Wrong thinking, wrong results: THERE IS NO GLOBALIZATION

1. Everybody came across the HEARSAY of GLOBALIZATION and GLOBAL VILLAGE.

2. MATHEMATICS however tell a COMPLETELY OTHER story.

3. I take as exemple rough figures from my former youtube:

– 900 visitors Germany

– 300 visitors USA

– 70 to 40 visitors European neighbors, mainly Western Europe

– 30 Brazil and Japan

– a LOT of countries with 25-20 visitors

– with exception of Northern African EGYPT, MAROCCO and SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC: the entire Africa nearly blanc

– very surprisngly however with frequncies of  5-1 visitors my channel has been recognized in 140- 160 (depending on period under analysis)  or so “countries” worldwide out of  a total of approximately 200 countries registered to UNO at all.

The RESULT in graphics would be VERY clearly  an ASYMPTOTICAL or HYPERBOLICAL typ of graph with a RATHER IMPRESSIVE depression at start and a long “tail” – PLUS A CONCENTRATION of more than 95 % in frequencies covering only 5-10 countries/regions – but may be with need of explanation for some possible deviations from expected socalled “Gauss-normal-distribution”, (be this distribution an artificial concept or a phenomenon from nature or whatever)

4. We may from these very small basis nevertheless draw some “observations”:

4.1 CLOSE NEIGHBOURHOOD especially in EUROPE is working IMPRESSIVE and is not restricted to Western European countries any longer. (I even found very UNEXPECTED FAN-numbers in POLAND!)

4.2 “Second best” type of international connectiveness is INDUSTRIALIZATION and/or STATE of socalled “developement” – see CANADA, ISRAEL, Japan, INDIA, South-Korea, South-Africa, DUBAI, BRAZIL.

4.3 The – mathematical – unexpected concentration and high frequency in the U.S. has as explanation: TECHNICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE SUPREMACY with regard to the www-typ-internet (with http*-protocolls)  wordwide of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: THEY ARE THE BOSS AND THEY BEHAVE LIKE THE BOSS! – (They HAVE for instance SUPREMACY in domain-registration and in special top level meta-search-engienes other than google … and they have CERTAIN CONTROLL MECHANISMS for traffic worldwide!)

4.4 We have TWO BLANCS on maps and in statistics, which have DIFFERENT explanations:

– blanc in CENTER of Africa – or in socalled “Black Africa” simply means VERY HEAVY  UNDERDEVELOPEMENT

– blanc in CHINA has a TWOFOLD  explanation: a) consequences from the ADMINISTRATIVE SUPREMACY of the U.S., that is in this case SIMPLY BLOCKING BY GOOGLE  — b) ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCKING OF OWN NATIONAL GOVERNEMENT, that is simply CENSORSHIP (which is something that subtle or not so subtle even is exercised in EUROPE … even if people are THINKING, that they are “free” …)

5. This little analysis – EVERYBODY can do – DELIVERS insights – but is of COURSE RESTRICTED by the very APPROACH. We may say: the picture until here is too much GENERALISIZED. Well, now we may proceed, to find MORE SPECIFIC DETAILS and DOTS. To begin with,  you perhaps remember these at first glance ODD news from Japan MEGAQUAKE, that INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION was confronted with difficulties, but not from destruction.

6. To make it short here: JAPAN INDUSTRIES are ORGANIZED in a VERY SPECIFIC way with regard to TIMETABLES OF LOGISTICS – and if this LIEU OF LOGISTICS is affected by whatever problems, we see rather direct implications in statistics of PRODUCTION. This is not surprising. Surprising is the STATE OF DEVELOPEMENT, that for instance car-manufacturers have decreased their demand for OWN depots in just keeping the “depots as rolling traffic on road and ship”. But again we have to stress the point, that  in industrial sectors open to possibility of such organization CLOSE NEIGHBOURHOODS are PREFERRED, Japan-Thailand, Japan-Phillipines, Japan-Korea.

7. It is self evident, that technical and scientific progress in handling “waiting-rows in logistics whatever” has been applied in car-manufacturing FIRST and from that SPREAD into OTHER INDUSTRIES capable for such handling. We may for instance take INDUSTRY of FLOWER-PRODUCTION and find here AGAIN an CONNECTIVITY between PRODUCTION-regions in CENTRAL AFRICA, NORTHERN AFRICA, ISRAEL and the MAIN DISTRIBUTION CENTER for CUT-FLOWERS in the NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam-Shipol airport! — We may assume, that for instance SHUGAR-production is a WORLDWIDE – organized production and business as well, because we have here only 2 (small) STATISTIC COMPANIES (in Swizerra and in Northern Germany). We may even say: WHENEVER and WHEREEVER we hear of FEW only STATISTIC-COMPANIES with VERY SPECIALIZED FOCUS ON SINGLE PRODUCTS, we should EXPECT an INTERNATIONAL or WORLDWIDE ORGANIZED ECONOMICAL-CIRCUIT.


9. We may add to our SCEPTIC view on EXISTENCE of something like “globalization”: THERE CANNOT BE GLOBALIZATION BECAUSE OF UNSURMOUNTABLE LANGUAGE-PROBLEMS. Here we can be short: Simply count, how many people you know in your CLOSE NEIGHBOURHOOD, who can write ENGLISH on similar level as in this short statement??? Even more desastrous: Try to count people who can READ and ROUGHLY understand FRENCH and SPANISH – not to speak of at least ONE SINGLE SLAVONIC language or one of the main languages of the INDIAN sub-continent or even JAPONESE or CHINESE. Tell you what: YOU WILL HAVE DIFFICULTIES TO FIND ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THE THESIS OF GLOBALIZATION.

10. We may conclude: YES we have EXAMPLES and MODELS of worldwide organized CIRCLES of production and distribution in SELECTED PRODUCTS. But YES again: THERE IS SOMETHING HIGHER THAN MAN, THAT HAS SET UP BARRIERS OF LANGUAGE, which even today MOST people CANNOT overcome, whatever they are telling about learning foreign language.  We may say. the DIFFERENCE between both METHODS OF SECTORIZATION is simply, that INDUSTRY has ARTIFICIAL ORGANIZATION and that LANGUAGE shows “NATURAL” ORGANIZATION.

11. We may add more by the way and casually: US computer companies are VERY EAGER to BUILD COOPERATION in INDIA (region of BANGALORE in TAMIL NADU, where we have RESTS of the ELDEST known human decendency dating back nearly 30.000 years as do their relative Aborigines in Australia) and in CHINA – because they have FIGURED OUT IN LINGUISTICS, THAT any approach to handling of NUMBERS and mathematical concepts is INFLUENCED, if not DETERMINED by the UNDERLYING – metalinguistical and/or metamathematical “functioning”  – NATURAL LANGUAGE of a given researcher and/or scientist.

12. We must not REPEAT here HEAVY problems from PARTIAL and INDUSTRIAL  socalled “GLOBALIZATION” which in type is rather more some sort of INTERNATIONALIZATION on basis of NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORIES – RESTRICTED to CERTAIN FIELDS OF APPLICATION. One problem is PIRACY at the Horn of Africa in the Singapur Seas and elsewhere. Another problem is, that 80 % of  TRUCKS  in Germany are moving EMPTY (which is understandable, because if you have a delivery destination, this means not automatically that you will find cargo for the way back!). A more general problem however seems to be, that NOBODY thinking human can answer the question, what may be the SENSE to transport from Japan to Korea, back to Japan and afterwards say to India or even Europe, to SELL THE FINISHED PRODUCT in China or Brazil??? Well, it might be, that there IS NO SENSE in such VASTE EXPANSION of TRANSPORTATION SECTOR WHATEVER!

13. Our question however was: IS THERE GLOBALIZATION. And our PARTIAL ANSWER would be: NO, there is NO globalization and there WILL BE NO globalization AS LONG AS NOBODY HAS LIFTED THE NATURAL BARRIER OF LANGUAGES. We have an ANTI-INTUITIVE observation as well: You normally would expect, that setup of ring-structures would increase overall level of organization. This however is NOT the case – and there are  fresh reports and rumors, that we at present see in GREAT PARTS of  this globe a BREAK-DOWN OF NORMAL FUNCTIONING STATE-ORGANIZATION, such for instance in Africa, such for instance in the SOUTHERN BELT of NEW socalled STATES IN RUSSIAN dominated socalled GUS, such for instance even on the BALKANS and in parts of Eastern Europe … We may go as far as to assume, that they THINK only, that it will be possible to have STABLE ZONES OF ORGANIZATION STRICTLY SEPARATED FROM ZONES OF DECLINE. Our own expectation however is, that in the STRATEGICAL LONG RUN we very well will see INSTABLITY and DESORGANIZATION SPREADING and AFFECTING and CONTAMINATING everything else, unless there will be in place STRONG governments devoted to MAINTAIN – even if not intellectual “appealing” – STRONG ORDER! And these considerations of course are not by itself in favor of our today expectations about “legal governance of free people”, so that in genereal we find a tendency among intelligent obervers for set up of AUTHORITATIVE SYSTEMS in NEAR future and everywhere – however with a NEW TECHNOLOGY for TOTAL CONTROL at hand, that would have had pleased Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin to no end!

14. This settled, I report now a PRACTICAL example from MY experience with socalled GLOBALIZATION!

Well, some years ago I bought in internet with computer a VIOLIN from CHINESE production at a seller in San Francisco for 20,00 US-DOLLARS  (incredible low, but nevertheless a complete beginners set!).

This Chinese violin however was CONFISCATED BY GERMAN “FREE-TRADE”-authorities DEMANDING with NO DISCUSSION possible some sort of TRANSACTION TAX of ca. 50,00 Euros. THE END-PRICE for ME as FINAL ADRESS for this violin such summed up from original 20,00 DOLLARS  to 70,00-80,00 Euros – which however was just FINE, at least if COMPARED with violins from NEARBY West-European productions in similar quality!

Well, this violin TOLD ME A LONG SERMON ABOUT THEIR LONG, LONG JOURNEY from Shanghai to San Francisco to Germany State authorities to its final destination. – By the way: this violin of course theoretically could have had been sent Shanghai to Germany DIRECTLY … Well …

Now we are jumping to a SECOND VIOLIN, that I happened to buy in internet with computer. This SECOND was from GERMAN SALES-LOCATION, but from ROUMANIAN production and the set-price was 80,00 Euros or so, but BELOW quality of above reported Chinese violin, however in overall impression nevertheless SUFFICIENT, if compared!

If readers now have the impression, that Germany is a country, where the ability to manufacture violins is generally MISSING or has gernerally VANISHED, this impression is to be corrected like follows: WE HAVE in REUNIFIED GERMANY at least TWO CENTERS for violin production on QUALITY-LEVEL of SERIAL production as in MANUFACTURES, which is MITTENWALD in Bavaria and MARKTNEUKIRCH in SAXONIA/EASTERN Germany. AROUND these centers we find all thinkable INFRASTRUCTURE as expected in a developed country, SPECIAL SCHOOLS, special ENGENEERS of several specilizations, ORCHESTRAS, CONCERTS, well simply nearly everything! There however is ONE BIG PROBLEM. To entertain such a COMBINED INTERWOVEN TECHNOLOGICAL-ADMINISTRATIVE-ECONOMICAL STRUCTURE they in Germany have DECIDED to pay HEAVY STATE SUBSIDIES PLUS to have an overall HIGH NIVEAU in everything of MONEY-OPERATIONS including SALES-PRICES and PERSONAL INCOME of workers and employees – plus HIGH DOUANE/TAX for IMPORTS. (This clearly has NOTHING at all to do with FREE economy or FREE trade or FREE competition, which all are simply IDEOLOGY to BLIND THE PUBLIC on TRUE STATE OF MATTERS!)

But what is MISSING already TODAY are QUALITIES of ROUGH MATERIALS as applied in violin-construction, namely SUFFICIENTLY GOOD WOOD-QUALITIES – which however they in CHINA have until today!

Well, I as a BUYER, who wants to PLAY violin, normally must not think over QUESTIONS OF ECONOMICAL SYSTEMS NOR OF SOCALLED FREE TRADE NOR OF SOCALLED “FENCED ECONOMIES”. I normally would be quite content to have an instrument with reasonable pricing EVEN IN LOW BUDGET SECTOR. (The Chinese however should improve the quality of STRINGS and CHORDS … because rough STEEL-Chords are preventing display of  otherwise inbuilt FULL SOUND CAPACITY …)

And thus my conclusion is VERY, VERY easy: MY next violin on the next upper quality level would be from CHINESE production and GERMANY located seller (because of this FREE and FENCED EUROPEAN-ECONOMY and GERMAN IMPORT-TAXES)  – because of RATIONAL ANALYSIS!

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