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Guttenberg: Versagen des US-Rekrutierungssystems

Der Herr von und zu und auf und davon Guttenberg läßt sich öffentlich dahingehend aus, daß er a) nicht nur zurückkehren möchte, sondern b) die Universität Bamberg, die ihm den Doktorhut wegen PLAGIAT und UNWISSENSCHAFTLICHER ARBEITSWEISE weggenommen hat, öffentlich angreift. … Continue reading

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NO black joke: Buike Music in Funerals

Normally I am not concerned about public response to my compositions – partly because 70.000 visitors in 3 years in my old youtube channel are just fine, to which in my new youtube-channel were added 10 000 visitors , as … Continue reading

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On the Question of God in Third Millenium – New Buike research

Well, GET IT HERE as pdf selfprint download  – at moment appr. 150 pages output E051Question_of_God_version2 As every  time: QUITE a LOT of books studied and evaluated,  with partly BRANDNEW stuff from the new millennium on a very old question – … Continue reading

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Aliens confirm: We have no contact to the White House either

In  Germany after last G-20 summit of Nov 2011 in Cannes/France  is circulating a statement reported to be from Mr. Obama, that the United States HAVE NO CONTACT to aliens – (which may or may not be a reaction to … Continue reading

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New Buike research – 2 books upcoming

To present NOT FINISHED studies here means to INVITE DISCUSSION … sorry, in ADVANCED studies … 1. As some sort of LEGACY Buike research now presents appr. 150 p. Din A4 from a new book E051Question_of_God_version2 – well, with NEW ideas … Continue reading

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Chinese Space Programs – Docking 02.11.2011

Tuesday, 02nd of November 2011, CHINA reported success with its first ever docking manoever in space.  Involved in the operation were unmanned space-probe “Shenzhou 8“(“miracolous ship”) and”Tiangong 1” (“heavenly palace”). This DOCKING In SPACE was openly declared as part of … Continue reading

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joking with numbers?

1. George Soros once said, that one goes wrong, if numbers in economics and politics taken like in mathematics.  Instead he introduced something near to “theory of uncertainty and political corrupted estimatations as expressed in political debate by numbers” … … Continue reading

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