Chinese Space Programs – Docking 02.11.2011

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  1. Tuesday, 02nd of November 2011, CHINA reported success with its first ever docking manoever in space.  Involved in the operation were unmanned space-probe “Shenzhou 8“(“miracolous ship”) and”Tiangong 1” (“heavenly palace”).
  2. This DOCKING In SPACE was openly declared as part of a project for to build a SPACE STATION – the so far second ever! Other parts of Chinese space activities are CONCENTRATED to bring a SPACE-PROBE to the MOON – with bottomline 2020! China`s space activities cover even research on the SUN – which as everybody knows, is the FATE of the attached solar system and in great parts responsible for WHEATHER ON EARTH.

  3. Chinas DRASTICAL CHANGED POSITION in SPACE very certainly HAS an impact  a) on star-wars scenarios, b) on scenarios for space-politics and extraterrestrial diplomacy, c) on ECONOMICAL questions. Chinas RATHER QUICK PROGRESS IN SPACE will additionally have an impact on a) SUPPORTING nations FRANCE and GERMANY and b) on more adversary U.S..

  4. It is HIGHLY welcomed, that CHINESE SPACE PROJECTS will one day DELIVER CONTRAST INFORMATION to the so far dominating US and Russian Space-Programs – which both very certainly DO NOT TELL TRUTH or THE FULL STORY (see for instance authors Richard Hoagland and Joseph P. Farrell). Especially the TWO NEW MOON MISSIONS by INDIA and CHINA are awaited to shed some light on possible U.S. / Russian FAKE-STORIES.

  5. Otherwise it may be felt alienating, if we hear of NEW WORLDWIDE Space-Activities by rather some unexpected nations: SWEDEN (near Kiruna), AUSTRALIA (Woomera in cooperation with hidden U.S.-projects), ARGENTINIA and BRAZIL (with suspected HEAVY UNDERGROUND-NAZI influence), SOUTH-AFRICA (may be targeted to a NEW GENERATION OF WEAPONRY based on ANOTHER PHYSICS and BASED IN SPACE), JAPAN (last, but certainly not least) …

  6. If MANKIND can do such a vaste range of space activities, it would not be quite reasonable, to exclude the thinking possibility, that there might be OTHERS in SPACE already, that AT SOME POINT in NOT FAR DISTANT FUTURE will MAKE CONTACT with PLANET EARTH  – as has been in MILLENIAS of which we even have reports in INDIAN “Mahabharata” and similar old literature and in CHINESE OLD literatures, from WHICH THE TODAY NAMES are taken.

  7. ONE result seems to be very tangible, namely that mankind will MEET HIGHER BEINGS, that there will rise PROBLEMS from this possible encounter, but that IN THE END something NEARLY AS GREAT AS REPORTS IN OLD LITERATURES OF THIS GLOBE may happen again, INCLUDING a certain CHANGE in the PHYSICS of Planet Earth, which in old literatures is mentioned as “the AWAKENING OF THE PHENIX”, which may or may not be connected to the socalled “wonder of the lily”, at least if the latter understood in ways of old geomancy …

  8. In propagandistical battling around the globe they are discussing the question of IDEOLOGICAL developements in China, partly without any decency or understanding. Well, Buike Science And Music sees VERY POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES in POSSIBLE IDEOLOGICAL IMPACTS FROM SPACE PROGRAMS IN CHINA – in the course of which it may occur, that the EUROPEAN NATIONS are the TRUE BACKWARD-PEOPLE of this globe. To see POSITIVE possibilities, cannot BLIND us against certain PROBLEMS from MEETING HIGHER BEINGS FROM SPACE … which however luckily we may not deal with this time …

  9. FURTHER READING is highly recommended, because normal newsmedia – be they as unaware as European or as governed as Chinese and U.S.-American media – have surprisingly POOR informations. And we see it as SYMPTOMATICAL, that even GERMAN WIKIPEDIA has some articles, as for instance

  • “Raumfahrt der VR China” and/or “Mondprogramm in der VR China” and/or others …

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