Radio BR -TV today 04.02.2012 is giving full coverage with live-streaming from Munich Security Conference February 2012 – with nearly all celebrities attending, the Russian Foreign Minister, Mr. Sergeij Lawrow delivering speech on Saturday 04.02.2012 morning, the President … Continue reading

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Hypergenetics and language – Creator and worship-texts

The socalled eager news-reader certainly came across the GENOM-project, which was a GIGANTIC effort for CARTOGRAPHY of the TOTAL HUMAN GENETICAL information as coded in DNA. – Human Genom Project, rough draft in — Human Genom Project German Wikipedia … Continue reading

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