Hypergenetics and language – Creator and worship-texts

  1. The socalled eager news-reader certainly came across the GENOM-project, which was a GIGANTIC effort for CARTOGRAPHY of the TOTAL HUMAN GENETICAL information as coded in DNA. – Human Genom Project, rough draft in gutenberg.orgHuman Genom Project German Wikipedia Human Genom Project English Wikipedia
  2. Disturbing however was, that they now started to tell us, that 80% of human DNA should be seen and understood  as   WASTE – which would nicely correlate to annother unbelievable “fact from science”, that human BRAIN-activity to 80 % is unreadable, not understandable and therefor waste as well.

  3. There however is sligthly a possibility,


  • that b) the OLD Jewish traditions, Friedrich Weinreb gave some account of may be to unbelievable extent fruitbearing for today horizons in DNA analysis, namely that in HEBREW ALPHABETH LETTERS IS A DIRECT LINK TO DNA (and some other stuff as  division of year, zodiac  etc.pp.)

  1. Well, Crick himself had some linguistical assumptions on the DNA in the 1960ties already, there were even more metaphorical allegations to language as early as in the 1920ties, but today we have from RUSSIA the following SOURCE:

Peter P. Gariaev – Elena A. Leonova : Das Urbild des Schöpfers in DNS und Sprache (translated by Günter Grimlitza and Waltraud Wagner, *1931)


Das.Urbild_des_Schoepfers_in_DNS_u._Sprache — direct download of above quoted source

READ IT AND BECOME PERPLEX – because SUCH A LOT OF PUZZLE PIECES with this fall into right place …

other related essays from Russian originals – http://www.waltraud-he-wagner.de/index.php?id=157

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Reizende Erde by Waltraud Wagner – online edition German — http://www.waltraud-he-wagner.de/index.php?id=111

  1. Perhaps MOST perplexing is, that EVERYBODY can PROGRAM and REPROGRAM DNA just in using LANGUAGE, because DNA has ability to RESPOND to language. Other perplex thing in above source is RE-INTRODUCTION OF GOD INTO SCIENCE – well, this source is from orthodox Russia!  ….
  • And with this you may START AGAIN to PONDER on the IMPORTANCE of USE OF NEW TESTAMENT and PSALMS  in liturgy in church and even WHY   in orthodox liturgy is SINGING  with HUMAN VOICE is obligatory  … and so forth … there is NO END of re-thinking! And happy you, if you are in traditional ORTHODOXY, where they are DOING all these marvellous things with LANGUAGE and MUSIC ….

  • Well, to be fair to the reader: If you find Gariaev/Leonova too much to start with, have a look to authors Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, which deal in more convenient ways with otherwise heavy stuff from the frontiers of absolute avantgardistic research!

  • http://www.fosar-bludorf.com/index.htm   – official homepage GERMAN

    http://www.fosar-bludorf.com/index_eng.htm — official homepage ENGLISH

    http://www.fosar-bludorf.com/artikel.htm  – FREE essays GERMAN

    Natur-Geht-Online – Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

    DNA-Kommuniziert-Im-UniversumGrazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

    1. theoretical appendix

    8.1 Soliton waves – German Wikipedia — Solitons and bions – English Wikipedia

    8.2  Mathematics of Solitons – Soliton Home Page by Heriat-Watt-University, Edinburgh/Scotland

    8.3 Fermi-Pasta-Ulam – lattice/Gitter – GERMAN Wikipedia – ENGLISH Wikipedia – essays Google Scholar

    8.4 Bio-Photonen –  German Wikipedia —  bio-photons – English Wikipedia

    8.5 Bio-Photonen – Fritz Albert Popp,  German WikipediaFritz A.Popp, English Wikipedia (with bibliography)

    8.6 Bio-Luminescence – English Wikipedia

    8.7 Wave genetics – Wellen-Genetik – Peter/Pjotr Gariaev – Elena Leontova – Waltraud Wagner (homepage – bibliographical list)

    8.8 impact of HEBREW traditions: DNA and Hebrew Alphabet – Friedrich Weinreb: German Wikipedia – Weinreb-Foundation  – Stan Tenen (letters and fundamental basic-torus): Meru.org-Foundation EnglishGerman extraxts from Meru.org

    9. Result: 

    9.1 There is no necessity to estimate our (West-European) religious traditions as WASTE – including that there is a certain necessity for ONE god, a MATHEMATICAL argument , a very SPECIAL “ONE GOD”, which has as some ATTRIBUTE the quality of  “CREATOR OF EVERYTHING” (similar to pater pantocratora) – and which should not falsly be intermixed with all the other deities from HUMAN history only, so that we may say,  as Hebrew Old Testament says, “A ONE GOD ABOVE THE OTHER GODS”  of the “assembly of gods” (quoted in Old Testament)  AND A “ONE GOD” therefor DIFFERENT IN QUALITY.

    9.2 They did NOT tell you so far from quarters of THIS TYPE of DNA – research, what we may implement here from Joseph P. Farrells (and FEW others) re-thinking of the Great Pyramid as a SCALAR WEAPON: If you happen to stumble upon a physics with PLANET-BURST-CAPACITY, the TYPE of those physics normally will have to be a UNIFIED in some way or other theory – perhaps/probably  with characteristics of (invariance of) NON-locality and with OPEN systems. The meaning of this remark would be, that such TYPE of advanced physics would not be able to CONTROLL ALL SIDE-EFFECTS – simply because of the DESIGN of such – sufficiently – unified theory. Thus we may THEORETISIZE and CONCEPTUALISIZE, that the PRESENT STATE OF HUMAN GENOM and namely its present imperfection may be SIDE EFFECTS from the LAST INTERPLANETARIAN WAR(S) as dealt with in Farrells Giza-Trilogy and “The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, modern physics and ancient texts”. The reconstruction of TIMING of such ANCIENT interplanetarian wars is not quite clear and we may say, that there has been propper weaponry in  existence with the START OF THE ASTERIOD BELT some 10 million or so years ago – not to mention a possibility, that there has been ANOTHER mankind in coexistence with the DINOSAURS already, which vanished 65 million years ago, we may argue, by use of asteroid impact as targeted weapons  –  followed by application of such weaponry down to perhaps 8000 BC – Sitchin`s socalled “second war at the pyramids” with PARTLY disablement of pyramid-weapon by REMOVAL of certain components, which are detailed in Sumerian texts (!!) – or even 2500 BC – the devastation of Sinai to Iraque/Sumer by a “deadly wind” as UNFORSEEN SIDE-EFFECT of usage of old “divine weaponry” – all dates here approximately and hyptotetical.

    9.3 We secondly may add from Farrell and Sitchin, that there are STRONG possibilities under discussion, that Human Genom has been CHANGED from OUTSIDE say at least TWO TIMES within the last 10 Million years by – perhaps or possibly – WILLINGLY action of “someone higher than humans”. We may add from reading Hebrew and Christian Bible, that interference with Human GENOM by outside sources may have been in cases NOT BENEVOLENTIAL … perhaps or at least by the then very intention …

    9.4 In the end we cannot go playing like happy children, because we are humans, that do NOT understand everyting on side of DNA-research nor implications from handy-technology or other microwave-based technology on Human Genom – as for instance experiments with certain frequencies in MASS-events of music-industry and PERHAPS certain deep frequencies applied to entire German regions by whomever with authority whatever for purpose whatever …  If we do not understand fully, we are AT RISK, the risks including here SIDE-EFFECTS from TODAY ADVANCED WEAPONRY IN EXISTENCE ALREADY to DNA (especially from WHEATHER-technology and ARTIFICIAL-EARTHQUAKE-technology).  And we are at risks by SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ESPECIALLY COMING FROM UNDERGROUND NAZI-EMPIRE AND UNCONTROLLED HARDCORE-FREEMASONS – which PARTLY may have been SUCCESFUL already, to start the way of MASTER OF TIME and UNIVERSE – how loughable such claims and intentions may seem to normal mortals …

    9.5 We feel not inclined at moment: But it is self evident, that DNA seen on the light of this new research is a HOMEMADE TOOL to CONNECT AND REACT WITH THE ENTIRE KOSMOS OF UNIVERSE AND GALAXIES AND STARS OUT THERE. We even may say, that via DNA humans are directly responding to the CONCERTS OF BIRDS EVERY MORNING – which can be tried as LIVING ANALOGY to ELECTROMAGNETICAL EVENTS every morning. Well, this would be another chapter in Fosar / Bludorf  books …

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