Greek warships around Mt.Athos? NO! NO! NO!

to the knowledge of:

– Greek embassy, Germany – press attachee

– Russian embassy, Germany – press attachee

– United States embassy. Germany – press attachee

1. In the last week of the year 2011 it was reported a story of  110 Million Euros “washed somehow” by the former – “conservative” Greek Karamanlis-government with “help” of  the  IGUMEN of VATOPEDI Monastery of Mt.Athos involved. It is not the first time in recent years, that the Greek STATE, normally thought to be the PROTECTOR of Mt.Athos, sent warships and police and even ARRESTED the HEAD of SECOND IMPORTANT monastery of Mt.Athos – which is simply INCREDIBLE in itself!

2. As an ORTHODOX faithful myself I  now may RECALL FROM VERY OLD MILENNIAS THE HOLY LAW, that EVERYTHING related to WAR is POISONING the PURITY of temples and holy places. With this we have to JUDGE, that probably the GOVERNMENT of an ORTHODOX COUNTRY is BREAKING HOLY LAW??!! RATHER ODD, isn`t it?

3. Now we may IDENTIFY the PLAYERS, who DID it:

– the present Papademos – government clearly is taken from and influenced by TECHNOCRATICAL EU-BUREAUCRACY – which normally nobody would go to accuse of FOLLOWING TOO MUCH religious considerations whatever – except under aspects of POWER-PLAY

– the direct forerunner PASOK-governement of Papandreou II was SOCIALDEMOCRATIC – but certainly DIFFERENT from German Socialdemocrats, who in meantime have learned a little bit, “somehow to handle” RELIGIOUS folks and their problems. We may remember however here, that EVERY socialdemocrat movement originated from MARXISM and therefor of course originally was SCIENTIFIC-ATHEIST – at least deeply mistrusting  EVERY religion!

4. THESE TWO PLAYERS HOWEVER MAY NOT BE THE REAL PLAYERS BEHIND THE SCENE! Well, GREECE has with lots of countries in common, that it has US-educated CADRES, especially in state, in economy and in military – of which former Prime Minister Papandreou II was only one more prominent member.  Of course I know, that the U.S. in majority are seen and estimated as “Islands of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY” – which however  their FOUNDATION-DOCUMENTS NEVER INTENDED, from which it would be more appropriate to charactarisize the BEGINNINGS of the United States as an ANTIDEMOCRATIC COUP d`ETAT executed by the BIG BUSINESS MEN and GREAT LAND-OWNERS, which both were organized in FREEMASON LODGES. THE FREEMASON LODGES – even if in  majority some sort of harmless entertainment have some HARDCORE FREEMASONS lurking in backstage, which are DECLARED ENEMIES OF RELIGION WHATEVER – and even MAY be inclined to some sort of veneration of a “master of this world” – which among them and in their understanding  is the OPPONENT of Jesus Christ!

5. We now may come to the resulting assumption, that DECLARED FREEMASON ENEMIES OF EVERY RELIGION were able, to launch an ATTACK on one of the MOST HOLY SPOTS of this ENTIRE GLOBE – and with no great problems, because they could command GREEK-based CADRES equipped and educated in the United States! And these ENEMIES OF EVERY RELIGION made clear, what really makes them UPSET, which is MONEY …

6. So far so bad! But we have to add something: The Holy Mt. Athos  is rather a MYSTERIOUS place ENGAGED in “PRESERVING ENTIRE NATIONS” – which we feel not inclined to explain to a GODLESS world of ENEMIES against religion everywhere. Indeed, there are and ever have been RUMORS, that the Athos Brotherhood “somehow” BECAUSE OF PRESERVING THE NATIONS is involved in “matters of financing” as well. This would mean, that the reported sum of 110 millon problematical  Euros IS TOO LOW of  the overall level of Mt. Athos-operations. We may however say more explicite, that the RATHER DELICATE CONSTRUCTION of Mt.Athos is VERY INTERESTING for REALLY BIG MONEY operations, which would EXPLAIN to a certain degree, why we find such a lot of STRANGE VISITORS on Mt. Athos, like for instance Prince Charles of Great Britain, like for instance RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS …

7. Well, this may be said enough under circumstances given, with but one exception, that we would like to repeat from the beginning:


8. These few words may be enough  – because every ORTHODOX faithful KNOWS DEEP WITHIN, that there is a HEAVY FIGHTING  BETWEEN GOD AND THE DEVIL ONGOING – and that we orthodox people have to be ON THE WATCH, that they DO NOT TOUCH NOR ATTACK NOR DESTROY OUR LOVED HOLY MT. ATHOS, where there are living until today GREAT HOLY FATHERS, which INDEED may have to do something with the CONTINUATION AND PRESERVATION OF THIS ENTIRE GLOBE!

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