Munich Security Conference 2012: quo vadis Germany?

1. Bavarian Radio BR -TV today 04.02.2012 is giving full coverage with live-streaming from Munich Security Conference February 2012 – with nearly all celebrities attending, the Russian Foreign Minister, Mr. Sergeij Lawrow delivering speech on Saturday 04.02.2012 morning, the President of Rzeczpospolita Polska , Mr. Komorowski, with delegation from TURKEY – and even with  good old Mr. Henry Kissenger attending – not to speak of German MP`s and other high officials.

2. Well, Mr. Lawrow from Russia voiced old concerns

– that NATO military installations should not move forward any longer in direction of Russian mainlands

– that new-rocket-defense is felt as problem mainly because it is implemented as an EXTENSION OF NATO – and NOT as component of a security-NETWORK among REAL partners.

Mr. Lawrow however was as polite, as not to comment on




3.  VERY, VERY disturbing however was felt the INTRODUCTION OF A NEW GERMAN PROPOSAL by Minister of Defence, Mr. de Maiziere, ASKING FOR SOME SORT OF INCREASED POSITION OF LEADERSHIP, but not explaining what exactly we will have to expect from that.

– Would it mean approximately to 20.000 German troops in CONSTANT DEPLOYMENT ABROAD?

– Would it cover this very strange new construction, that Germany within NEW NATO headquarter NorthEast in  Szczecin, Poland, is delivering AIR-DEFENCE for the 3 BALTIC STATES, which litteraly have NO AIR-DEFENSE of their own  AT ALL (at moment)??

Whatever it IS meaning or it MAY become to mean, there is ONE BIG QUESTION lurking in the background: HOW WILL GERMANY BE ABLE TO DELIVER LEADERSHIP IN SECURITY POLITICS WITH 400 tanks at present, that are expected to decrease to 160 tanks (in active duty) – with an army in barracks of 75.000 men  or so at present and reserve of whatever meaning of 35.000 men??? (And a fleet that nearly completely (!!!)  is operating somewhere at Horn of Africa????)

4. Well, we FEEL NOT at ease with present GERMAN positions – and kindly would pose to the nations to be on WATCH, that GERMANY NOT AGAIN may try what NAZIS have been defeated for! We are NOT joking here: think of Czechia and role of Skoda during NAZI-times, think of CROATIA NAZI-Ustasha, think BOSNIA during NAZI-times, have a look WHO from Germany is BUYING LAND PROPERTY in special parts of POLAND etc. pp. and ASK, what the meaning may by of JOINT OPERATIONS  between GERMAN ARMY  and ARMY OF BELORUS – beyond just the expression of “deep friendship” ???!!! Well, that`s quite right: Take a look at WHATEVER SEEMS ODD or UNNATURAL or somehow STRANGE  – and try to figure out what this STRANGENESS MAY mean in the context of a HIDDEN AGENDA of an UNDERGROUND NAZI-EMPIRE in existence UNTIL TODAY (see books by Farrell, Marrs, Preperata and others) …

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