Bolshoi reopened – Moscow, Oct.2011

  1. Thanks to FRENCH arte TV I today could take part in a VERY RARE occasion, the REOPENING of the BOLSHOI-THEATRE in MOSCOW on Friday, 28th of Octobre 2011.
  2. Well, did you EVER hear the FAMOUS Bolshoi – BELLS ??? Please, FORGET those belfrys from Belgium and the Netherlands … And well, very interesting question, how to conceptualize a COMPOSITION for these SPECIAL bells … Okay, this is certainly nothing for the average listener, who just will ENJOY …

  3. Otherwise we are ESPECIALLY IMPRESSED by the OUTSKIRTS of the Theatre: WHAT A SCENCE … WHAT AN ARCHITECTURE – as derived from the OLD ANTIQUE GREEKS!!! They normally say: Moscow, the third Rome. I would object: No, Moscow, the second ATHENS! At least so far the Bolshoi is concerned!

  4. In overconsumed and little bit decadent Germany people normally would express DEEP RESENT if even something like “genius loci” MENTIONED – as however since Roman literatures could not EXPELLED BY BARBARISM WHATEVER! So we are not more clever than the ANTIQUE people from  ROME, we just may REPEAT: YES, there is SOME GE NIUS LOCI, that makes the FAMOUS BOLSHOI BALLET SO MUCH SPECIAL, that the words somehow are missing to express this impression (an impression that does not vanish, if you by whatever reasons do not feel an addiction to ballet without which you never can compose for DANCE THEATRE like RUSSIAN Pjotr Illych Tshaikowski INDEED did … ) WESTERNERS DO NOT BELIEVE – not in art, not in God, not in the RENAISSANCE OF THE NEW RUSSIA – nor in anything that is above just the everyday-level of affairs … But GENIUS LOCI really WORKS – as we ourselves are experiencing AT MOMENT, in engaging in choir singing in Maxkirche in Duesseldorf, a rather unimportant church-building, which however SOMEHOW ATTRACTS COMPOSERS (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Robert Schuhmann, Norbert Burgmüller – not to mention me myself …) So we FULLY AGREE, GREAT MUSICAL COMPETITIONS – such for instance Tshaikowsky competition – to be held in MOSCOW, not only for the RUSSIAN youth but for the MUSICAL  YOUTH OF THE WORLD (in which a youtube aquaintance from CANADA, a promising CELLO talent just recently took part …) – with perhaps final concerts held in reopened BOLSHOI (which in Russian means something like simple “GREAT” …).

  5. Well, we cannot recall here the complete program, which of course has been CHOOSEN with HIGH ARTISTICAL SKILLS  mainly out of composed music by Russian composers. So we may say here only, that we did not know so far, that Rachmaninow set a PUSHKIN poem into music, dealing with a text of such poetical refinement in a LANGUAGE of such RICH ABILITY  for EXPRESSION of the SUBTLE, that even cannot be imagined in GERMAN language at all …

  6. So in the end: CONGRATILATIONS to President Medwejew and Prime Minister Putin, which BOTH UNITED THE ELITES OF RUSSIA IN SUCH A BREATHTAKING ADVENTURE LIKE THE REOPENING OF THE BOLSHOI – that may wave path that the COSMOS OF MUSIC which is HEREDITARY TO RUSSIA – and only in a short “interludium” of only 70 years or so somehow was hidden – may COME BACK TO PUBLIC LIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE AND STUDY. (Westerners from Europe normally don`t even KNOW about the GREAT  number of COMPOSERS in 18th-19th century Russia, that are waiting for scientific reedition …)

  7. The OLD PHILOSOPHERS once said, that BEAUTY and TRUTH and the GOOD are ONE, which is GOD. The reopening of the Bolshoi perhaps has shown something very important in addition: namely that it is NOT the SUFFERING, not the HARD TRAINING, not the SACRIFICE, that are at the roots of arts – but some sort of ” heavenly CADEAU “, some sort of ANGELICAL GIFT of the (Greek) “muses” – and VERY CERTAINLY this RUSSIAN GENEROSITY even if sometimes near to GRANDIOUS  WASTE AND LAVISH … This remark is not accidentally nor light heartedly, because it may be set into contrast to our own experience and mentality here in Germany:

THEY REALLY took 70 “books of gold-leaves” for the restauration of the Bolshoi – summing up to some 5 kilograms of PURE GOLD to bring back  the OLD SPLENDOR (with even the old craftmansship applied) ?? Well, we here in Germany certainly would have had a HEAVY debate, why not such RICHES given to the socalled “poor” … And well, you see, they in Germany are missing the point, that NOBODY NEEDS to be REMINDED on THE POOR EVERY DAY, that even the POOR NEED THE SPLENDOR, because such spledor may mirror some LIGHT OF THE HEAVENS, where is  the TRUE HOME OF MAN – which insight you however will miss, IF TOTALLY WITHOUT ANY BELIEVE, that MAN IS HIGHER than JUST BEAST and DOES EARN such splendor of 5 kilograms of gold for the NEEDS of HUMAN SOUL to which the RIGHT for to express in ARTS is HEREDITARY beyond any legislation!

  1. And of course: FRENCH TV engaged in this broadcast – well, … simply great!
  • And of course: the “normal and average” German socalled “intellectual observer” HARDLY will tend to voice observations and impressions in a manner we indeed did – may be partly because we ARE ourself ORTHODOX-CHRISTIAN, which is something – near to – TOTALLY OUT OF REACH for the GERMAN intellectual habitus, even more than this “terribly somehow overwhelming” Russia …

  • Beyond everything else however, arts once had an ANAGOGICAL MEANING, we may say hinting to LOVE – a LOVE that includes even the REAL  horse and the REAL  donkey which on the closing of the evening marched on stage … before we saw the ballet of the “theatre seat attendees”, which obviously was composed FRESHLY for THIS SINGULAR OCCASION … with OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES!

  • In the end:

  • Well, from this theatre I would like to see MORE LIVE BROADCAST – ( may be even eventually in German TV??) – even if TV cannot transport of course the FABOLOUS – reconstructed from 19th century original building – VERY SPECIAL  ACOUSTICS, that makes the Bolshoi especially suited  for MUSIC performances …

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