Aliens confirm: We have no contact to the White House either

In  Germany after last G-20 summit of Nov 2011 in Cannes/France  is circulating a statement reported to be from Mr. Obama, that the United States HAVE NO CONTACT to aliens – (which may or may not be a reaction to a claimed quotation from former President Mr. G.W.Bush (jr.) , that “the U.S. have an objective from above the stars .. ” or so …)

Today I found in an vid-clip on msn by German comedian Mr. Raab:

“Yes, aliens confirm, that they have no contacts to the White House either!”

Question however is not, whom readers may believe or not.

Well, what might be the question …??? (search for instance: BLACKWORLD projects and governance, NAZI-influenced super-science and NEW MANMADE  PROPULSION technologies …)

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