Counterpoint learning software

1. People with lot of money would choose “tonica fugata” from CAPELLA publishers.

2. People without money may try ThInC  (2005) – which is a students project from University of Bremen /Germany in deparment of informatics, then under Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Roediger

3. GET ThInC here:

or here

4. SPECIFICS of ThInC for Counterpoint-TRAINING  in Palestrina-Style (or other similar)

4.1 avaiable in German/English

4.2 avaiable for Win 2000/XP, Linux (bin or debian-package) and Mac OS

4.3 TUTORIAL part (!!!), GENERATOR part (set OWN RULES) , music writing (editor with SPECIFIC options from counterpoint theory), HELP

4.4 short project description in printable pdf

Click to access Lehrsystem_Fuer_Palestrina-Kontrapunkt.pdf

Click to access Abstract-LerM.pdf

4.5 Anybody feeling an urge for feedback can email to

roediger [et]

Well, people normally would not believe, that there are LOTS of BOOKS on counterpoint:

– the classical theory: Martini, Albrechtsberger (as reprint), Cherubini, Fux (in internet and as reprint), Fetis, Bellermann, Bussler

– the theory intermixed with theory of harmonics (more modern approach): Dehn, B. Scholz, Richter, Tiersch

– 2 books with which I personally was not able to become friend  with (after World War II and in Germany little bit “en vogue”): Ernst Pepping, Dieter de la Motte

– Hindemith, Paul (of course, even if music styles may differ)

– selected others:

a) Riemann, Hugo: Neue Schule der Melodik, 1883

b) Manicke, Dietrich: Der polyphone Satz, 2 Bde., Regensburg: Laaber 1965, 1979

c) Jeppesen, Kurt: Kontrapunkt. Lehrbuch der klassischen Vokalpolyphonie, Wiesbaden 1985

Buike Science And Music

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- *1953 in Bremen / Germany - since decennia in Neuss / Germany - registered to German National Library a) as free scientific writer and b) as (more classical) composer - scientific freelance writer - registered to German National Library "Deutsche Bibliothek", search "Bruno Buike", with 246 items in 2013 1996-97 - 5000 qm Rekultivierung Obstwiese mit Kleintierhaltung 2004/05 - 3 Wochen Gartenpflege in einem orthodoxen Kloster in Deutschland 2009 - 3 Wochen Katastrophenhilfe Einsturz des Kölner Stadtarchivs 2011 - journey to Przemysl/Poland - and learning of basic Polish vocabulary and reading/pronounciation 2013 University of Tokyo - Conditions of war and peace - Coursera - Certificate 2013, December - after 15 years in mainly Russian-orthodox and Greek-orthodox affairs return to Roman-Catholic church 2014 National University of Singapur, Conservatory - Write like Mozart. Introduction to classical composition - Coursera Certifikate "with distinction"
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  1. jackmarliani says:

    Hey, ThInC ist ein interessantes Programm! Ich schreibe meine Bachelorarbeit gerade über Algorithmische Komposition, wobei ich weniger in die regelbasierte Richtung (wie ThInC es macht) gehe, sonder David Copes Recombination-Ansatz verfolge — nur dass Cope Bach-Choräle benutzt hat und ich auf Empfehlung meiner Professorin (Violeta Dinescu) hin Palestrina-Motetten benutze.
    Danke auf jeden Fall für den Hinweis auf das Programm!

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