Changings in Germany after reunification

1. After reunification we after 1990 SUDDENLY saw  INCREASING numbers of German MILITARY ENGAGEMENTS – mainly within NATO.

2. After reunification we saw INCREASING NUMBERS OF POLITICAL parties – leading to WEAK results of WEAK parties. This however is NO surprise: IF YOU HAVE 2-3 parties or up to 6 parties you CAN PREDICT MATHEMATICALLY the overall DISTRIBUTION of certain expected discrete numbers in any elections (sorry: I have seen a book on this topic back in the 1970ties and therefor have at moment no bibliographical inofrmation).

3.  If we now try to QUALIFY topics 1-2 not as arbitrary, but as based on a POLiTICAL PLAN, we MAY feel inclined to see lurking in backstage some REMINISCENCES from WEIMAR democracy. Second point in trial for INTERPRETATION would be: IF THUS YOU HAVE CHANGED MILTARY and ROLE AND STRENGTH  of POLITICAL PARTIES – this would AFFECT the ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION OF STATE in Germany (because of  interlocked systems).

4. Now have a look at this UNPRECEDENTED and IRRITATING developement in GERMAN PRESIDENTS OF STATE, Horst Koehler retreated before completing full cycle of service and Christian Wulff even stepping down facing lifting of his immunity for the intend of criminal investigations. Well, I myself wonder, whether here it would be enough to hint to Germany becoming a BANANAS REPUBLIC. May it be, that we see here a RESULT FROM INTERDEPENDENCY IN INTERLOCKED SYSTEMS – namely with regard to topics 1-2??? Or to be more plain: IF we have WEAK party-system by probable INTENT – we will have WEAK presidents probably by INTENT – combined with ARMED FORCES at least WEAK in APPEARENCE – even if it may be, that  they have from Nazi-research some hypermodern SCALAR weaponry in Germany and at least they in Germany have every technical installation for MISSION CONTROL  CENTERS for WORLD-WIDE-WARFARE ??? !!! You  are not misreading here: They in Germany have a MODERN CENTER for MILITARY Operations  in Potsdam, they have a GEOPHYSICAL institute in Potsdam – perhaps HINTING to TYPE of SCALAR WEAPONRY they in Germany are LOOKING FOR or aware of … and they have in Germany CERTAIN SPACE-capacities … of type of “mission control center” …, in Bavaria and elsewhere … OF WHICH ALL THE PUBLIC IS HELD UNAWARE OF BY REGULAR NEWS-MEDIA …


6. Well, think it over: If – as some intelligent observers are saying since long – the German President of State has NO REASONABLE STRONG DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – WHY, in good heavens name, we are PAYING a STAFF of more than 150 specialists around him – mainly engaged in diplomatical protocol, writing speeches, doing juridical research for final underwriting of any law proposals?

7. If we would be AUSTRIANS, we would have no problems, because Austrians know, to make the best out of OPERETTES – because they have invented them!

8. But if we think of possible HIDDEN AGENDAS of a NAZI-UNDERGROUND-EMPIRE – as in books of Farrell, Marrs etc. – state of affairs PERHAPS is HEADED to ANOTHER construction of state – not that favorable, especially not for the families of victims …

9. Well, there is a feeling of unease – because we can see and affirm certain CHANGINGS – but do not fully understand WHY and for WHAT FINAL PURPOSE … The main problem in context of REGULAR STATE ORGANIZATION would be, that we see a tendency, to SECRETE the centers of TRUE POWER, so DISABLING every NORMAL PUBLIC CONTROL – which however in regular theory of democracy would be seen as MANDATORY ….

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