Christmas 2011 – Buike contributions for 3 organs in Poland

1. Poland has a very special relation to everything connected with MUSIC: If you visit the webpage of Polish Embassy in Germany, you for instance will have a very, very surprising and GREAT catalog of CHOIRS IN POLAND. Or you may go to youtube and type in some searchwords – and will get numerous and fabulous music-results.

2. Around Christmas however you will encounter another speciality which are NATIONWIDE CHARITY-CONCERTS, which build a NATIONAL INSTITUTION.

3. So Buike Music And Science in this anno Domini 2011 picked as special topic for Christmas – “gifts” 3 quite remarkable ORGANS needing RESTAURATION and/or expensive maintenance-routine. (Besides: there are QUITE a LOT of Organs in Poland HERE …)

3.1 Organ of – PL 11-407 –  Swieta Lipka (Mazurskie) – St.Mary-Pilgrimage under former name “Heiligenlinde” (by Jesuits)

Buike Music for this Swieta Lipka organ made a playlist in youtube here.

3.2 Organ of Parafia pw. swietego Jakuba Apostola, Torun

Kosiol sw. Jakuba Apostola in TORUN  has a very well done web-page – with interesting and even surprising historical hints plus never seen before PICS and POWERPOINT-Presentations.

3.3 (great) Organ of Parafia Katedralna ss. Janow, Torun (with tomb of astronomer Nikolaus Copernicus)

Kosiol and Parafia Katedralna of the “two St. Johns” in Torun is center of an ORGAN FESTIVAL as well – notice from homepage of township / miasto Torun organ-festival  here – notice from festival homepage here.

3.3 TORUN – which name is taken from the HOLY LAND from times of crusades – has been declared European Capital of Culture for the year 2016 – and for this occasion presented a VIRTUAL-SIGHTSEEING-PAGE TORUN , in which both the churches mentioned above – Sw. Jakuba plus Ss. Janow –  can be entered and visited.

4. These 3 organs were picked and given SPECIAL OFFER of TWO POLONAISES (by Andreas Romberg and Chopin) set to organ by Buike Music for FREE OF CHARGE use in any beneficiary concerts on behalf of those organs.

5. We may end this post in trying to expand our generosity little bit to ALL ORGANS IN POLAND needing help  – insofar such can be delivered by Buike Music Scores for Polish Organ Concerts for FREE.  Just send mail to bbuike (et) googlemail (dot) com … for downloads of printable pdf …

Weselych Swiat!  — Merry Christmas! — Gesegnete Weihnachten!

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