On the Question of God in Third Millenium – New Buike research

Well, GET IT HERE as pdf selfprint download  – at moment appr. 150 pages output


As every  time: QUITE a LOT of books studied and evaluated,  with partly BRANDNEW stuff from the new millennium on a very old question – AND A NECESSARY WORK because of UNDERGROUND ADVANCED NAZI-SCIENCE on the verge to POISON EVERYTHING we once thought to be of “purely scientific interest” …

And if you are so much interested, here is the start of another NECESSARY WORK on REVISITING HISTORY OF 20th century and beyond … so far some 450 pages or so


So far …

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- *1953 in Bremen / Germany - since decennia in Neuss / Germany - classical composer (registered since 2005) - scientific freelance writer - registered to German National Library "Deutsche Bibliothek", search "Bruno Buike", with 246 items in 2013 1996-97 - 5000 qm Rekultivierung Obstwiese mit Kleintierhaltung 2004/05 - 3 Wochen Gartenpflege in einem orthodoxen Kloster in Deutschland 2009 - 3 Wochen Katastrophenhilfe Einsturz des Kölner Stadtarchivs 2011 - journey to Przemysl/Poland - and learning of basic Polish vocabulary and reading/pronounciation 2013 University of Tokyo - Conditions of war and peace - Coursera - Certificate 2013, December - after 15 years in mainly Russian-orthodox and Greek-orthodox affairs return to Roman-Catholic church 2014 National University of Singapur, Conservatory - Write like Mozart. Introduction to classical composition - Coursera Certifikate "with distinction"
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